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  1. Lovey continued to be a working musician until he had a massive stroke in late 2019. Last I heard he was working hard on recovering.
  2. I'm the girl on the far right in the top picture with the yellow and black costumes w/ pompoms on the skirts.
  3. Hello all, I stumbled upon this site yesterday when running a search on David McMillan prompted by the crazy new show on Netflix called Tiger King. I was in the Great Arena show pictured above and was the dance captain. The ladies shown in the pic above were part of the dance crew. I had never seen that pic before and was happily dumfounded to see it! I wish it did not have the giant watermark, but I still love it. Anyway, I just joined the site and am finding my way around. I was either in, helped produce or choreographed several shows for Six Flags all those years ago. Fun times. As for D McMillan, I am probably in the minority here, but was not a fan. He beat poor gypsy, the sweet elephant, with a baseball bat. It was heartbreaking to watch as she cycled through every trick she knew to try to do what he wanted. After that I couldn't even look at him again. Anyway, during the finale of that show, all the dancers entered the Great Arena on little motorcycles tricked out to look like tigers. We wore gold sequin costumes with gold lamé capes, gold boots, gold gloves... you get the idea. The bikes had tiger heads mounted on the front and McMillan zoomed in at the back of the line on a big motorcycle. It was a very "muscular" finale. After driving once around the tiger cage we exited the arena where each girl was supposed to ride up to her designated stage hand and dismount the motorcycle handing it over to him. One day I told the girls not to stop, but just to follow me, and they did! We zoomed right past the stage hands, past the stage manager (Joe something) and out the back exit of the area, and then drove out the back road past the baboon pens and into the main parking lot. We proceeded to zip around there for a while and finally came back and gave up the bikes. I don't remember getting in too much trouble other than a stern warning but it was pretty fun.
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