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  1. First post in a while. I visited the park today since May when I quit my job in Retail. I haven't seen the park evolve throughout the season, I haven't experienced any new attractions, I was just out of the loop. Seeing the Parachutes today up close made me think- Six Flags is Corporate Sponsors with Starburst, correct? Tell me the colors don't replicate Starburst colors. I can only hope the park doesn't decide to theme this attraction after candy. However, I can't be too optimistic, I saw what they've done with Scream Machine. Let's just say I'm not happy with Got2b Glued- the Ride.
  2. Apparently, Kingda Ka is now re-opened.
  3. Harry, while I think your idea is spectacular, I think it would be a bit awkward for the park to do that. Only because as you probably know, the Awakening begins right next to the stunt arena. So they would have to make a 180 and go right back where they started to put the show on. I think that out of all the locations in the park to have DMP, the Stunt Arena is the best, however, I can also picture it taking place in Norther Star if the Big Wheel stage ever was out of commission.
  4. Harry, I can't see them either.
  5. Winner! Go ahead and post a new one!
  6. ^Lmao! We were watching that yesterday on Online, and I posted my reply to Mr. Kane over there, and I'll say it again, you gotta love Mr. Kane! "It's gonna be Medusa on steroids." <33
  7. Wow it's really free, huh? I suspected that in the early off-season, but never thought it would become a reality. As others stated, this could become a major problem, so enjoy your free internet while it lasts!
  8. How expensive is the internet access in the Cyber Cafe? I was hoping they wouldn't charge more than $5 per 10 minutes or something along those lines.
  9. Well... I'm totally diggin' the Bizarro merch. It's really nice.
  10. Thanks! Yeah Griffon was totally amazing. Definitely made the entire trip worth it. Thanks for reading!
  11. ^We saw that thing coming down I-95 and my friend Rob shouted out "We're going to Magic Kingdom!" I had to grab my camera, lol. Thanks for reading!
  12. Kingda Ka El Toro Rolling Thunder Medusa Runaway Train Skull Mountain Nitro Batman Road Runner Railway Blackbeard (Intermission through the evening) The Dark Knight Scream Machine Superman The last three I usually always ride at night, and depending on what side of the park I'm in after my intermission, I either ride TDK or SUF last. It usually works out great. Only thing I usually wait for in the summer is Nitro. But it's oh so worth the wait.
  13. We're going to Italy now. So beautiful. Getting tired of my captions? You should be. I think I'll keep myself entertained throughout the next few pictures. I'll make the captions a word starting with A and going to Z alphabetically. Apollo. Big Bad Wold. Curse of DarKastle. Dog. (well, not really) Eagle. Funky. Griffon. Heading up. Immelman. Joyous? Killer! Lochness Monster. Motionless. Nobody here! On top of the loops. Pineapples. Queer. Racing. Splash. Themeing. Unbelievable. Virginia. Water ride. Xylophone. Yelling. BECAUSE THERE'S A TRAIN HEADING FOR ME AHHHH! Zero-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Video Thanks for reading guys!
  14. Pictures: We saw a castle on the way there. And then we made it. Yay! This was very nicely decorated, lol. Diggin' the waterfall at the entrance. Yes, this is the place. Rob's making sure of it. Creepily... Check my bags? Sure! Already blown away at the scenery at this park. I mean look at that! Twas England we bagan our expedition in. You tell 'em Rob. What's that I see up in the distance? It's the Forest of Fun! It's the Lochness Mon... er... yeah. We're at the wrong stop. Let's walk this way. First the boat climbs up there. Then the boat comes out of there. Then SKLOOSH! Out comes the riders.
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