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  1. First post in a while. I visited the park today since May when I quit my job in Retail. I haven't seen the park evolve throughout the season, I haven't experienced any new attractions, I was just out of the loop. Seeing the Parachutes today up close made me think- Six Flags is Corporate Sponsors with Starburst, correct? Tell me the colors don't replicate Starburst colors. I can only hope the park doesn't decide to theme this attraction after candy. However, I can't be too optimistic, I saw what they've done with Scream Machine. Let's just say I'm not happy with Got2b Glued- the Ride.
  2. Apparently, Kingda Ka is now re-opened.
  3. Harry, while I think your idea is spectacular, I think it would be a bit awkward for the park to do that. Only because as you probably know, the Awakening begins right next to the stunt arena. So they would have to make a 180 and go right back where they started to put the show on. I think that out of all the locations in the park to have DMP, the Stunt Arena is the best, however, I can also picture it taking place in Norther Star if the Big Wheel stage ever was out of commission.
  4. Harry, I can't see them either.
  5. Winner! Go ahead and post a new one!
  6. ^Lmao! We were watching that yesterday on Online, and I posted my reply to Mr. Kane over there, and I'll say it again, you gotta love Mr. Kane! "It's gonna be Medusa on steroids." <33
  7. Wow it's really free, huh? I suspected that in the early off-season, but never thought it would become a reality. As others stated, this could become a major problem, so enjoy your free internet while it lasts!
  8. How expensive is the internet access in the Cyber Cafe? I was hoping they wouldn't charge more than $5 per 10 minutes or something along those lines.
  9. Well... I'm totally diggin' the Bizarro merch. It's really nice.
  10. Thanks! Yeah Griffon was totally amazing. Definitely made the entire trip worth it. Thanks for reading!
  11. ^We saw that thing coming down I-95 and my friend Rob shouted out "We're going to Magic Kingdom!" I had to grab my camera, lol. Thanks for reading!
  12. Kingda Ka El Toro Rolling Thunder Medusa Runaway Train Skull Mountain Nitro Batman Road Runner Railway Blackbeard (Intermission through the evening) The Dark Knight Scream Machine Superman The last three I usually always ride at night, and depending on what side of the park I'm in after my intermission, I either ride TDK or SUF last. It usually works out great. Only thing I usually wait for in the summer is Nitro. But it's oh so worth the wait.
  13. We're going to Italy now. So beautiful. Getting tired of my captions? You should be. I think I'll keep myself entertained throughout the next few pictures. I'll make the captions a word starting with A and going to Z alphabetically. Apollo. Big Bad Wold. Curse of DarKastle. Dog. (well, not really) Eagle. Funky. Griffon. Heading up. Immelman. Joyous? Killer! Lochness Monster. Motionless. Nobody here! On top of the loops. Pineapples. Queer. Racing. Splash. Themeing. Unbelievable. Virginia. Water ride. Xylophone. Yelling. BECAUSE THERE'S A TRAIN HEADING FOR ME AHHHH! Zero-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Video Thanks for reading guys!
  14. Pictures: We saw a castle on the way there. And then we made it. Yay! This was very nicely decorated, lol. Diggin' the waterfall at the entrance. Yes, this is the place. Rob's making sure of it. Creepily... Check my bags? Sure! Already blown away at the scenery at this park. I mean look at that! Twas England we bagan our expedition in. You tell 'em Rob. What's that I see up in the distance? It's the Forest of Fun! It's the Lochness Mon... er... yeah. We're at the wrong stop. Let's walk this way. First the boat climbs up there. Then the boat comes out of there. Then SKLOOSH! Out comes the riders.
  15. People: Me Rob Michael (mikeymaveric) Quote of the Day: "Do you know my dad?" "OOOOOHHHHHHH!" Synopsis: After an extremely long amount of time planning for this day, it finally happened. After a video posted to YouTube asking the viewers to literally pick our adventure for us, we successfully had our day plan confirmed. We were going to Busch Gardens Europe! We went to sleep early, woke up at 3am, packed our cooler, and ventured off to Williamsburg. It was raining the entire way there, which had us very nervous. But after a few stops at some rest stops along I-95, a pack of Oreos, and 6 burned CD's, we finally arrived right on schedule at 9:30am. We parked in France, right in front of the Handicapped spots, which was nice for us and our tired legs. We paid, walked in, and waited for the ropes to drop at 10am. We waited in anticipation, and finally, the rope dropped. We quickly walked through Ireland and up into France to be greeted with a completely empty Griffon station. I hopped right on, front row, far right side. We voyaged out, and let me tell you. This ride alone was worth the trip down to Virginia. Vertical drop on a floorless train at the far end is an experience like nothing you've ever felt. Throughout the entire ride I felt like I was floating in the air, and the awesome airtime that the ride delivers helped to make this ride truly top five material. We re-rode twice, first in the back, and next in the middle. Each time being the far left seat (which was a lot better than the far right for some reason). So after our mighty rides on Griffon, we took a stroll down to the bridge by Germany only to find it was closed until 11am. Drats. We backtracked all the way up through France, through Ireland, through England, and into Scotland where we took our first ride on Lochness Monster. I rode in the middle of the train with Rob, while Mike took the back. These cars are TINY! I couldn't move my arms. But despite the fact I felt like a sardine, the ride was awesome! I loved it. This is the way an Arrow coaster should