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  1. It's a shame to see them lose another water ride after the log flume closed a few years ago.
  2. It looks like it would be scary to be all the way up there near the edge of a drop off.
  3. 2 cars are the hamster wheel flipping cars, 3 cars are spinning cars.
  4. I only rode Rhino Rally once but I agree it’s a shame they removed it. I would have liked to have tried the original version with the water section.
  5. I hope your next trip to the park is better
  6. That's good to hear, they really could use a ride like that. On Tuesday 4/13 we went to Disney Springs, it was a little strange being on Disney property and not going to one of their parks but still fun to walk around the area. The LEGO Store got some new displays outside (or at least new since I was last there). I hadn't been to Sea World since 2004 when it was so crowded that you had to get to a show an hour early to get a seat. The temperature was also in the 50s so it was too cold for Journey to Atlantis and on this visit all the rides would be new for m
  7. On Monday I went to Busch Gardens Tampa. My last time at the park was in January 2012 so there had been some new coasters added since then. Last month I bought a Platinum Pass when it was on sale and it looks like there are a lot of great benefits like 6 bring a friend free tickets that you can use anytime. Cobra's Curse had just reopened after a breakdown with no wait. The elevator lift was something different compared to the traditional lift hill and I liked how there was a forwards section, then backwards and finally spinning without the spinning being too much. Mont
  8. It was just announced the coaster is opening on June 10th
  9. After 7 months of no parks and coasters I was looking forward to the beginning of the 2021 amusement park season until I saw the wait times on Hersheypark's app on Friday and Saturday. Friday was bad but Saturday was even worse with Candymonium with a 3 hour posted wait and Fahrenheit and Great Bear with 4 hour posted waits. I knew it wouldn't be walk ons like Easter a few years ago with everyone wanting to get out and start going places again after last year. My sister also went with me to the park. The parking lot wasn't too crowded on Sunday but lines were still bad with some cl
  10. That sounds like it will be a really fun event and only $4.99 for passholders and members is a great deal if they expect visitors to have the chance to ride all 12 coasters in that amount of time.
  11. Great report and pictures. The park looks really clean and bright.
  12. https://fun-spot.com/sky-hawk/?fbclid=IwAR2Ub-_SAXO8NYnELckz1mSZ_2eERsYResSncoYBu3PHWOLdJP_hD4OWni0
  13. Yeah it is extremely crowded when they are there. I still remember around 10 years ago I was there on one of those days and I left after getting 2 rides in because even the minor rides/coasters were 45+ minute waits.
  14. Looks like it was an interesting place. I never had the chance to go there and seeing the video, I would have liked to have visited.
  15. There were rumors of a Gravity Group shuttle coaster. I know it would be a good fit for the park with nothing like it in the area but I hope their next coaster is something else because I really can’t handle coasters that go backwards with inversions anymore. Also because I would like to see something greater after so long without a new coaster.
  16. Dorney released their 2021 operating calendar and all I can say is I'm glad Great Adventure and Hersheypark aren't run like Cedar Fair. https://www.dorneypark.com/explore/calendar-and-hours They are closed every Tuesday, they aren't even open during the week except Memorial Day until the middle of June and even that is only Wednesday - Sunday and almost every day of the season is a 7 pm close with the waterpark never open past 6 pm.
  17. I think my first visit to the park was around that time. Looking back on it, I can now realize how annoying it must have been to hear that noise all day.
  18. I didn't know the ride operator could control if the buzzers worked or not. It was fun to press the horn button.
  19. Darien Lake and other NY parks can reopen in April with 33% capacity https://dailyvoice.com/new-york/greenburgh/news/covid-19-new-york-amusement-parks-family-centers-given-green-light-to-reopen/803444/
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