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  1. Cough cough Zumanjaro cough cough
  2. I didn't see this but thank you! I'm very late but still thank you Yoshi
  3. Going on opening day! Well at 1 PM, kinda late to saying this huh?
  4. Big fan of lego myself thanks 29years! El Toro and Viper actually look very good
  5. It felt like just yesterday they placed the final piece of track.
  6. I payed attention closely to the skyway and turns out the M&M sponsor isnt on them anymore. Does this mean that the sponsor has ended and is no longer on the carts or just those two? I remember back in october 2020 I saw them have the logos.
  7. I never went to kings dominion but i first heard the coaster in late 2019 I really started getting into coasters at that time, I saw a POV of it and i could already tell I would´ve loved this coaster. The things looks very visually appealing too, its a shame they removed it.
  8. I liked the coaster just that it was doomed to get removed after Arrow went defunct.
  9. man they really did a good job at building it its only been like a month since they restarted and man they did a lot. I know this is going to be a masterpiece
  10. Happy new years! Jersey devil is starting construction again!
  11. Never knew cyborg opened looks like its gonna stay for 2021!
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