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  1. I'm excited i never got to ride the one at great adventure because something about a big loud tower dropping me wasnt that appealing to me when i was younger....
  2. i didnt even ride it once in 2009. its just not worth the wait id rather go brake my neck on GASM, without waiting than waiting in line for a long time to ride that crap ride.
  3. okay thanks i didnt want that to interfere with when i went
  4. thanks. and another question. you know how six flags has the like week or so that considered spring break on their calender when is that?
  5. alright so im already planning my first trip to great adventure for 2010 and how crowded do you think the park would be on a monday or tuesday in april?
  6. thats what im talking about by 2024 that ride will be so messed up it would need major re-tracking or just to be taken out.
  7. yeah but we are talking about 2024... not next season. Im pretty sure by 2024 rolling thunder will be removed its getting pretty old.
  8. i really don't think rolling thunder will be around much longer. i also see something good happening over a skull mountain hopefully.
  9. I think Nitro and El Toro Will Defiantly still be in the park in 15 years. maybe KK but the problems they have with it...once its beaten i dont know how long they will have it there if it breaks again like the last time. I could also see some new water rides in the park not Harbor. probably some quality flats. and i would hope a re-theme to a superhero theme instead of The Western section of the park
  10. i wish i was going this year Of course the year i pick NOT to go to fright fest based on last years turnout...its acutally good.
  11. So now that they said on facebook houdini will be open for fright fest, does that mean we will see it open in the 2010 season?
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