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  1. Avalanche at Kings Dominion is being rethemed to Reptilian https://www.kingsdominion.com/blog/2022/1.24avalanche_retheme
  2. I am going to try to go during the regular previews for Ice Breaker. I qualified for the Passport to Thrills event but saw you only get 1 ride and didn't want to deal with all that traffic on a Friday afternoon to Orlando from Tampa.
  3. http://screamscape.com/html/six_flags_darien_lake.htm Some bad rumors for Darien Lake. Mind Eraser may be closed this season with new trains possibly for 2023. There is also the rumor Ride of Steel will be removed before the 2023 season. If true, that will be a huge loss for the park.
  4. It was 75 degrees today. The cold and snow are some of the few things I don't miss from PA and NJ. I'm probably going to avoid going on opening day since that is the last day of school before Spring Break here and I expect it to be very crowded. I am going to try to get there in just over 3 weeks for the annual pass previews instead thinking that on the Platinum only days and a school day, it will hopefully have a short wait.
  5. Going to a park in late January and not being on vacation was a little strange since normally it would be the offseason and I would be counting the days until Great Adventure and Hersheypark open for the season. Cheetah Hunt was first. This was the only ride with any kind of line with a posted 40 minute wait but I used my Platinum Pass Quick Queue. This is my favorite coaster in the park. It's not intense but a fun coaster and very smooth and the 3 launches are great. Cobra's Curse is another interesting ride with a forwards section, backwards section and spinning section. The spinning isn't too much compared to other Mack coasters like Sierra Sidewinder. Scorpion forceful for a smaller coaster just like Laser at Dorney was. Since the Log Flume is closing for another refurbishment next month, I stopped there next and got soaked. The last ride of the day was Sheikra which is also closing on January 31st. Mardi Gras just started this month and besides food booths and decorations, there is a small parade that is maybe 90 seconds. Montu is closed until mid to late February. New souvenirs. There were a lot of different designs. Since there was $10 in Busch Bucks for pass holders this month I got both for $4 with tax after my pass discount and the Busch Bucks. Regular price was $12.99 each.
  6. I always liked the gold season pass with the season dining pass. That way it was paid for the season. I thought maybe the dining pass was balanced out with those who used it 30+ times a season and others who bought it and used it one or two days a season but I guess they were losing a lot of money with the frequent users.
  7. It’s always good to see more family attractions added to Atlantic City. After Tivoli Pier closed in the mid 90s, there has never been that much to do especially during the colder months if you are under 21 or don’t want to gamble.
  8. Journey To Atlantis (Orlando) is having it's track replaced. https://www.importgenius.com/suppliers/mack-rides-gmbh-co-kg Credit to AvocadoToastDevil on Reddit for finding it.
  9. It was always sad the last weekend of the season in October or early November knowing there was around 5 months of no park visits and coasters. A 3 month offseason wasn’t so bad to deal with.
  10. Ice Breaker opens on February 18th. Annual Pass Previews begin on January 30th - 31st for Platinum Pass Holders.
  11. Busch Gardens Tampa has them. I like how they change the design for the different seasons. Besides the usual animals, they had Halloween ones and now have Christmas and Winter designs.
  12. I went to Sea World with my parents 3 weeks ago since I still had free guest tickets left with my annual pass. This was their first visit since 2004 and I wasn't going to focus on just rides this trip. Journey To Atlantis is really well done. It's a fun combination of a flume ride and a coaster. I wish I could have ridden the original version with the storyline. I know it's probably unlikely but I never got to try the Antarctica ride and even though I heard it wasn't that great, as a fan of dark rides I'm sure it would still be worth going to on most trips to the park. With the Sky Ride at Busch Gardens reopening next summer, maybe this will reopen too. Besides seeing many of the aquariums, we saw Orca Encounter and the Sea Lion & Otter Spotlight which was new for me. Mako had a 55 minute posted wait with 1 train running. I saw they were putting on a 2nd train and decided to go back later. This was the right decision as it was a station wait at night. Mako is my favorite coaster in Florida and my 3rd favorite steel coaster right after Nitro. It is smooth with a lot of floater air time and just the right about of forcefulness for me. The Sea of Trees was really cool and overall the whole park was really decorated well with lights everywhere. We stayed at the park for 7 hours and still didn't see everything like the dolphin show and Turtle Trek. There was supposed to be a free holiday ornament but because of a shipping delay, they weren't available yet. Most parks would just say come back later but Sea World offered $5 in Sea World bucks to make up for the delay which was nice and unexpected. Sea World is a great park. Some fun coasters, aquariums, animal exhibits and shows. I look forward to visiting again next month. Kraken was closed for repainting. For some reason, I was sometimes having trouble paying attention to the show. Something kept distracting me.
  13. When I was a 2 1/2 hour drive from the park, I would have planned a trip once or twice a year where I stayed at a hotel on-site and went to the park 2 days in a row. An indoor water park would be great especially with how short the outdoor water park season is in the area.
  14. Vote Now For Your Favorite Choices
  15. I rarely play games in the parks anymore because I have no interest in a stuffed animal but would try a game if the prize was something themed to a ride I like. I also liked how at the arcade in Hersheypark, you could redeem your tickets for souvenirs like mugs and glasses that were once sold in the gift shops rather than just the standard arcade prizes of smaller toys and candy up to expensive electronics that would take years to earn enough tickets to redeem for.
  16. Great pictures I like that Ferris wheel planter and how open the Yum Yum Cafe interior looks
  17. My favorite effect was the hologram billboards that looked like clowns were going to attack that unfortunately only worked for a few years after the ride opened. I was never disappointed with TDK maybe because I knew it was going to be an indoor wild mouse and not a thrill coaster. I liked it along with Skull Mountain when I want to take a break from the larger coasters.
  18. I have 3 albums of them from the parks I have visited with some from Great Adventure. It’s always fun to walk around the park and see if there is a new penny that you want to add to your collection.
  19. In addition to new theme elements, I'd like to see all of the theming and props that are no longer lit up, being visible again like the Tiki masks and the 2nd pumpkin in the middle of the ride.
  20. I also miss Glow in the Park. I thought it was very well done for a regional park and that you could show up a few minutes before the parade start time and get a great viewing spot.
  21. I always call the park Great Adventure. Calling the park Six Flags could mean any park in the chain to me (even though I know everyone in the area is referring to just Great Adventure).
  22. I really like Cedar Fair’s drink plan with the paper cups. Besides it being more hygienic, I don’t like leaving the souvenir bottle in the station of a ride or at the entrance.
  23. It would help save time when walking through the park if it was gone. Normally I would just walk into the arcade to bypass the Boardwalk but it was not always open.
  24. I would usually park on the Green Lantern side of the lot and try to park away from others because I'd rather walk an extra minute or two from the car to the park entrance to avoid driving near people walking to the cars (even driving very slow it was difficult at times if you park closer). I agree Hershey really does have a good setup.
  25. I like the idea of offering Flash Pass as a pay per ride option so you can just pay less if you just want to use it on a ride or two. When I was at Lake Compounce in 2010 they did something similar, each ride cost $1-$3 to skip the line. It wouldn't have been worth it to pay for an unlimited all day use price but for Ghost Hunt, $1 saved 30+ minutes in line.
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