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  1. Great memories...I was one of the debut year managers at Looney Tunes Shoppe. Worked very hard that year but really enjoyed it!
  2. The pictures that were used were from the Togo prototype at the factory. They did the same thing with ultra twister.
  3. Posted to Gallery under Brett's GA Stuff. Posted other old tags as well.
  4. Sorry the Time Warner oval was indeed mentioned. I think I have one somewhere.
  5. There was a special name tag made for winter lights. I have mine and can scan it and send a photo if you would like. There is also another variation of the oval tag before Time Warner sold the park.
  6. What about the traditional six flags logo that was only used in 1992? It is on the brochure, guide, and other promo material from that year.
  7. The big issue which most likely led to the demise of the hat shops was shrinkage (theft). Given the outdoor locations and the piling of hats across a wide open space (with usually only one employee) theft was a huge issue. The park tried to remedy this by enclosing Paul Revere but with the loss of the outdoor "shelf appeal" sales also declined.
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