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  1. It was really good to see SUF get painted. Bizarro and Nitro are both looking pretty shabby at this point. Batman and Kingda Ka aren't great either, but they aren't as bad. I also agree about the Fort, it'd be great to see them touch it up.
  2. It was nearly impossible to see through those windows the last time I was at the park.
  3. I feel the same way. The new maps are way too clunky since they don't fold neatly as well.
  4. It's a shame to see these Arrow loopers closing. It seems like Viper at SFMM is going to be the only mega looper left after this year. This announcement really surprised me, especially since Vortex is such an iconic ride for Kings Island.
  5. I really miss Rolling Thunder as well. It left a gap in the park's lineup that still hasn't been filled. It's also hard to find coasters that still run with PTC buzz bars as a large amount of parks have been removing them from their old wood coasters. Although it may have been rough, Rolling Thunder was always a lot of fun, and generated a lot of hilarious ride experience stories.
  6. It seems a lot of these smaller boardwalk parks are getting rid of their coasters since they take up so much space and require more maintenance, which is a shame. The two new rides that took the place of the Mine Train both charge more money per ride than the coaster did. Jenkinson's also got rid of their big coaster this year.
  7. While in Ocean City over the weekend, I decided to take a quick visit to both Playland's Castaway Cove and Gillian's Wonderland. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from my visit, and only rode a few rides, but I did notice some changes from last year. Unfortunately, it seems Gillian's has removed their main roller coaster, the Runaway Mine Train. Last year when I visited the park, the ride ops let me and a couple of my friends ride 3 times for the price of one, and I was hoping to test my luck again. I was sad to see the coaster gone, as it was by far the best deal in the park. A Gravitr
  8. El Toro: last row/last car Runaway Mine Train: somewhere in the middle (noticeably smoother than the front or back) Bizarro: Back row (great hang time and some nice pops of floater) Nitro: Back row (Air time) Skull Mountain: Back row (completely changes the ride. The airtime is absolutely ridiculous, and not just on the first drop either) Batman: Somewhere towards the front Superman: no preference Green Lantern: Front (smoother) Kingda Ka: Front row (intensity) Joker: no preference
  9. I've ridden 75, and am hoping to get on a couple new coasters this season. I got to ride a bunch last year including Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spa Land.
  10. That's so unfortunate. GaleForce is an extremely good ride! It really exceeded my expectations. The trains added for 2018 really improved the ride experience.
  11. The park looks great! So good to see the all the cosmetic updates like the new flags on Dream Street and Runaway Mine Train. If the park keeps making these changes little by little, it will really add up in a couple years!
  12. I agree. The old entrance was much more charming (and had lots of shade along the pathway).
  13. I highly doubt they'd start repainting Nitro during the operating season. It's one of the most popular rides in the park.
  14. Maybe, but this topic is specifically for six flags parks OTHER THAN great adventure.
  15. So happy to see all of the small cosmetic improvements being done at the park! The small details really do matter. I'm sad to see the Safari Tours car ride go, but it makes you wonder if anything is in store for the Looney Tunes Seaport/Safari Kids sections of the park. There's a lot of empty ride pads in that area.
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