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  1. I think this could happen. The sign on the Safari Kids portal next to Nitro’s entrance is gone, so I think this definitely has a chance of happen. A Timbertown retheme would be perfect for this area.
  2. If that isn't the biggest middle finger to Great Adventure I don't know what is
  3. For the full details on concrete slab preparation, refer to the quote above. Click here to view photos; I am not sure how to embed them. Per these photos from @Matt Kaiser, crews look to be setting the aggregate base for the queue line. As we've previously discussed, the aggregate base more easily disperses point loads on the concrete and ensures that the thickness of the concrete is correct. This is a very promising sign, as this indicates that concrete for the queue will likely be poured over the weekend or early next week depending on when crews work. I'd like to cover some
  4. Looking at some of the photos provided by @EasternThrillsyesterday (such as this one), it appears that the concrete pier near the edge of the queue is NOT permanent. If you look to the left of the brown shed, you will notice a concrete block identical to the one in the queue house. Looking at this photo (also courtesy of EasternThrills), you can spot a total of 5 of these concrete blocks scattered around the queue area. Block 1 is in front of the brown shed, Block 2 is inside of the area of the queue building, Block 3 is near the edge of the queue house between Blocks 1 and 2
  5. Alright, let's talk about the queue line again. Why these epiphanies always seem to happen late at night is beyond me, and this post is going to contain a lot of engineering jargon that I will be sure to define as clearly as I can with visuals when possible. This is a long one. In the initial blueprints for the ride (attached below) two queue houses were outlined. "Queue House 1" was the first and largest structure in the queue system that spanned just adjacent to the entrance up to around the near wall of the restrooms. "Queue House 2" was the second and smaller structure locate
  6. The first of two queue houses for Jersey Devil Coaster has gone vertical! Originally, I thought that this queue structure would resemble the steel canopy structure seen on rides like Nitro and Dark Knight, so I was anticipating that around four concrete forms would be poured for this structure. However, as indicated by the park's most recent update, this queue house will instead be a wooden structure that will likely support a permanent roof rather than an interchangeable canopy. I am absolutely thrilled by this decision, as I think the wooden structure will add much more flavor to t
  7. As some of you may have seen, the park provided a photo of the ride operator panel interface for JDC today. Below you can see what I believe will be close to the correct format for the main operator panel, complete with switch keys, stop and start buttons, a screen, and more! I think it is also interesting to note the design as the background of the panel that seems to resemble an eerie, misty forest. A FEW THINGS TO NOTE: THIS PANEL LAYOUT IS NOT CONFIRMED. The panel in the photo was wrapped in plastic, so it was a bit difficult to decipher the different parts of the panel. Some o
  8. This could be the case; I think it is possible for all four trains to run at once since the coaster has 6 block sections, which would allow for 2 unoccupied block zones while the other four are, which is doable. I could see the park rolling with 4 train operations when the coaster first opens, but I could see them sticking to a train rotation where three are on the track most of the time and one is a spare. I'd love to see them run all four at the time, but we'll see how this turns out when the time comes!
  9. Okay, Great Adventure might have actually done something pretty genius. When I first saw the siding choice for the maintenance barn in today's update, I was pretty skeptical. I was hoping the park would've done something a bit more rustic looking instead of going for a modern, industrial chrome look. I began looking up images online of the station of Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast at Six Flags Over Texas and how the oxidizing on the station actually looked really cool. Oxidation is the process by which metal rusts due to the presence of water or moisture in the air, which gives some meta
  10. They are currently being stored at the park and will likely make a return at some point in the next 5 years for a new kids area expansion. It is also possible that some of these rides are sold to other parks either inside or outside of the Six Flags chain to continue their service life elsewhere. If you ride Nitro this season, you’ll be able to see many of the rides dismantled in a storage lot, including the Road Runner Railway coaster. Under Batman’s station is also the trains from Road Runner Railway, which can be spotted from Nitro’s station!
  11. I agree with you on that, as I would’ve loved to have seen a theme better tailored to the folklore rather than an actual Devil. Luckily, we will have some more Jersey Devil-like theming outside of the ride, like the former entrance statue from El Diablo that resembles the Jersey Devil from the folklore. We will also be seeing the return of the old parallax head from Green Lantern’s first drop portal, which will look great as well!
