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  1. On August 31, 2021, Wild West Mine Train at Ocean Park in China gave its last rides. The ride opened in 1999 and was built by Zamperla. It featured a terrain layout over the cliff. In 2017, the ride received a VR experience. This was not the only coaster at the park to close this year. The Dragon had its closure moved up to 2021 instead of 2024. It was built by Arrow Dynamics. The closure of both Wild West Mine Train and The Dragon leaves Ocean Park Hair Raiser and Arctic Blast as the park's only two remaining roller coasters. Tomorrow, Cedar Point is going to be saying "Hasta la vista, baby!" to Wicked Twister. This would mean that 10 roller coasters have been closed permanently this year.
  2. After less than two decades of operation, Cedar Point has confirmed that Wicked Twister will be saying "Hasta la vista, baby!", closing next month. The last rides will be given on Labor Day. Opened on May 5, 2002, Wicked Twister became the tallest and fastest inverted roller coaster in the world. It was the first launched coaster to open at Cedar Point. This is an Intamin Impulse Coaster that uses an LIM launch. The ride has twisted spikes on both sides. Wicked Twister has a max height of 215 feet, with a drop of 206 feet and a max speed of 72 mph. The ride has given more than 16 million rides and it will be the park's first roller coaster to close since Mean Streak in 2016. Make sure you book a ticket to Ohio and get your last rides on Wicked Twister before Cedar Point terminates it.
  3. Adventure Landing in Jacksonville Beach, Florida will be closing permanently later this year. Opened in 1995, this family fun center features a Wacky Worm roller coaster, an arcade, batting cages, a miniature golf course, go karts and a water park. Wacky Worm is considered to be one of the only operating roller coasters in the Jacksonville area. Make sure you visit this place for the last time before it's gone for good.
  4. After 10 years, Dreamworld has announced that their Buzzsaw roller coaster has reached the end of its service life. The ride will be closing down on August 31. This Maurer Sky Loop coaster has been operating since 2011. It has one of the tallest inversions on a roller coaster in Australia. Officials stated that they decided to remove the ride due the close proximity of Steel Taipan and the park's focus on a viable future development. Make sure you get your final rides on Buzzsaw before it's too late.
  5. There was an accident on Shivering Timbers at Michigan's Adventure last week. Most reports claimed that the blue train was sitting in the brake run and released to roll into the station while the green train was still parked in the loading position, resulting in a mild collision. Trains don't normally roll into the station very fast, but the resulting collision did appear to have caused some damage to the tracks at the rear end of the station.
  6. Last year, Six Flags Over Georgia remodeled their Gotham City section, which was introduced in 1997. They added a flat ride package with a Scrambler named Poison Ivy Toxic Spin and a second generation Enterprise named Catwoman Whip. While there are a few original remains, most of the area was changed. Here are some notable changes made to the Gotham City section. 1. The remodeled section included the Poison Ivy and Catwoman rides. 2. Mindbender was given a refurbishment and renamed The Riddler Mindbender. Several changes included a repaint and new track. 3. Harley Quinn Spinsanity was renamed Harley Quinn Wild Whirl. 4. Gotham City Crime Wave was renamed DC Super Villains Swing. 5. Batman: The Ride's queue line was reduced to make room for Catwoman Whip. While the second half is still original, Gotham City Park and the fountain are gone. A new entrance was installed, along with new lockers. The station is also still original. 6. Birds of Prey Cafe replaced Gotham City Eatery. 7. The Circus theme was removed and the Axis Arena sign was replaced. The games were also completely removed. 8. The Big Top Store was renamed Gotham City Gifts. 9. The area's sign was replaced.
  7. I have extremely sad news! Wild Adventures announced that Cheetah has reached the end of its service life. It would be replaced by new and exciting changes in the coming years. Cheetah was built by CCI and opened to the public on June 16, 2001. It featured a max height of 92 feet, with a drop of 90 feet and a max speed of 52 mph. The ride also featured a steel structure and two Gerstlauer trains. The layout was an out and back design with a figure 8 finale. Cheetah was the only wooden roller coaster at Wild Adventures. It had been operating for less than two decades.
  8. On February 8, 2019, Kings Dominion shocked the amusement industry by announcing the removal of Volcano: The Blast Coaster. Reactions to the announcement were negative, because it was not only a fan favorite, but also a unique one-of-a-kind roller coaster. It was the only Intamin Suspended Catapult Coaster and the only one to feature a roll out loop. Volcano: The Blast Coaster opened on August 3, 1998. Upon opening, it had wait times anywhere between 3 to 5 hours. It became the fastest inverted roller coaster in the world. It also featured the tallest inversion on a roller coaster at 155 feet. That record was previously held by Mr. Freeze at Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags Over Texas. For a short time, Volcano was the fastest coaster in Virginia before the record was taken by Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The attraction ran trains at half capacity during its opening year. Only eight people got to ride a single train with four seats. However, a second launch was installed between the roll out and first turn for its second season. Volcano: The Blast Coaster launched riders from 0-70 mph in 3.7 seconds and featured an 80 ft drop at the end of the ride. There were also four inversions, which were a roll out and three heartline rolls. The ride was one of the park's two roller coasters built by Intamin, with the other one being Intimidator 305. Volcano: The Blast Coaster operated for the last time in 2018. When the ride closed, Kings Dominion was planning to order some replacement parts. However, they confirmed that the attraction had reached the end of its service life. As this was a prototype, it was impossible to get repaired. The majority of the coaster's components were reportedly discontinued. For the only way to fix Volcano, Kings Dominion would have to give it The Incredible Hulk Coaster treatment. It would need new track, mountain, parts and other materials. This task was far beyond the resources and guests were not able to get a final ride due to the coaster being in disrepair.
