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  1. I thought the "M" and the "S" beside each menu item made it a lot easier to determine the difference between a snack and meal. If you are talking about Best Of The West, it opened at 11:30, I watched them unlock the doors. El Toro may have opened a couple minutes late, but I was on it by 10:40.
  2. We already have a ride in Chaos old spot; Deja vu.
  3. Maybe its just a mistake, but I noticed all of the rides in Bugs Bunny's National Park have been removed from the website. Edit: All the rides are back on the site.
  4. This year I only went to one concert at the park. In the past they used to have so many good shows, it was hard to decide which ones to see. With the concerts that they had the past couple years, it seems they are trying to attract a different crowd than they used to.
  5. The Flash Pass at Hurricane Harbor is even more of a mess than it is at the park.
  6. Knotts Berry Farm has one too. They even have a separate museum for their Haunt with old advertisements and decorations.
  7. Yes, Green Lantern, Superman, Nitro, & The Skyway were closed all day. Sky Screamer closed about an hour after the park opened. The wind was not as bad as it seemed and the crowds was low which made a very good day at the park. Saturday on the other hand was miserable crowd wise.
  8. According to the map it looks like Jungleland Express might be returning as a photo opportunity.
  9. ^ but the preshow is not the ride, you are not going to hurt anyone if you drop your phone while standing in line. That employee must have been very confused.
  10. The Jeremy Camp concert was moved to July 2.
  11. I was at Dorney Saturday and Sunday. I was very surprised to see the water rides running. Thunder Canyon even had its waterfalls on, on Saturday. I also hate Dorney's no re ride policy. The whole train could be empty but you have to walk around.
  12. I like the retro style shirts. It would be cool if they expand their retro merchandise line. Busch Gardens and Kings Island sell shirts of some of their removed coasters.
  13. I was there a couple weeks ago and it was really weird seeing people taking large backpacks and other items in the queue lines of the roller coasters. They did not have enough staff to man the entrance of the rides, so riders were aloud to sit things in the station without a problem.
  14. As of last year, Magic Mountain still had Batman and Green Lantern.
  15. Its sad to see the Chiller station gone. I was really hoping they would reuse the building for another ride. I also noticed from the pictures that they tore down the old Chiller Coke Stand.
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