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  1. El Toro is expected to reopen this spring.
  2. This is great news. I haven’t been to a different Six Flags park in a very long time (last time was The Great Escape in 2000 when I was six years old), but my girlfriend and I want to take a trip out to Los Angeles in the next few years and I told her she can plan the entire trip as long as she gives me one day in Magic Mountain, and when that time comes I would like the option to upgrade my season pass so I can use it in the other parks.
  3. It would be such an easy installation too. Just take the triple body slide tower and replace the slides with drop capsule slides. No need to build a new tower and it would essentially improve an already existing attraction.
  4. I would love for Six Flags to take this time to have Intamin do a full, proper retrack of El Toro and return it to its former glory. I went on it last back in June and the back row had some considerable jackhammering that took away from the experience. Have Intamin pull a Colossos and make the ride feel like new again.
  5. Idk if this helps, but I’m six feet tall and the harness felt fine for me.
  6. Is it really so hard to put cubbies in the stations? I mean that wouldn’t really work with Jersey Devil as the train is continuously moving, but for rides like El Toro, Kingda Ka, Zumanjaro, and Joker, the lockers are wholly unnecessary. If Wonder Woman can have cubbies, why can’t the other rides?
  7. I’m exhausted. I’m sunburned. And it’s one of the best days I never had at the park. Jersey Devil was awesome, although El Toro and Nitro still reign supreme as the king and queen of the park. I got to ride twice, once in row 4 and once in row 10. The ride is definitely better towards the back, and it delivers a thrilling ride while still maintaining a level of rerideability that a more intense coaster just wouldn’t offer. This is the perfect addition to the park, offering an experience that the general public and enthusiasts alike can enjoy, and it really helps round out the park’s lineup, putting it on par with Hersheypark and placing it at number two only behind Magic Mountain for best coaster collection in the chain. I also finally got to ride Wonder Woman after having it break down twice while I was on line for it today. Two years after it opened, I get to say that it’s an incredible addition to the park, and it’s my second favorite non-coaster in the park only behind Zumanjaro. Some additional notes: -El Toro had some noticeable jackhammering. I know the park staff have figured out how to replicate the prefabricated track, but I think Six Flags should shell out a little money to get Intamin to do a full retrack and return it to its former glory. As it stands right now, Nitro is the clear best coaster in the park until El Toro gets retracked. -Bizarro was down for most of the day, which was disappointing as I wanted to ride it to see where it stands in the lineup. It’s currently clinging to the last spot in my top 10 roller coasters, and I can’t fairly say it’s out in favor of Jersey Devil until I ride it again. -Jersey Devil had some technical issues today; it broke down five times with me waiting in line for it, but this is to be expected in its opening year, especially today being its first day. The problem today seemed to be with the restraint system, as ride ops kept having to use a crowbar to get guests off the ride. It was interesting to see how this was handled, as staff made guests who got evacuated from the final break run sign a contract stating they got off the ride safely, as there was some media present and the park didn’t want any guests telling the media that the ride is unsafe. The park gave these guests line-skip passes for their troubles. I honestly found the whole situation humorous. -Going back to Nitro, it’s gonna take a really special coaster to knock it out of my top spot. The ride experience alone is enough to keep it in my top 5, and then how much the ride has personally meant to me since I first rode it in 2003 really pushes it over the edge. Since no other coaster has that personal importance to me, at least not since Scream Machine’s demise, the ride experience is gonna have to be so good that it can overcome how important of a ride Nitro is for me, and so far, nothing that I’ve ridden have accomplished that. Millennium Force, Maverick, and El Toro are the only three coasters that have even come close. I have to get out to some more parks soon; the only five American coasters I can see having a chance at the crown are Fury 325, Intimidator 305, Steel Vengeance, Velocicoaster, and X2.
  8. If the forecast changes I may play hooky from work on Wednesday.
  9. 6/13. The perfect opening date for this twisted, devilish ride.
  10. Being up that high on Zumanjaro and feeling the tower shake from Kingda Ka’s launch is gonna be absolutely terrifying and I can’t wait to experience it.
  11. Maybe they’re adding thematic elements to the queue house.
  12. Looking at that schematic got me thinking: being a ride-op must be very difficult for those with red/green color-blindness.
  13. I would love for a B&M launched wing coaster to take over the space formerly occupied by Rolling Thunder, but I know that’s most likely way over Six Flags’ budget.
  14. Probably not. I’m assuming they’re keeping the Safari as a drive thru experience for the time being because social distancing prevents that many people from being in one vehicle at the same time. Once those restrictions are lifted the park will probably go back to operating the Safari with the trucks
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