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  1. Either way it's a smart strategy,especially with two HUGE e-ticket attractions one year after another. Oh and a VERY reliable source has given a little bit of information about Harry Potter Phase II,I've put it in spoilers in case you want to be surprised by the announcement that is to come.
  2. Yeah they were doing that when I was going back to Portofino from HHN this year,I don't remember them doing that in the past at all.The new management is all about the profits so don't expect much to be done about the drunks except possibly hiring more event staff next year.
  3. I've never seen anyone who was drunk get out of hand at the park during the years I've been going.Granted a few have been slightly annoying at most,but when something does happen because someone was drunk like hit an actor or smash props,etc. that's when you hear about it.99% of the people that go to the park don't cause problems.
  4. There is a long list of reasons why they are putting in Transformers. 1.Give guests reason to come back next season instead of holding out on Potter Phase II to open,the year after. 2.Transformers has been a HUGE success at the Hollywood park. 3..Dispersing crowds once Phase II opens. 4.Spiderman is one of the most popular attractions at IOA,Transformers using similar technology will be a sure hit for the Universal side of the resort. 5.Gives people more reason to stay the day instead of doing Harry Potter and leaving. For the second announcement I'm saying it's going to be the Springfield project.
  5. That's not just at HHN,that's anywhere.Great Adventure's crowd I would say is an even worse group of people.
  6. Alcohol is not going away,the revenue made in the first hour of the event in alcohol alone is an insane number.HHN might be back at IOA next year just for room for an 8th house and to be able to increase capacity and sell more tickets of course.
  7. I've only been going since 2007 so I don't know what a less crowded HHN is haha.This year was by far the busiest out of any of the years I went.At least they are learning as the event goes on,the standards are going way up after this year,believe me.
  8. Oh I stand corrected.I have never been at Islands at night so don't know how they work staffing wise on the night shift.
  9. You don't have to force your way in,the attendant at the merging point will stop the normal line for you to go.After that you have a choice to go left into the front row line or right for the line for rows 2 and on. This year has be insane line wise,when I went it wasn't horrible in the last week of September but a lot of reports have been saying waits are averaging 2 hours and The Walking Dead house usually being at 2 1/2 hours.Insane. Edit:Universal just announced the park is closed to anyone without tickets previously bought,they are sold to capacity for the first time since before 2006...
  10. Got ya.I don't really see Avatar or Fantasy Land expansion being a huge competitor to Potter with the following it has even after the series has ended.I'm really stoked on an announcement for Phase II to see any concept artwork they release,these new rides are supposed to be even more cutting edge than Forbidden Journey.Disney really has it's work cut out for them with what Comcast is doing for the Resort.
  11. Was the Fantasyland castle and expansion supposed to be a quick answer to the Harry Potter addition and to somewhat replicate the appearance of Hogwarts or is Avatar still supposed to be Harry Potter competition?
  12. This country is WAY to sue happy.I don't see why everyone thinks they are entitled to money in any case. Scrapes,cuts and bruises would require no hospital visit,so obviously there is nothing lost for the dad in terms of medical bills,his mind is solely on making money from a big corporation.
  13. Most of the props that are going to be used for scarezones will be rolled out by the tech team between the time the park closes and the gates re-open for HHN open at 6.Most houses have been done for a while now,I believe the Universal Monster house is the only house still having work done to it.
  14. I'll be there last weekend in September..From what I have heard this year will be quite different compared to how the event has been done in past years.Should make for an interesting but still very good event! I've been going since 2007,never dissapoints.
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