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  1. Once I go to the parks for more than a short visit, I'll post some reports or maybe post 1 report for a few small trips. 2 weeks ago I went to Busch Gardens for 2 1/2 hours and again today for 2 hours riding Cheetah Hunt, Cobra's Curse, Montu, Log Flume and Sheikra but only took 1 picture.
  2. If it’s successful I wonder if they would consider a year round haunted attraction. Didn’t La Ronde have one all year a few years ago?
  3. That’s frustrating especially since the last part of the night is probably the best time to get a lot of rides in. I was at another park where I saw the one train run empty. I want to say it was either Thunderhawk or Steel Force at Dorney but can’t remember. I have never been a fan of Morey’s operations and policies. Besides the no single rider rules on a bunch of rides (I know the Ferris wheel is a state law), I also didn’t like that before wristbands were scanned and the daytime special expired at 6, you could get in line at 5:45 for a ride, get to the loading platform a few minutes after 6 and then be told you couldn’t ride even though you were in line well before 6.
  4. For Iron Gwazi they are supposedly waiting for the right time to open it (part 3)
  5. Yeah, I'm looking forward to going to a water park anytime of the year, especially since Aquatica looks like a really good water park (even though Adventure Island is a lot closer, their slide selection doesn't look as good and they have a more limited operating calendar). It just is taking some getting used to of the idea that my main waterpark season is going to be in the winter when crowds will be lower. I keep forgetting that and think, it's already July and I haven't been to a water park yet and it will be Labor Day in a few months and then remember that doesn't matter anymore. I'm not going to miss the snow at all.
  6. I started keeping track with my first visit as an enthusiast in 2007 and was able to add my 2002 visit from memory (since I only rode Skull Mountain, Runaway Mine Train and Rolling Thunder). I had to estimate Rolling Thunder (Left) and Runaway Mine Train within a few rides since I didn't keep track in the 90s. 2 rides on Joker were ok for me, those rides had no flips. The one that flipped twice made me dizzy and I decided I didn't want that to happen again. I'll probably start posting some new reports soon from Busch Gardens and Sea World.
  7. I had not been to the park since November 2019. On that visit, I would have never thought that not only my next visit would be over a year and a half later but it would also be my final visit to the park (at least for a long time). I found out in March that I was moving to Florida and have been there for a few weeks now. I was able to get to Hersheypark twice and Great Adventure once this spring before leaving. Normally a Friday in May would mean low crowds with just some school trips and walk ons mostly all day. It was more crowded than expected but still not too bad. It was a little strange entering the park that I wouldn't be returning and I wanted to try to get all my favorite rides in. I started at El Toro first. This is probably going to be my most missed ride. Nitro is my favorite ride in the park but there is Mako at Sea World and nothing like El Toro in Florida. I had heard it was running rougher than previous years but I found it mostly smooth. As usual, the air time was great. I missed Zumajaro on most of my visits in 2019 and was looking forward to riding the drop tower again. There is no drop tower that I have tried that is even close to as good as Zumanjaro. I got assigned the 3rd row at Kingda Ka and it wasn't too rough. Saw Mill Log Flume was fun with the multiple drops. Bizarro is still my favorite floorless coaster. It's so smooth and the added effects are fun. I took the Skyway over to the other side of the park and went to Skull Mountain. Unfortunately the skull figure had the lights turned off and all of the other theming was not lit. Nitro was excellent as usual. Smooth and great floater air time. After The Dark Knight I went to Justice League. This is another ride I am really going to miss especially because Busch Gardens and Sea World have no interactive dark rides and Sea World only has Journey To Atlantis (unless Antarctica reopens). I rode twice since there was no wait. SkyScreamer was next and the ride cycle is so much better compared to Six Flags Over Georgia's version. Harley Quinn Crazy Train had no wait and I finished the regular operating hours with the Parachutes. Power Hours is an amazing deal. $4.99 for hours of coasters with little to no lines is great. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to stay for the event at all but bought the ticket just in case. I rode El Toro 2 more times with no wait and Runaway Mine Train that had been closed for the rest of the time I had been in the park. I would have stayed for a few more hours but wasn't able to but was still glad to get the extra 3 rides in. Walking out of the park was a little sad especially since losing Great Adventure plus Hersheypark, Dorney Park and Knoebels is tough. Busch Gardens Tampa is a nice park but it's still a major downgrade for a home park compared to Great Adventure or Hersheypark. Besides there not being as many coasters, there are almost no flat rides. I just am glad from 2008 - 2015 I was able to visit Great Adventure so often, visiting the park 28 times in 2015 and also being able to still visit a few times a year from 2016 - 2019 and am also thankful for all the happy memories the park gave me. Ride Count: El Toro, 3 Zumanjaro, 1 Kingda Ka, 1 Log Flume, 1 Bizarro, 1 Skyway, 1 Skull Mountain, 1 Nitro, 1 The Dark Knight, 1 Justice League, 2 SkyScreamer, 1 Harley Quinn Crazy Train, 1 Parachutes, 1 Runaway Mine Train, 1 Final Ride Count: Nitro - 594 Batman - 122 Superman - 116 Medusa/Bizarro – 201 Kingda Ka - 139 Skull Mountain - 427 Rolling Thunder Right - 40 Rolling Thunder Left – 38 Runaway Mine Train – 287 The Dark Knight - 199 Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train/Harley Quinn Crazy Train - 142 Great American Scream Machine – 65 Green Lantern - 126 El Toro - 74 The Joker - 3
  8. Agreed, I never call the park Six Flags and I know it’s not a big deal but I never like when it’s referred to as Six Flags only.
  9. I remember the chains and the green trash cans with the parade logos on them that the chains went through. Glow in the Park was great, especially because unlike at Disney, you could find a good spot for watching the parade just a few minutes before it was going to start.
  10. That’s great to hear. With how popular Fright Fest is, I hope the park is able to take advantage of the increased crowds to help make up for lower attendance last year.
  11. I remember my family getting them in the 90s. I liked them because it meant we would get to go to the park twice a season instead of just once.
  12. I’m surprised they didn’t do what Worlds of Fun did and just have Wildwater Kingdom open on those days. They also now have 7 pm closings the entire season. I wonder how they are going to have Grand Carnivale if they are closing before sunset since a big part of the event is the parade that has a lot of lights on each float.
  13. IBox Track? Maybe it will be a family RMC then?
  14. Since my last post I added Candymonium last year. This year I added 3 coasters at Busch Gardens Tampa, all 5 coasters at Sea World Orlando and 8 coasters at Six Flags Over Georgia and now am up to 179 coasters ridden. I’m hoping I can get to 200 in the next year or two.
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