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  1. On the positive side, our thrill ride count is getting a lot better. We now have two inverting flats (Twister and Dragon) not to mention Skyscreamer, Zumanjaro, and Slingshot. A S&S Screamin Swing and Giant Frisbee and we would be set! Also, I appreciate how the park is filling out sections of the park now. Golden Kingdom hasn't seen an addition in years and in two years it is now a "well rounded" section of the park with a coaster, a high thrill ride, a moderate thrill ride, and a kids area. As much as I wish we were getting the S&S 4D or Twisted Collosus (how crazy does that thing look!) we aren't and we'll have to wait our turn.
  2. I understand the park needs flats but seriously?! What's going through corporates head at this point? There's a Ring Of Fire an hour down the highway at tiny Clementon Park. To make it even worse, it's rumored that 2 or 3 other SF parks are getting the exact same ride. At least give us some originality. And looping dragon?! Who's naming these rides. At this point I'm praying for SF bankruptcy and Cedar Fair to buy Gadv. I'll take no re rides and closed attractions in the rain if it means more unique additions and better operations. Seriously disappointed.
  3. It's odd that some people still think we're getting a coaster. Based on these clues my guess is a flat and/or new merchandise shop.
  4. Wicked Twister is one of my favorite rides at CP. I'd love an Impulse at our park!
  5. ^Its honestly the best experience on a coaster ever. It literally feels like you're in a cloud.i remember there being no sound at all. Zumanjaro would be even better in heavy fog.
  6. If the steel is thicker than the wood of the rails than it should be considered a steel coaster. As for Goliath, the rails are primarily steel with a thin layer of wood underneath which makes it a steel coaster in my book.
  7. I think it's time to organize the parking lot better before someone dies.
  8. I haven't had a bad ride on Nitro at all this season and most of my rides were toward the back. As for Bizarro, I agree with it being one of the better rides in the park especially in the front. I too don't understand why it isn't a more popular coaster not just in the park but in the coaster community. I've had some amazing rides in every seat. I'd rank it as the 3rd best coaster in the park followed closely by Ka.
  9. This rumor makes sense...kinda. Back when I worked at the park in 2009 there was a strong rumor that both the Grandstand and Fort Independence were slated for removal. Years went by and there were no signs of construction. Excluding the underground tunnel (which would be insane if they found a way to do it) I do believe some sort of roller coaster is coming to that area of the park. Earlier in this thread another employee heard the same rumor as me but also says management wants a large coaster as soon as you enter the park. Fort Independence is directly past the entrance fountain.
  10. Today was a horrible day for ride operations. Almost every outdoor coaster was closed due to cold temps until about 12:30. There were mounds of snow around some parts of the park and even on Nitro and El Toro's track. Slowly rides started to open one by one except for El Toro. Apparently the the temps caused the track to freeze. At least thats what the employee out front says. The weather wasnt enough to scare away crowds however. Early in the day there were 30-45 min waits for Nitro, Batman, and Green Lantern. Freezing Day indeed.
  11. I hope there is theming along the path to the tower. From El Toro you can see the direction the path will take and it will definitely be quite a walk. Side Note: The empty pad next to El Toro's twister section would be nice for a large flat ride. Plaza Del Carnaval could use another ride. I'd like to see a giant frisbee or screaming swing there but realistically an aqua twist would be perfect.
  12. ^Seriously. It was my first ride of the season yesterday and it feels like riding in a car with the windows down. Such a boring ride and the GP's with me agreed.
  13. I really hope the park is planning an observation area. I witnessed so many people yesterday pointing at Zumanjaro and freaking out when they found out it was a drop ride. It's definetely going to draw a nice sized crowd.
  14. Not even kidding, I'd probably ride Skull Mountain before Green Lantern. Intamin makes a better ride hands down.
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