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  1. New ride reports and speculation are always fun!
  2. Thanks! I liked the yellow pastels used in the past. I agree the pinks and reds were out of place. Is anyone left in the sign shop, from its glory days?
  3. "Main Street" looks so drab. Fresh paint is always welcome, but couldn't they choose a better color scheme? Grey just looks awful on any day. Superhero Snacks looks awful. Like a NYC construction site plastered with bills. Sad because its a nice structure. Six Flags continues deferring maintenance on "The Big Wheel". There's no excuse to see it in that state. Ceder Point has an identical model (only 2 of this kind were made), and its meticulously kept. In fact, Cedar Fair moved it closer to the lake, and upgraded to a stunning LED Light Package. I love Schwarzkopf Flat
  4. Hershey Park gets it. Well maintained and beautifully cared for. Candymonium looks like a winner!
  5. Screamscape has recent flyover footage from SFDK. Harley Quinn's Crazy Train still stands. Maybe its SBNO this year? I have no idea why Six Flags bothered with this addition. Superman right next door is a better ride, with a similar experience. (Been a long time since I've logged in here. Don't know why, because I kept following GAH without pause).
  6. No matter who manages Great Adventure, the issues remain the same. Call it the "Big Wheel" lights syndrome. No matter how many times management promises to replace or upgrade the lights on the "Big Wheel", so many sections remain in a literal dark state or disrepair. I'm not qualified to rate the Fitzgerald Era, as I haven't been to Great Adventure since 2008. His reviews are mixed from what I gather here. Only Harry can speculate with any degree of credibility, how much latitude corporate gave him in terms of future planning and day to day staffing. Out of all the Six Flags Managers I've
  7. I remember that "Rolling Thunder" signage animation as a kid. It was one of the things I missed when they let it fall into disrepair.
  8. That video fails to load for me. Suggestions?
  9. Without any doubt, Cedar Fair could not have mismanaged this property any worse than it tried. From closing down the "Sea World" side of the park, to building Wildwater Kingdom on the wrong side of the lake (never mind "Hurricane Harbor" was already pretty new); Cedar Fair's mistakes seem almost orchestrated. Had Premier not been forced to sell SFWoA (or lose control of Six Flags in general), I wonder where the Aurora park would be today? Perhaps it would have overtaken Kings Island in terms of economic value. If I recall at the time, Busch decided to sell the park when their desires to bu
  10. Is "El Diablo" generally a walk-on? I do miss my visits to Great Adventure. Can't believe my last trip was in 2008.
  11. As cool as that urban legend may sound, I would imagine Kingda Ka was planned before the sale of Six Flags Ohio to Cedar Fair. Unless you mean it was a 'middle finger' to Cedar Point. Then I could agree. Burke seemed like that type to flout his accomplishments. In reality, he should have. Despite lousy ride ops, Premier was my favorite SF Era.
  12. I don't think there was a sinister plot aimed at Geauga Lake by Kinzel per say. It boils down to the acquisition of the Paramount Parks by Cedar Fair. When Cedar Fair took on the debt from acquiring the Paramount Parks, decisions regarding Ohio had to be made. Cedar Fair could continue pumping money into the Aurora Park, or invest at the much more promising (and newly acquired) Kings Island. I'm not sure what the profitability and attendance ledgers were between the two Ohio Parks, but I would imagine Kings Island required the least amount of new CapEx and drew better crowds. Operating 3 p
  13. "Demon Drop" isn't listed either. More than likely, it's an oversight. Perhaps park management wishes they could forget them.
  14. I agree with you on this. So many areas of Great Adventure are simply dark. Not just by the lakefront either. The bathrooms across from the Skyway sleds in particular are bad at night. Thank God nobody has been seriously hurt in the park recently. Great Adventure needs so many things, but nobody ever seems ready to say, "Here's an idea, instead of blowing our wad on a $20 million dollar coaster, let's finally spend the money and overhaul the guest experience". Premier Parks came the closest, but went bankrupt before seeing their plan through. You don't need a billion dollars to build a
  15. Dan, I remember when "The Flying Wave", "The Big Wheel", "Round Up", Enterprise II, "Buccaneer", "Calypso", Merry Go Round, "Monster Spin" and "Gingerbread Fancy" all lit up Dream Street. When I was last at Great Adventure in 2008, it was either blackout conditions or awful street / xenon lighting. Long Island's Adventureland is a more pleasing sight at night than Great Adventure. Looking at Harry's pics makes me wish I had seen Great Adventure in its early days.
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