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  1. Being up that high on Zumanjaro and feeling the tower shake from Kingda Ka’s launch is gonna be absolutely terrifying and I can’t wait to experience it.
  2. Maybe they’re adding thematic elements to the queue house.
  3. Looking at that schematic got me thinking: being a ride-op must be very difficult for those with red/green color-blindness.
  4. I would love for a B&M launched wing coaster to take over the space formerly occupied by Rolling Thunder, but I know that’s most likely way over Six Flags’ budget.
  5. Probably not. I’m assuming they’re keeping the Safari as a drive thru experience for the time being because social distancing prevents that many people from being in one vehicle at the same time. Once those restrictions are lifted the park will probably go back to operating the Safari with the trucks
  6. El Toro isn’t going anywhere. It’s the park’s most critically acclaimed ride and it always has a line.
  7. I don’t particularly care about theming (my favorite roller coaster of all time, Nitro, has virtually no theming), but I would rather have a great ride less frequently than a mediocre ride every year.
  8. Overrated: Kingda Ka. I still absolutely love it, but I always say that while it’s the ride that brings people to the park, it’s rides like Nitro, Bizarro, and El Toro especially that bring them back. Underrated: Great American Scream Machine. The first roller coaster I rode in the park. I loved this ride with all of my heart. The fact that I never got my final ride on it in 2010 is my single biggest regret in life. I have such a soft spot for Arrow coasters, especially their bigger rides, and GASM was my absolute favorite of the bunch. She had so much charm and grace, truly a spec
  9. All were important, with Golden Kingdom arguably being the most important as it gave the park the height and speed champion of the world and the publicity that came with it, but El Toro is the greatest wooden roller coaster ever built so Plaza Del Carnaval gets my vote.
  10. 1: Great American Scream Machine 2: Batman and Robin: the Chiller 3: Rolling Thunder 4: Movie Town Water Effect 5: Bizarro still being Medusa
  11. They probably just went with a picture of their most critically acclaimed roller coaster and didn’t think much of what was in the background.
  12. Hello all! Longtime lurker and member of gadv.com. I finally decided to sign up over here and fully rejoin the Great Adventure family. My name is Joe. I’m a 26 year old man from Staten Island, New York. I’m a music teacher and bass player in a cover band (the latter is obviously on hold right now due to this pandemic). I’ve been visiting Great Adventure since I’m 10 years old. I still remember my first night ride on Nitro which is the moment I became a roller coaster enthusiast. To this day Nitro remains my favorite roller coaster, and I honestly don’t know if any coast
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