  9. When Mr. Freeze opened at Six Flags Over Texas in March 1998, it held the record for the tallest inversion on a roller coaster at 150 feet. The previous record holder was Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain, which featured a 144 ft tall vertical loop. Mr. Freeze featured a 150 ft inverted top hat and a 218 ft vertical spike. It even featured a sliding station with two train operations and a 0-70 mph LIM launch in 3.8 seconds. Five months after Mr. Freeze opened, Volcano: The Blast Coaster at Kings Dominion took the record for having the tallest inversion on a roller coaster at 155 feet.
  10. Today, we will be taking a look at Joker's Revenge at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. It has been 25 years since the park was acquired by Six Flags. I will be telling you about the history of the attraction right now. During construction of Fiesta Texas, a Vekoma Hurricane coaster was being developed. It would be a unique ride that would be the first of its kind in the United States and go backwards. The coaster was going to be named Wacky Twister and open in 1992 along with the park, but this was abandoned. However, the Vekoma Hurricane project was revived in 1995 and the ride would instead be named Joker's Revenge. It would feature magenta track and supports and light yellow Arrow Dynamics trains. Around the same time, Six Flags already purchased Fiesta Texas. In late 1995, construction of the attraction began. The coaster would require over 400 gallons of magenta paint, placing 96 support columns at least 20 feet into the ground and installing over 2,500 nuts and bolts in the track and support columns. Construction was completed in April 1996. On May 10, 1996, Six Flags Fiesta Texas opened Joker's Revenge. Park employees were wearing yellow jackets and had their hair colored green. The most defining feature was the funhouse queue, which featured flashing lights and upside down furniture. The attraction quickly became rough and faced technical difficulties by the early 2000s. Only after 5 years of operation, Joker's Revenge would close in 2001. The coaster did not operate at all throughout the 2002 season. By the end of the summer season, it was completely dismantled and became a part of the Six Flags Ride Rotation Program. The queue line was used for the Brutal Planet Haunted House during Fright Fest. Joker's Revenge was sent to Six Flags New Orleans and was given a refurbishment. It was renamed Jester and received a new color scheme with green track and blue supports. The ride opened on April 13, 2003, but the entire park was shut down due to Hurricane Katrina. Jester is still standing on the property to this day. Back at Fiesta Texas, the queue house and concrete footers remained until 2006 when the spot was taken over by Pandemonium. For the layout itself, Joker's Revenge would be pulled up the 79 ft lift hill. At the top, the train would drop 69 ft at 40 mph and enter a 58 ft vertical loop. A right turn would lead into a 24 ft double corkscrew. Following this, the train would enter a helix before entering the brake run.
  11. Cheetah at Wild Adventures was closed for the entire 2020 season due to the Covid-19 Outbreak. This is a CCI wooden roller coaster that opened in 2001. It features a steel structure and Gerstlauer trains. The entrance pathway that leads to Cheetah was walled off with a sign saying "The area is closed for the season". That explanation left many of us confused, speculating that it could have been due to budget cuts in the maintenance budget or that due to the enclosed nature of the queue, the ride couldn't open with restrictions in place.
  12. Mr. Freeze at Six Flags St. Louis just stalled between the top hat and over-banked curve. This was probably due to the LIMs on the vertical spike constantly failing. The incident happened during the Holiday In The Park event yesterday on December 27, 2020.
  13. I have extremely sad news! Six Flags Mexico has announced that Superman el Ultimo Escape will not reopen for the 2021 season. This was a Morgan hyper coaster that opened in November 2004. It was originally planned to open in 2002, but it got delayed. The coaster last operated on December 18, 2020. After 16 years, we will be saying goodbye to a fan favorite attraction. RIP Superman el Ultimo Escape (November 19, 2004 - December 18, 2020)
  14. Aquaman: Power Wave at Six Flags Over Texas is going to be delayed to 2022 due to the Covid-19 Outbreak. This is the first Mack Powersplash in the United States. It was supposed to open in 2020, but it got delayed. Six Flags Over Texas said that the ride was set to open next year for their 60th anniversary. Aquaman: Power Wave had its track layout complete by early 2020. However, the Covid-19 Outbreak struck the United States. It is still continuing and won't end until further notice.
  15. It will be fifteen years since an accident occurred on Batman And Robin: The Chiller at Six Flags Great Adventure! On June 2, 2006, two cars on the original Robin train were damaged as a wheel bogie on the third car suffered a mechanical malfunction. No one was hurt in the accident and passengers had to be evacuated. The cause of the incident was actually due to the zero-g rolls putting too much stress on the track. Following the accident, both Mr. Freeze coasters and Joker's Jinx were closed for wheel bogie replacements. The Chiller sat closed for the remainder of the 2006 season. Decorated cobwebs and a giant inflatable spider took over the queue line during Fright Fest. When the 2006 season was finally over, the staff at Six Flags Great Adventure were relieved, because now they could fix the problems with the actual prototype design of the coaster and get it fixed before the 2007 season. Between December 2006 and January 2007, during the off-season, both zero-g rolls were removed from the ride. The rolls were a problem due to concerns of occasional stalling caused by a failure of the tower's LIMs. The rolls were replaced by a slightly banked inclined S-curve. Batman's train had its shells painted red so Robin could be ready to open first before Batman. This was done because Robin was more reliable than Batman and the track replacement for Robin was completed first on March 13. The Robin side eventually reopened on April 7, 2007. Batman's track was replaced between April 16 and April 20, while the park was closed. However, Batman never re-opened. The Chiller closed on June 28, 2007 and was demolished that year.
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