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  1. Well when I went back in July (drove up after getting off of work; Maryland to NJ about 3 hours with Saturday traffic) I was only able to hit up 3 slides before it was nearly closing time. I'd say more staffing and single rider lines?
  2. So I see some of the FF nights it's open until Midnight On a somewhat related note, what the latest at night you've ever ridden a coaster?
  3. It's unique for sure. One thing I don't like about it is laying on your back when it's going up the lift hill; because of the sun you really can't open your eyes. I do know that Vekoma no longer makes replacement parts for the Flying Dutchman model, so that could be a reason why it may go away.
  4. So I happened to see this yesterday at Six Flags America. Two things come to mind here: 1. With back to school happening soon, staffing issues mean some rides may not operate because of reduced staffing 2. The park is like "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo" it, Vekoma's not making replacement parts for Flying Dutchmans anymore; we're getting rid of this coaster. What say you all?
  5. As I've said before, I wouldn't mind having shows during the summer & Fright Fest/HITP to beat the weather!
  6. Rumor was RMC wanted to Iron Horse RT, but the wooden support structure was too badly deteriorated?
  7. Assuming the Dive Coaster at FT does get cloned at Great Adventure; where you going to build it?
  8. Do you think Safari Off Road Adventure will return in 2022 or will the drive thru return be permanent?
  9. Yeah, I saw some kind of acrobatic show there in '19. Nice to be inside getting a weather break. And also a trail along the Wild Safari route would be cool (or a hayride to the Switlik House).
  10. Seems like an interesting trend; removing rides that can't operate year round (Shoot The Chutes/River Rapids) in favor of rides that can operate year round (Magic Mountain getting an RMC Raptor, Over Texas getting a Power Splash).
  11. I could see this happening in 2022 for Six Flags America: Batwing, Penguin's Blizzard River or Shipwreck Falls reaches the end of the line
  12. I'll be there opening weekend! Oh and happy 42nd Great Adventure season 29yrswithaGApass!
  13. Damn! Big crowds for sure! Now on concert nights, was it typically 2 shows (6 & 9 pm)?
  14. Interesting that Joker and Cyborg have height limits of 77 inches (6'5") and Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth has an 84 inch (7 feet) height limit. When I was at Six Flags America, I actually saw someone get height checked and he was too tall for Superman: Ride of Steel (said guy was 6'6" or 6'7"). You all ever see anyone get height checked for being too tall to ride?
  15. I seem to recall reading that during busy days; there was actually a second entrance? And wasn't it about 20 pre-fabricated containers/trailers used for the Castle itself?
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