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  1. That makes perfect sense. I hope it will be the 15th, as I'm planning to be in the park that day as well!
  2. If it was testing all day, that, to me, is a good sign if the rumors about the motor issues were true. This Sunday is a Member day as well as Bizarro's 20th Anniversary, so hopefully they can have it up and running around one of those type of weekends! Sucks that it wasn't operating on the weekend they had hoped for, but hopefully soon! I usually don't ride on that type of ride, but because it looks so good I may just bite the bullet and do it!
  3. This video came up in my Recommended for YouTube, and it was an interesting video to watch. I'm going back to the park next week for the first time in years, but what is everyone's thinking on this?
  4. Going to be at the park (my first time in 25 or so years!) next Thursday, May 23! Got Gold Plus memberships for my daughter and I, but I'm taking a day off from how busy work's been and going to the park that day! I'm bummed I won't be able to make it to the Comic event over the weekend, since there are things with my daughter going on. But we're planning on going a lot! Looking forward to going back next week!
  5. I haven't been to GA in years, despite living only 45 minutes drive away; the current ride offerings (such as Dark Knight, Justice League, Skull Mountain and Houdini), as well as me just having to have a park to go to (Florida is so far and so expensive!), has me now setting up to go quite a lot now!
  6. Yes, you are correct! My apologies. I'm new to having a membership to a park!
  7. I went ahead and got the Gold Membership. Haven't been to the park in a while, but now there are too many things there I want to do, and living only 45 minutes away, I can go as much as I want! It really isn't a bad deal at all, looks like you get quite a good amount of benefits from it, and after a few visits, to me, will probably pay for itself!
  8. For my first post here on the Forum (hi, folks! Long time fan of Great Adventure, just joining here, and signed up for the Gold Membership for next year!), I just wanted to say that this is a ride I am so looking forward to riding soon! Didn't get to GA this year (we saved up and went to Walt Disney World and Universal a few weeks ago), but will be going up very soon, one reason being to try this ride! I only live about 45 minutes away, so it's not a bad drive at all!
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