  12. Yeah, this is probably the biggest catch with the theme since it’s theme will probably be closer to El Diablo than it will to the actual Jersey Devil. This could be due to a number of things, but I think one is just sheer marketability. A lot of people (including me) see “devil” and think about the Devil in the underworld associated with flames, demons, and things like that; not a hooved deer with bat wings. JDC, with its 48 inch height requirement, also appeals to younger audiences, so indicating a clearer theme here is beneficial as well instead of trying to explain why the Devil is a deer i
  13. I'd love to see a very extensively themed station as well, something reminiscent of the Leeds Cabin depicted in the old folklores; very decrepit-looking and rustic. Realistically, I think, we will probably end up seeing little to no Jersey Devil-related theming in the station. In the animation, the station's steel skeleton was a rich brown color and the roof was brown as well, so it appeared as though the station would resemble a cabin of some sorts. The station we have now has a blue-ish steel color with what I think is a brown corrugated roof, so I do not think that they are goin
  14. Through this new video, we got some valuable insight as to the future of the coaster, courtesy of Mr. Michael Reitz, Six Flags' Corporate Engineer. Once the control room and station are complete, lift hill equipment and brakes need to be tested and installed; this includes the lift motor, lift chain, sprockets, actuators, eddy current magnetic brakes, and drive tires (pacers). The control system needs to be "ringed out," which involves testing all of the electrical components of the ride like proximity sensors. The transfer track needs to be tested, all bolts need to be given their
  15. Out of all of these, I think the most cost effective one is probably the 100x2 configuration. This setup would only require one roof structure and would also require two kiosks instead of the four needed for both 50x4 configurations. Let me know if there are any other locker configurations you think are possible for a 200-locker setup.
  16. Here is the final schematic I made for a potential dual 50x4 standard locker setup for JERSEY DEVIL COASTER. NOTE: Not an official document. Schematic by XENITH.WAV, 2021.
  17. Here is another schematic I made for a potential double 50x4 standard locker setup for JERSEY DEVIL COASTER. NOTE: Not an official document. Schematic by XENITH.WAV, 2021.
  18. Here is a schematic I made for a potential 100x2 standard locker setup for JERSEY DEVIL COASTER. NOTE: Not an official document. Schematic by XENITH.WAV, 2021.
  19. We can expect about 200 lockers for JERSEY DEVIL COASTER. This keeps up with several other rides at the park like Cyborg, El Toro, and Kingda Ka that all have 200 lockers as well. Depending on where the lockers are located in the ride plaza, we may see 2 sets of 100 lockers or 1 set of all 200 lockers. To read more about the lockers in specific, check out the PDF below from GoPod, the company that manufacturers the Six Flags lockers. With 200 total lockers and the standard configuration consisting of 5 tiers and 2 rows (10 lockers total), we will see a front and back row with 100 lockers each
  20. Yes, the park has previously provided photos of the coaster's trains. At the moment, we do not know the full configuration of the train. Due to the nature of the harnesses, I would assume that they would be able to accommodate larger riders similarly to Bizarro and other coasters at the park. Hopefully this harness system isn't as strict as rides like El Toro that are a bit less forgiving to larger guests, but we will have to wait and see.
  21. I threw together a little diagram of JDC' station based on the information given in the last update. The color palette is rather interesting but from what I can see, we will have rust red/brown stairs and exit ramp, a silver steel skeleton structure for the station, and what I think is a brown corrugated iron roof. With this week's update, I am sure that we will learn more about what the station looks like and I will update this diagram if needed. Otherwise, below are two diagrams of the station: one with the iron roof and one without the iron roof.
  22. And once again I stand corrected Full analysis of today's update coming soon.
  23. Happy almost-Friday! Normally, we would be expecting a new JDC update tomorrow. However, with the nor'easter that plowed through the east coast this week, I am starting to doubt that much work was done on site, if any at all. At the bare minimum crews may have worked some on Monday, but that is probably all. Likewise, a high chance of rain is predicted in tomorrow's forecast, so any work tomorrow is unlikely as well due to unfavorable weather conditions. The park may provide us with a small update tomorrow on some progress early in the week, but with ground-work as the main focus and inches of
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