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  1. This seems interesting and amazing! The Drive Thru Safari hasn't been around since they made it into Off-Road Adventure. This might be our last chance to experience the Drive Thru Safari once everything goes back to normal for SFGA. I'm not much of a person interested in stuff like this though the whole experience and how uncommon this is is interesting... also its something fun to do with your family. If you have a chance to go, go for it! I might try and go sometime this week
  2. That doesn't mean we aren't getting one. They should know that Great Adventure is as popular as Magic Mountain and a lot of people go to Great Adventure every year like Magic Mountain.
  3. I can't believe these idiots copied Jersey Devil. can't we have our own thing? The last original coaster we got was what El Toro and Jersey Devil can't be original too? Maybe it actually is. Quoting what XENITH said a few days ago when I ask if this would make JDC another coaster with clones he did reply saying "It'll still be unique! Ours will have an original theme, which is definitely a plus (there is a very high chance MM's is DC themed since it is literally surrounded by DC themed rides and runs through both DC Universe and Metropolis). Ours will also be shorter probably height and length wise, but that might be a good thing since some rides don't benefit from longer layouts."
  4. So with Magic Mountain apparently getting an RMC Raptor like JDC would this make Jersey Devil another coaster with clones or would Jersey Devil still be original in its own way or you know what I mean.
  5. I can't get this coaster off my mind I'm so hyped for it hopefully we can get back to the park soon to ride this.
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