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  1. While i have not been to park since 2010, and have no plan to go back at all, I still have friends who work their and or go to the park and Before Railer (Rich Petrillo)says something about me criticizing the park and not having visited i would rather spend my money on trips to Dorney, Hershey, Disney and or Cedar Fair Parks. Its seems to me all the park/company care about is nickel and dimming the crap out of their customer while cutting cost and adding crap rides (aka Carnival). Also dont give the BS story that they have focused on infrustrature work or that their fucus this year is on that god awful idea of holiday in the park. the true reason is that Jame Reid Anderson and John Fitzgerald are just money hungry businessmen. Also look at John Fitzgerald past history with running (destroying) parks, 2 out the 3 most recent parks he ran have gone out of business under his watchful eye and that just proves that he is the wrong man for job. We are watching him destroy another park with dumb ideas and increasing prices. As has been stated he is nothing more then a yes man for the CEO.
  2. HA HA Must suck when you get people who actually know park rules and understand them, and then call you out for entering an area of the park that not opened to the public but yet the people on said page are idiots because we beleive in following the rules. While some member of that page post stupid thing, most obey the rules of the park. You just got upset when somebody called you out. Then again on here you post the same crazy crap that those "Idiots" post on that page haha. RR
  3. This park has turned into such a dump, and the more i see i get that this management team is clueless as heck. Mark Kane was such a better park president then this clueless fool Fitzgerald. I have seen constant horrible decisions by Fitzgerald since he took over, between removing Rolling Thunder, Adding a carnival ride (marketing it as a coaster), Closing the golden kingdom, and now removing two show venues. I get that alot of these attractions were older and suffered from years of not being mentained but at the same time the park always choose the cheap way out. An amusement park need to have a good mix of coaster, thrill rides, kiddie rides and shows, but they have removed almost all of their shows and attractions. This why Six Flags inc and SF GADV are quickly falling behind the major player in the industry, i really think the best would be for the park to be sold to another company. I am truly glad that i no longer work at this place.
  4. The sad part is they starting charging while i was still an employee, and the reason they told us they charged was to help increase budget and improve Fright Fest quality. Now they have been charging and they have not improved anything, ya they have added more haunts but not enough to compete in a very crowded industry. While i know they will never be on the same as universal but they are not even close to Cedar Fair parks anymore. Its sad when you are not even the top amusement park haunt in the tri state area. I would rather drive to dorney and enjoy their haunts cause their quality is so much better.
  5. I will tell you this was a really said event, i went to both the veiwing and funeral Mass for paul. Their was a lot of park employees at both of these things, i was very shocked when i first found out about this tragic death on friday night. To make this even more tragic the guy behind the wheel of the was on the suspended list and should not have been driving. Paul was an all around nice guy that touched many people. The park lost an all around great guy and very creative person
  6. they really should get rid of the ghoul master, he is a waste. Also btw he lip syncs the songs not really sings them. now i know a lotof our show cast are like that but they dont try to say they know MJ songs like he does
  7. IF you go to the park before aug. 22, stop in and see The Return of the Wippershnappers. it is the best street entertainment show the park has going. Unfoutanly due to cast member leaving for school the show was pulled prior to labor day.
  8. I could be wrong but i think freaky forest might a new haunted midway. I know demented forest was a terror trail but i do not remember an area called freaky forest on the list last year. Butchers territory is probably come back
  9. MRHS Falcons


    it was done during work crew this past offseason, and it was done by rides who were power washing the line areas.
  10. If you think last night was scary, try the one in begining of july were we lost power. Now that was scary
  11. The line of black thing are the fence from Fright Fest ( the stuff the put around the cemetary). Also if you look closly you can see some of the other props being stored their until next fright fest.
  12. I am happy to see more lockers being put in place, i wish they put them at all the coaster (Rolling Thunder and Mine train). These new lockers will prevent the employees from having to deal with guest stealing stuff from the ride platform, which happened multple times this past season at the rides without lockers. Also they are making Park Services jobs a little eisier with some of the new policies that food has put into effect this comming season
  13. The Sad part is the back area of this restroom is still used by Grounds employees to hide out in, i have caught many employees in their
  14. This job fair was busy but not as busy as the first one at the begining of the month. The first one you could not move inside of, the ones who were working had a really hard time keeping it clean. Also staffing is way up this year which is a good thing.
  15. very nice pictures, Saturday was packed but sunday was extremly dead. Sunday was the better of the two because the ghouls were out in full force
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