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  1. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-cedar-fair-m-a-sixflags-exclusive/exclusive-six-flags-in-bid-to-acquire-cedar-fair-sources-idUSKBN1WH1ZA
  2. when did this question come up and why?
  3. Now there are no kid offerings for Holiday in the Park. That’s the only kid area that was open during that season.
  4. So I know LTSP is probably going to leave. But what about safari kids? That area needs a lot to be done, making me think that it is probably leaving. It is a hit for younger kids, because I do see a lot of people in Safari Kids, but the appeal is just absolute garbage.
  5. Wonder Woman is not in the 2019 Fright Fest Lineup.. Maybe they just didn't have time to edit the picture to their Fright Fest picture with that antique filter.
  6. Discussions about park improvements. Basically anything new that makes the park look better
  7. This is a much needed thread. Noticing some differences
  8. Dustin from Stranger Things was here today. Saw him on El Toro and Kingda Ka..
  9. Going Friday, and Saturday. Well see then
  10. They open the park early. I went to the gate @10am, and they let me in. Not sure if that was just for that day. but it was cool, because crowds separated, and went their own way. Flash Pass Building, I waited under five minutes which was impressive. That was 10 days ago.
  11. Literally more than an hour till the park closes 2C320ECF-B500-4281-A127-4CC9BCF23CD3.MOV
  12. Does it look faster? FEC32432-C58D-4207-9BBC-353D1C7AF9D3.MOV
  13. Highly recommend the Philly Cheesteak location on the Boardwalk.. Food was made when ordered.. Same with Garden State Grill..
  14. Outdoor seating @garden state grill Flash Pass Booth on the Boardwalk, not operating
  15. So there was a hole in the gate So on the lift hill on Nitro, I noticed the El Diablo statue behind the Batman Theatre... 58724761204__A816C08E-5E47-46A7-A0CA-E9D91D76DDD7.MOV 58724763456__45592F0B-97A3-405D-B44E-3905477A685F.MOV
  16. So on the lift hill on Nitro, I noticed the El Diablo statue behind the Batman Theatre
  17. Taken literally right now 58724636522__FCF688B4-D8ED-4B4C-8989-A692FCE6C42E.MOV
  18. Skull Mountain and Batman even with the FLASH Pass
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