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  1. It looks like SFFT's new coaster will use the same locker setup as Velocicoaster. It would be great if all future Six Flags coasters that require lockers used this setup as well.
  2. That would be good. I liked that the main arcade at Hershey had a mix of newer games and a lot of older games from the 80s and 90s. It was the only place I could find some older games that I used to play at the arcade in the mall like Top Skater.
  3. Interesting to see that you now have to go online to get the discount rather than bring the can to the park but I guess it makes sense since the people selling the tickets shouldn’t need to handle a used soda can. Last year I saw a commercial for the park 2 or 3 times when watching a Phillies game even in FL since with MLB TV, I watch the Philadelphia broadcast, but nothing this year.
  4. It sounds like most (all?) Cedar Fair water parks have some new policies. You have to wait in line to go into the wave pools, hopefully there is no time limit like at Hershey. Only 1 lap allowed on the lazy river. At least for Dorney that has always been the policy since I had a season pass. With a few rare exceptions, anytime I saw some ask to stay on, they were told no much like their re-ride policy on the coasters.
  5. Interesting to see that Bugs Bunny National Park and Jr. Thrillseekers have those 54" and under signs. I remember going with family members to LTSP and BBNP who were over 54" but still not ready for the bigger rides and they went on rides like Barnstormer, Daffy's Diver and Daffy Duck Hot Air Balloons.
  6. I thought the trains were very comfortable with lots of leg room. I'm 6'1" and can ride in any row on Runaway Mine Train but prefer the front row of each car for the extra leg room. With Skull Mountain, if I sit in the front row of a car, my knees hit the front of the car. I agree it doesn't fit Epcot. I know rides with popular characters is what drives the merchandise sales but I would like to see some rides without a tie in to a franchise and save those attractions for Hollywood Studios.
  7. I went to EPCOT on Monday to try the new Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind coaster. Although I was glad to finally see a coaster added to EPCOT, at the same time, I still miss what is gone on that side of the park. Now instead of World of Motion, Universe of Energy and Horizons you have 3 thrill rides. The entrance to the ride is the Wonders of Xandar Pavilion. After the queue you get to the pre-show waiting area and then into the first pre-show room which is the Welcome Center. There is a second pre-show room with some effects I don't want to spoil. After that room, the doors open at I think the left or right (the pre-show I was in, the door opened to the right) to take you to one of two loading areas. I didn't like how it goes from an open room to a narrower queue and it causes people to have to merge in line. Great Adventure's The Dark Knight pre-show with the queue rails in the room to keep the line organized is much better. After a short breakdown, I was given row 6. I'm going to put the details of the coaster in a quote box, skip over that if you don't want anything spoiled. The spins are controlled and although there was not too many rotations at once, for some reason it really got to me. I think it might have been a combination of not knowing what direction the track was going in and looking at screens the same time the car is spinning and going around turns. Other spinning coasters like Laff Trakk, Cobra's Curse, Primeval Whirl and Freedom Rider don't bother me at all and only Sierra Sidewinder was a little dizzying. Most people exiting the ride thought it was really good and I heard people saying it was the best coaster at Disney World. They were only allowing 1 ride and even if re-rides were allowed, I wouldn't have gone back. It was the opposite at Ice Breaker and Iron Gwazi's previews where you could ride as much as you wanted although I understand that wouldn't have worked here with the demand so much more. With it being a virtual queue once the ride opens to the public, I don't think I will bother trying to get a boarding time but once it goes to a standard line, I'll give it another try. Test Track was broken down and after lunch it reopened. I went right to single rider and was the first person in line but they wouldn't allow us to enter the boarding area until the standby line got there which took about 10 minutes. I walked around for another ride this time waiting less than 5 minutes. Test Track is still my favorite ride at EPCOT. After Test Track,we went to Living With The Land, The Seas With Nemo and Journey into Imagination all of which were 5 minute waits. Taking a boat to World Showcase and seeing The American Adventure, there was a concert starting in 20 minutes. It was The Commodores and they played 4 songs. On the way out we stopped at Spaceship Earth. I'm glad I got to try the new coaster and got my 4th new credit of the year. EPCOT is always fun I'm looking forward to going back probably next month.
  8. I like that they are opening earlier in the season compared to other water parks in the area.
  9. On Monday I went to Busch Gardens Tampa for a short trip. It was the first day that spring break was over and I was interested in seeing how crowds were going to be. Before Iron Gwazi opened I expected it to have 2+ hour waits every day during Spring Break and on slow days it would have a 45-60 minute wait with it being a new hyped up coaster and RMC coasters not having the best capacity. That really hasn't been the case with the coaster getting around an 1 - 1 1/2 hour wait around opening and by the afternoon, the wait times really get low as people to other areas of the park. I was very surprised when I got to the park in the afternoon and saw Iron Gwazi was only a 1 - 2 train wait. I am up to 30 rides on the coaster and I still don't have the layout memorized yet. It's forceful but not too intense and really re-rideable. After 3 rides I went to Cheetah Hunt. 3 trains were running and it was a 10 minute wait. This is another fun coaster that is on the tamer side but that's good with how many intense coasters are at the park. Cobra's Curse was next. It was a 20 minute posted wait but I used my Platinum Quick Queue there and walked right on. This coaster has the best theming in the park and the ride is fun with the forwards portion, backwards section and then spinning. I'm hoping to get some more visits in before schools finish for the year in about a month (I'm still not used to that, with PA and NJ schools ending in mid/late June) and it will then be crowded almost everyday. Before Iron Gwazi, I didn't know sideways air time was possible.
  10. That sounds like a cool job to have. I have always been a fan of pinball and arcade games and spent a lot of time as a kid and teenager at the local arcades.
  11. Hopefully some of those things are just temporary and isn’t something that happens to all the parks. It’s disappointing to hear they are already giving up on the single rider lines.
  12. Great report and pictures. I like all the improvements at the park, especially the single rider lines.
  13. That must be so frustrating to be told you can ride one year and then can’t. When Cedar Fair bought the Paramount parks they raised height requirements too. I think Carowind’s mine train went from 36” to 48” I got an email from Adventure Island that they open for the season tomorrow. I thought they were open year round now but I guess they gave up on that? I hadn’t looked at the schedule recently as I have been going to Blizzard Beach and more recently Typhoon Lagoon. I also saw that BGW is only allowing 1 ride total for the Pantheon annual pass previews, not just per day but for the entire previews. I’m glad the Florida parks didn’t have that restriction with Ice Breaker and Iron Gwazi.
  14. I found it interesting that access to the hotel would have only been for resort guests if there were multiple places they could have spent money like the restaurants, bar and arcade. It looks like it would have been a nice hotel and somewhere I would have stayed to go to the park 2 days in a row when I was visiting from the Scranton area.
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