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  1. The Tusky Husky costumed character concept for some of the Six FlagsĀ Parks.


    1. Theme Park Reconnoiter

      Theme Park Reconnoiter

      The Tusky Husky costumed character concept for some of the Six FlagsĀ Parks.

  2. The Characters from Krypto The Superdog could be added to the kids area . Then you'll end up having Krypto, Streaky, Kevin, Andrea, Brainy Barker, Hot Dog, Tusky Husky Paw-Pooch, Top Dog, and Ace: The Bathound wandering off in the parks.
  3. Alfundo the Clown Mascot Costume - Dorney Park [Six Flags Great Adventure's Theme Park Rival]Just Brought back Alfundo The Clown [ That The Park took the idea from, for Flippers] for the 2020/2021 Season
  4. They also have bumper cars to put the boxes of candy
  5. Every time I'm at at Jungle Jim's, it feels simular to Great Adventure back when it first opened in the 70s. I can tell by the themed and what they have inside
    Rare Photo. I remember on YouTube there's a video of the Animaniacs as costumed characters wondering around the park. I would also liked to see some other rare WB characters wondering around the park as well ,like the Characters from Krypto The Superdog or the Loonatics from 2005 for example
  6. we'll designing Walkaround characters is not really my thing. I'm only just hoping , Six Flags ever had these characters in there parks
  7. No where, I made them by using heads from Fisher Price. Then I cutout parts of the clothing on other Walkarounds in Google Images to make this. it's just a Concept
  8. I decided to add a few more Characters In These Concepts, Like Hot Dog But I'm also looking forward making more to show everyone what they would look like if There Walkarounds I don't know if Six Flags Used to Have These Walkarounds or Not But Well never know if not maybe they will, It will go well for the DC Super Friends Attractions for the video of the opening and closing credits its in my first post.
  9. While I'm Still trying to help find the 1976 commercial I ran into this commercial I know it's the same but at the end is different "Saying Come on Philadelphia" instead of Trenton "Seariously?!" I know the Park is Between New York City and Philadelphia well so is Dorney Park except it's in Allentown Pennsylvania And Great Adventure is mostly near Trenton, New Jersey's State Capitol. I look on the map and compare how far it is from the city. "Damn Those Stupid writers who ever gave that Narrator the script!" I really don't know if I want it to be with the other commercials after what the narra
  10. I hope Six Flags Aquired or will Aquired Krypto The Superdog Characters as Walk-around Costume Characters into there parks. If they ever do or bring them back ,maybe added to the DC Comics Kids Area I believe that this would be terrific idea. Please Subscribe if you want to see more of my posts stream.mp4
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