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  1. So this is personally a fever dream of mine that I would absolutely love to be true, but realistically this would probably never happen. Covid also killed any chance of this happening. 20xx Six Flags is doing their announcements for the next season, but this year instead of super fast back to back announcements, Great Adventures announcement has a teaser trailer instead of a direct announcement. It fades to black, and it cuts to a NoLimits2 recreation of the el toro area at night (imagine the POV of the camera being at macho nacho, where you can see The drop of toro and the station, and you
  2. SOME OF THE RIDES ARE LEAKING!!!! Sixflags.com/greatamerica/newsroom/august-29-2019
  3. Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth has been experiencing a ton of technical difficulties, to the point where the ride breaks down at least once a day. Before opening they had to replace the motor because it broke, and now Thursday, June 27th, Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth almost collapsed. The motor failed mid course and it caused every support to start violently shaking. They immediately stopped the ride, and put the blue fence for construction back up as soon as they could. They are now replacing the motor once again, making this the 2nd time the motor failed. If this continues, what do you think the
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