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    Love amusement parks, especially Great Adventure. Don't go enough though. Need to change that. Also love pop-dance music, reading, comedies, etc. Love to here from others.<br />Ben

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  1. Like some of the people here, I have mixed emotions about this news. Rolling Thunder was a great coaster for kids but as my kids got older they couldn't fit in the seats. As for me the ride was way to rough and became painful to me. So I'm sorry to see it go but it was just not enjoyable anymore. Perhaps in the near future they can add another woodie that sit in the Batman Arena area. Now as for the drop tower, hell yeah i'm excited for it. I miss Freefall so this fits the bill nicely.
  2. My gawd that was cheeesy! But as a child I would have ran down the turnpike to get there for my greatest adventure.
  3. That was fun to see. Except the 1977 Brochure's cover is just plain creepy to me. The reindeer-rainbow wearing "funky" disco clown's dead eyes and gaped mouth. The jug headed, ice cream drooling kid who seems oblivious to the stains he's creating on his cotton blend shirt. I know they're artist renderings of actual photos in the 'chure, but wow how did they think that was a good idea?! Ben
  4. Yes bring it back! I missed it the first time around. The weather isn't so severe where they couldn't.
  5. A Marachi Band and a sitdown Mexican restraunt would be wonderful idea. That would bring in better signage for that area.
  6. Well I suppose it will get turned into a merchandise shop featuring SkyScreamer items. Are they gonna keep that name BTW?
  7. I think they should sub-title our Green Lantern "Emerald Rage". That just sounds cool. Alas it proably get "First Flight" to compliment "Ultimate Flight" for our Superman.
  8. Well I just posted about the Congo Rapids dilemma so I won't rehash it here. I would like assigned seating just for because we get that herd mentality and we need guidance. It would suck for some us who have a preference for a particular section or seat but I believe we our outnumbered. I can sacrifice that if it means not getting stuck behind some summer-sun ripened guests clogging up the ride station enterance. Happy GA-dventuring!
  9. I was at the park this past weekend and it seems everytime I ride Congo Rapids there is always confusion about the queue line. Where it splits into two there is no sign saying the right side IS a 2nd sign. People just don't figure it out and us people in the know who are way behind start yelling about looking like themepark lunatics! Sometimes I just give up and wait till I get to that point where it splits and I skip merrily down the right sided queue line. So on my holiday wish list for GA I am starting early and wishing they add a sign (or a clearer one) telling guests they can go to the right! Happy GA-venturing, Ben
  10. That was very genius...too bad the ride wasn't as much. Yet I still ride it everytime I go.
  11. Hedgegoat

    GA General

    General Pics from a fun day at Great Adventure.
  12. Welcome all new comers. This is a great site to reminisce about GA memories and GA memories yet to be made. Enjoy! Ben
  13. Is it me or does the rendering remind you of a some 50's inspirational atomic family poster? "Up with prosperity.....and Condor!" Hope those balloons don't get tangled!
  14. I hated that they just left it empty when they removed the Starship. Now the entrance is hidden behind bushes and fences just looking sad.
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