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  1. Saw on a few forums that it's been rumored to be going to Frontier City - not sure how I feel about that... on one hand, it will easily be a highlight of the park, on the other hand, they deserve something brand new for once.
  2. Had the same problem with Candymonium last Saturday, dispatches every 3 minutes, stacking 2 trains in the brake run. I would think they would want their marquee attraction to have better ops. Great Bear & SKyrush were running much better operationally.
  3. Looking like I'll be visiting in 2022 then...
  4. I like all the coasters... Wild One is underrated. The park has great potential, but I'm not sure it will be reached anytime soon.
  5. Looks like nothing at SFGADV according to the map... To the guy above, no way they touch Zoomazon Falls this year, it will sit there abandoned, no doubt.
  6. My wife and I vlog'd our opening day at SFA
  7. Didn't see that coming. Was there last week and everything looked fine. Sign was up as well.
  8. Construction update at SFA for those who want to see Spinsanity -
  9. Hope he gets it, but I very much doubt they could be ready to go this summer after being closed since 2019.
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