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  1. These are great! I did eventually figure them all out, but there were a few that took me quite a while. I would imagine that it was probably meant to be one of the easier ones on here, but for whatever reason, #7 was my second-to-last identification. Sometimes it's the simple things that stump you!
  2. I have to agree with a lot of the consensus here - for whatever reason, I really prefer a one-time annual fee as opposed to monthly payments. I've indicated on numerous surveys that I'd get a membership with no hesitation if that option was available. Incidentally, I scrolled down on the page and found that annual memberships were indeed being offered... At more than double the cost of what you'd pay for the monthly!! What a shame. I find all the membership price points to be more than fair and would happily pay for them if there was an appropriately reflective bulk payment option. I also felt that a more premium season pass would be a nice compromise, but sadly, it seems the passes as a whole are going the way of the dodo. I wasn't prompted for any of the usual add-ons during checkout when buying my passes this time around (dining plans, shopping, etc).
  3. As a teenager I rarely made it to the park right in time for opening, but when I did, I'd sprint from the fountain as if my life depended on it. Those first 30 minutes or so of operations provided so much opportunity for those precious extra rides. I've always admired that they let guests through the ticketing gates early to line up along Main Street and really maximize their park time. On that note, look at all the happiness and determination on the faces of the runners in that picture. Everybody's route was planned out well before they started moving. What a great shot!
  4. ^ I always enjoy seeing new train models and nanocoasters pop up in the stores - the park has been making some really steady progress with additions to their lineup. If they keep this pace up, it'll only be a matter of time before some poor designer has to figure out a way to model a "train" from the Joker...
  5. I was very disappointed to see that the city did not consider the Paidia Company, Inc. proposal (this group seeks to construct a reimagined Jazzland where SFNO resides). Maybe I'm a tad biased as a theme park enthusiast, but I believe TPC-NOLA has just as good a plan, if not better, than any of the finalists selected. If nothing else, they would certainly be able to utilize much more of the infrastructure that's already in place. The good news is they did submit a protest and have a solid amount of backing from local community members, so there's still a chance (however slim) that another park could occupy the space.
  6. Love the new format for this bittersweet spotlight. I'm looking forward to the many wonderful memories that will come to mind as we proceed through the month and the graveyard becomes ever more comprehensive. Excellent work as always!
  7. ^ They must have some huge construction plans for the upcoming year with season pass prices like these! My goodness!
  8. Love the ending line in that last paragraph Somehow, this tower never seems to show its age at all. Maybe it's just the maintenance of the surrounding scenery and my mind playing tricks, but it looks as bright and colorful as ever each time I visit the park.
  9. I'd be excited to see any or all of these concepts in action. It's amazing how even the smallest tweaks to existing ride infrastructures can make things feel really different and innovative! The stadium style seating on that Giga Splash is a nice touch. I wonder what effect that would have on how wet riders get, particularly with respect to standing water inside the ride vehicle?
  10. This is so cool! Everything about its crafting is so meticulous. As cool as digitized models are, I definitely agree that nothing beats physical ones like these.
  11. Happy birthday scott, hope you had a great one!
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