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  1. Good for them. Looks like the Volcano plot won't be sitting empty for too long after all.
  2. No offense but I am incredibly relieved that this did not happen (and hope it does not hapen in the future. ) Nothing personal, its just that Cedar Fair has done wonders for Kings Island since they took over. I would hate for that to be potentially compromised. SIX sorts of "spreads the wealth" moreso than FUN when it comes to investments. Thats great if you're a small park and will at least get something new every year. But when my home park is in one of the company's top tiers (KI), I'm perfectly fine with "the rich getting richer" under Cedar Fair's model thanks
  3. incredible shot. got the fire and everything
  4. Honestly there's hardly any laterals any way. It wouldn't make a difference to me... EDIT: The restraints I''m talking about.
  5. Hopefully yes, but for some reason I just don't see that happening...
  6. Damn. This hurts - (somewhat) unexpected too! I wasn't liking as much in the recent years, but this still, just hurts... Well at least we know that it probably won't be replaced by a recycled standup... (just joking please dont hit me)
  7. I haven't been to a PR park yet but I've heard a lot of bad things about them : bad operations, crappy maintenance etc. Any truth to this ? ( or is it a bunch of Boulder Dash : P ) If there is then I'd guess it would be nice to have some of their parks be taken under someone else's wing.
  8. I think its worth noting that "Best New Ride" , as of this year's awards, been split into two separate categories.. - Best New Roller Coaster (Steel Curtain) - Best New "Attraction Installation" (Hagrid ride) Granted, it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense considering both awards this year were given to coasters. But not only that, Steel Curtain finished second in the new attraction poll and Hagrid finished second in the new coaster poll... I know, I know. Its wild. Doesnt make the most sense. I think the intention of it was just so that they c
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