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  1. Thank you GreatAdventureHistory for all of this information. I've been working on my project to model the Haunted Castle the past two weeks and it is nearing completion. The information you provided me in this thread was very useful. I had one doubt coming in at the end here. It's a pretty significant piece to the layout of the attraction and I was hoping you could remember. In the Phantom area, there was a door which led to the other actor's stage in the first trailer, but was there a second door in the Phantom area which led to the employee corridor which led to the control trailer? I circl
  2. You wouldn't happen to have any additional photos of the Haunted Castle, maybe some interior ones?
  3. Yes, there was a red and blue side each made up of 8 trailers (for a total of 16). There was one control trailer situated between them (making it a total of 17 trailers). The red and blue sides were a mirror of each other (with a few differences between them - like the exit structures (red had an exit door while blue had an exit skull). For my project I am just focusing on the red side (for now at least).
  4. This is really, really interesting. I need to go back over my plans as I had three cutouts at that location covered in plexiglass and a fence over the entire wall (which now that I think of it would not have made sense as why would you need a chain-link fence if there were only three cutouts behind it protected by plexiglass - the chain-link fence was the only thing in that area that separated the two rooms (at least from the waist up). I will redesign it so that the entire wall in that area has plywood from the floor to about waist-level, and then a chain-linked fence the rest of
  5. I was always under the impression that there were three windows (cut outs covered with plexiglass) allowing the guests to look in to the barrel room after they passed Hunchback. Is that not right? So you're saying that the entire section of wall (the area you painted green) was not a wall at all, but a piece of chain link fence from floor to ceiling? So in actuality, someone could have poked a stick or something through the fencing and touched the spinning barrel? Not saying they would do this, but I just want to get a good understanding of this area as I initially built it with three window
  6. okay, I promise just one last question, please. I was just modeling this part of the Castle and I see there are two triangle like rooms that I have no idea how to build and texture. In the area right across from Hunchback and the windows that looked in to the barrel room, there were two triangle shaped rooms. These two areas can be seen on any of the maps of the Haunted Castle online. Some maps have them both listed as storage closets which were locked and contained things like a toolbox or some extra parts to the Castle. Do you remember how these two areas would have appeared to
  7. 29yrswithaGApass - As I started to build out the Haunted Castle digitally I ran in to a few more questions I hope you don't mind taking a shot at: 1 - The Haunted Castle was up in trailers, but the entrance was on the ground floor. Do you remember if there was a set of steps going up right after you entered the Haunted Castle or was the stairs after the portrait area (I don't think the initial portrait area was part of the trailers)? If there were no stairs, do you remember how people 'got up' to the first trailer? 2 - Do you remember how the Butcher actor was dressed?
  8. Thank you so much for the reply. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I am not interested in the fire, just what the attraction was like when it was fully functional. I went through the Haunted Castle when I was like five years old. I do not remember it all this time later, but it did get me in to loving Haunted Houses and the horror genre in general. It holds a special place in my heart. I hope you don't mind a few follow up questions. I have spoken to a few people that remember the Haunted Castle prior to the fire, but you are by far the most knowledgeable. You sa
  9. Hello Great Adventure fans! I am working on a passion project of mine where I am recreating the Haunted Castle attraction in a 3D modeling software (Unity) to recreate the experience of walking through the Haunted Castle prior to the fire. This would not be a game. Just a virtual tour where you would control a first-person camera and have the ability to walk through the attraction as it once was. I have the layout of the Haunted Castle and how it should appear from the exterior, but I lack knowledge on the interior of the attraction. I know all the displays inside the C
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