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  1. A much as I love Bizarro, I think the ride has had its life at Great Adventure and needs to probably get removed for a new western-themed roller coaster considering its in Frontier Adventures. But I think we all know whats going to happen, its getting rethemed to Riddler.
  2. Is anyone going to talk about the Lil Devil Coaster? Isn't that coming in 2022?
  3. I'm so happy that Six Flags is working with B&M again! Dr. Diabolical Cliffhanger looks like a sick ride!
  4. I have officially been on this site for 1 year! It all started when I had this Six Flags craze last year and was really obsessed with Great Adventure. I was looking up rides and information about the park until I stumbled upon greatadventurehistory. I had no idea that there was a whole website apart from the official one about Great Adventure! I immediately wanted to sign up and join the community, and now I have been here for exactly a year! It really did feel like yesterday when I first discovered this website full of incredible and kind people who also were into Great Adventure! It has been a great past year on this website and I cannot thank you guys enough for the work you put in here! 

  5. Cough cough Zumanjaro cough cough
  6. I didn't see this but thank you! I'm very late but still thank you Yoshi
  7. Going on opening day! Well at 1 PM, kinda late to saying this huh?
  8. Big fan of lego myself thanks 29years! El Toro and Viper actually look very good
  9. It felt like just yesterday they placed the final piece of track.
  10. I payed attention closely to the skyway and turns out the M&M sponsor isnt on them anymore. Does this mean that the sponsor has ended and is no longer on the carts or just those two? I remember back in october 2020 I saw them have the logos.
  11. I never went to kings dominion but i first heard the coaster in late 2019 I really started getting into coasters at that time, I saw a POV of it and i could already tell I would´ve loved this coaster. The things looks very visually appealing too, its a shame they removed it.
  12. I liked the coaster just that it was doomed to get removed after Arrow went defunct.
  13. man they really did a good job at building it its only been like a month since they restarted and man they did a lot. I know this is going to be a masterpiece
  14. Happy new years! Jersey devil is starting construction again!
  15. Never knew cyborg opened looks like its gonna stay for 2021!
  16. Not me thinking you posted the same image 30 times lol
  17. Hello people I was posting the images right now and one of them refused to load which caused me not being able to post the images ill do it tomorrow sorry guys.
  18. I mean i dont really like either but id actually stick with twister
  19. I mean it could happen like West Coast Racers got a whole land for itself and great theming but at the same time, its Six flags. Wonder Womans theming is uh lemme say this pretty bad other than the statue and cyborgs theming is awful. Hopefully they actually theme this ride good like batman in 1993
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