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  1. Was on hand for the Great Movie Ride closing last night. Definetely more crowded than usual, but the ride never went over a two hour wait. Rode it severl times, with my last time being around 9:10(the park was closing at 9:30). The crowds where sad, but very enthusiastic. The cast was both. As soon as my last ride ended our guide immedietely got of the ride and started crying, as was the sentiment with much of the cast at the ride. Coincidentally I was at Epcot earlier in the day. Didn't ride Energy Universe because, to be honest, never liked it. Line didnt look long at all, but was outside the building. It was just luck I planned my trip with GMR ride closing. Definetely one of my favorites since I was a kid and it hurts to loose it. That's the only time I've ever been on a ride the day it closed. Also, for those wondering, in the last few days of operations the GMR was running both the gangster and cowboy versions of the show, which to my knowledge they haven't done in years. The cast at the ridemade it VERY clear that due to the extra crowds NO show, or row requests woud be honored. It was pretty much you get what we give you.
  2. If the park needs help deflating balls they should call Tom Brady, I hear he's got a few weeks of free time on his hands to help out with
  3. Even though were all discussing the possibility if new attractions for 2016, how about building a monorail for easy access between hurricane harbor and the theme park? I know one year one of the holiday ADENTure calendars discussed this
  4. What are the Fright Fest webs made out of? I know Harry had a roll of it at the museum. Is there any way the public can buy some (if it's like a regular item that's sold in stores, I didn't mean from the park itself)? I want to use some for my decorations this year instead of buying the crap dollar store versions that have to be thrown away every year.
  5. Found this behind the scenes video of the madhouse type ride at Alton towers that uses te same ride system as Houdini
  6. While flying through the forest would be fun, te park would never do it because it would be a bitch to perform matienance on.
  7. Since the cost tk keep the park open is high, I say keep the "park" open until midnight and then frightfest attractions stay open until 1 or 2 am
  8. Speaking of a homage tk lighting loops, what if loopin dragon was two rides with interlocking loop? It's be hard to accomplish(the rides would have to be at different elevations, but it would be interesting and fun to watch!
  9. Honestly I wouldn't be suprised if park attendance took a dive next season. Honestly you don't need to add the biggest, or fastest every year, but you have to add something unique and attention grabbing. Looping dragon, while by no means a bad ride, is neither
  10. Odd question, is the lake safe to swim in? I always hear that Disneys lakes in florida(seven seas lagoon and bay lake) aren't safe, but the question never came up when it came to GAdvs lake?
  11. I just saw the details from screamscape as well. I'm actually Incredibly angry were not getting one next year now.
  12. I know there's a 0% chance of this happening, but Id love to see the park add TWO dark rides next year. Put the justice league dark ride in chillers old spot to revitalize MovieTown and a scooby doo ghost blaster ride in the old sim theater because a haunted house dark ride fits in nicely in the boardwalk area. Coasters and flat rides have a very limited shelf life, but dark rides are extremely popular and keep drawing in crowds for YEARS. The two rides would probably cost as much as a new coaster but would fill holes in the parks ride lineup, be placed in dead areas, and be popular for years and years to come. I know there's concerns with state regulations, but those could be worked out.
  13. Sorry for te double post, but then again, the GP probably doesn't realize the mechanics behind running rides so a VAST majority of them would probably come to ride things like Kingda ka and El Toro only to find them closed and then they would just complain. That's why I want a few dark rides at the park, they'd be good rides during the summer and offer a slate of indoor attractions for this part of the year
  14. Considering how big of an event christmas is in the NYC area, I'm suprised te park hasn't done a Holiday in the park event yet. Then again, the park doesn't have a lot of indoor attraction, but even of they had this event, they'd still be able to open fantasy forest, adventure alley, lakefront, MovieTown, and maybe Adcentire seaport minus nitro and Congo rapids
  15. Since the park has been running on the platform as revamping areas of the park that need it. I think next year we might see a MovieTown revitalization anchored by a justice league dark ride in chillers old spot as the only real new ride. Maybe a new stunt show and food place, and reopen Old Country
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