feel. Minimal pain, and total exhilaration. We came back around and decided to ride once again. Rob and I wanted to ride in the front, so we waited only 3 trains while Mike was able to get 2 rides in. As soon as we dispatched, it began raining. Big rain drops. It hurt a lot, and the ride was less enjoyable, in my opinion. The loops were painful in the front end of the train as well. I liked the middle a lot better. After Lochness Monster, we voyaged down the bridge to Oktoberfest, hoping to grab a ride on the Big Bad Wolf. Unfortunately, they were finishing up some maintenance work on the trains, and it would be opening in an hour. So we went over to Alpengeist for a rainy back row ride. Woah. This ride has a serious whip to it. It was enjoyable in the back, but very disorienting due to the rain and the wind. I liked it, but Rob and Mike didn't care for it too much. At this point, we were feeling a little under the weather, so we decided a ride on Apollo's Chariot would make us feel a bit better. So we walked all the way to Italy, and up to Apollo. Again, it was a walk on, like everything else so far, so we picked the 7th row. The ride dispatched, and we began our climb. I was excited for this ride. This looked like it was going to be better than Griffon. I was pumped. Sparing the details, I'll just blatantly say it, the ride was pretty boring. I didn't care for it too much. I was shocked. I liked and Arrow more than a B&M! Unfortunately for me, Rob was feeling very under the weather due to hunger, so I couldn't ride again to see if maybe it was just my spot on the train that made it boring. So we began to head out, stopping into the Forest of Fun on the way. We enjoyed the bright and colorful land as we walked up to Grover's Alpine Express. The queue was wonderfully themed, and the station was fun and inviting. We boarded after a 1 train wait, and enjoyed this pint sized coaster. It was very smooth, and very quickly paced. I liked it. We took a stroll out to the car to notice that the France lot hadn't filled up much more than when we first arrived, which was making us nervous that the park might close early. But we were starving at this point, and needed to eat. So we took a quick trip up to the McDonald's on Route 60. Two McDouble's, a McChicken, a small fries and a refillable drink for only $5 and change. Definitely worth the time out of the park for that kind of savings. After a half hour there, we went back to the park where I decided I was going to use the next 2-3 hours for filming. So I picked up my camera, my tripod, and all other necessities, and I walked back into the park where I took a full cycle around stopping in every land to take pictures and video clips. During the process, however, Big Bad Wolf had re-opened, and I didn't want to wait to ride it. I trusted the friendly atmosphere of the park enough to leave my expensive equipment on the side of the station as I took a ride on my first Arrow Suspended coaster. I was in the second car, first row. I was very nervous for that 90° turn into the river. The train dispatched, began to make strange noises climbing the lift, and finally dropped. Wow! The swinging of this ride made the experience so much fun! And the themeing inside the first half of the ride made it even better! This was the surprise ride of the day. I didn't expect it to be that good. But I was only halfway done. I still had the giant drop left to go. I was nervous. For the first time ever I was actually scared on a coaster. The train finished its climb. It took a creeping crawl to the left, and we dropped. I screamed. The cars reached the bottom of the drop, and swung out beyond 90°. I laughed! It was awesome! We finished our swinging and entered the final break run, the whole time laughing and having a blast. It was an awesome ride. So after I finished all of my filming, we went out to the car to put our stuff away where we noticed the kids in the car parked next to us were hotboxing the crap out of their car! I've never smelt so much weed at one time, lol. That was sort of the comic relief of the rainy day. We came back into the park, and started to finish up our rides for the day. We took one more ride on Nessie, two more on Alpengeist (which were amazing, one in the middle and one in the front), and one more on Big Bad Wolf (front row). After our coasters, we decided to take a spin on Curse of DarKastle. Oh my God. What a wonderful ride. This is by far the greatest 3-D anything I have ever experienced, and the best dark ride I've ever ridden. I couldn't even believe how good it was. But anyway. We planned on finishing off the day with another two rides on Apollo and another two on Griffon, but Rob got very sick and decided he was done for the day. I felt too bad riding without him, so we decided to leave. All in all, the day was amazing, and not getting to re-ride all of the rides I already rode was just fine by me. We took off, stopped at Chick-Fil-A in Maryland, and arrived home at about 1:00am. It was such a great day. Ride Count:(personal) Griffon: 3x Lochness Monster: 3x Alpengeist: 3x Big Bad Wolf: 2x Apollo's Chariot: 1x Grover's Alpine Express: 1x Curse of DarKastle: 1x Skyride (each side): 1x Day Rating: 9/10. If the weather was nicer and the crowds were as minimal as they were, it would've been a solid day.
  16. ^Nope! And yes, it is still in the park!
  17. Ok I've got a new one: Good luck!
  18. The description on the map reads "Interactive Laboratory". Should be really fun!
  19. Can someone tell me what the Xploratorium is? I've never heard about it until now.
  20. http://www.lexcorpinternational.com/automatons/ Cracked it.
  21. http://jimmystruth2power.com/ New update. I'm gonna start it now.
  22. Well if the pattern of an update every week continues, today should be our day for another update.
  23. I'm gonna guess and say March 26th, 2006.
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