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  1. Cedar Fair's only coaster this year is a 4D free spin... oh how the times have changed!
  2. Ehhh - the other parks in the chain don't do this. Thinking of Over Georgia & Over Texas... so the precedent has been set. Not that it can't change, but don't think it will.
  3. After just visiting Hurricane Harbor in Texas, next to Over Texas, that park was run light years better than White Water Georgia or HH NJ. I am going to check out HH NJ this weekend for the first time this year, not excited based on this thread.
  4. Thinking of making a trip out there this weekend, any hope for Jersey Devil? I think the Stunt Pilot news is great to hear as an indication.
  5. From Memorial Day Weekend - Footage Of Poltergeist breakdown near 7 minute mark
  6. I watched a YT video on this. Having rode Wonder Woman at Fiesta Texas last week, felt those OTS restrains were a bit tough, plasticy... wasn't great for all the ejector your get on a raptor. Glad to see these are bit a different.
  7. Hello fellow Orlando neighbor (I am down here now). The disappointing thing with Darien Lake is the closing of the rides even before the work shortage (Ferris Wheel, Rapids) and then the 1 train ops on everything. I really thought the Six Flags branding in late 2018 would've returned them to two train ops at least.
  8. Thanks Yoshi! I'm especially excited that the Fun Spot season pass will get us into Atlanta now.
  9. Saw on a few forums that it's been rumored to be going to Frontier City - not sure how I feel about that... on one hand, it will easily be a highlight of the park, on the other hand, they deserve something brand new for once.
  10. Had the same problem with Candymonium last Saturday, dispatches every 3 minutes, stacking 2 trains in the brake run. I would think they would want their marquee attraction to have better ops. Great Bear & SKyrush were running much better operationally.
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