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  1. They're selling Red Hood and the Outlaw mini figures? That's so random! Lol. I didn't even think that comic was popular enough to have action figures. It's also cool to see them advertising the new The Flash show on The Flash Pass signs haha.
  2. ^It's the same thing on Lex. It's just the way Intamin designed it. There is only one winch for the catch cars so they all have to go at once.
  3. There seems to be a bug. A lot of removed ride pages are reappearing.
  4. Lol, make that three. I've heard it was returning as well but after seeing the map I thought I was just told wrong. What rides do they have to install in it? Didn't most of them move to Adventure Seaport?
  5. It sucks that they aren't taking this opportunity to connect the Golden Kingdom to Plaza del Carnival.
  6. It's interesting that Six Flags dropped Ben and Jerry's, which Unilever owns, and not Coldstone last year.
  7. Stride is no longer a corporate partner.
  8. ^The systems have improved greatly since those were installed. That's good. It's made no sense to me that some parks would have it some wouldn't.
  9. ^You don't print them anymore. Only coupons that you can use nationally are posted now. Home park coupons are going to be posted closer to opening.
  10. GAdv is one of the few parks NOT installing biometrics this season.
  11. According to Jay Thomas, it will take all of nine seconds to "process" your pass the new way. You hand your voucher to the attendant, scan your right index finger, and a card is printed directly from the turnstile. I believe that after your initial "processing" the attendant won't have to step in. Much like at Universal and SeaWorld, you scan your season pass/ticket yourself and then get prompted to scan your finger which then unlocks the turnstile.The attendant is just there to scan daily tickets and help with any issues. This all being said, I think there are definitely going to be some growing pains in the first few weeks as the attendants and guests get used to the new system.
  12. I don't know where this B&M 4D prototype is coming from and why people keep posting it but I don't see B&M ever doing it. They're perfectly content with the way their wing coasters are preforming.
  13. ^They're not like the ones at Universal and Busch parks. It seems like they will work better than those. You don't need to print anything out. In fact, I don't think printed coupons would even be accepted. All of the coupons are loaded on your season pass. You can check which coupons you have with an easy to use mobile website on your phone. Bring a friend free tickets are loaded up to the pass and are unlocked on those specific days. This makes it much easier. You don't have to rip anything out and bring it to the ticket booth so you're friend can get a new ticket. You just bring the friend to the gate with you and you're both allowed in.
  14. It's like a tribal pit with a trap in it. Tribes put leaves over a whole in the ground and then there are big spikes that kill whatever they chase into the pit. Will be interesting to see how they do that.
  15. Who cares that it's an African themed ride? It's a freakin' drop tower. How do you think they're going to theme it in the first place?
  16. Yeah employees are told not to say anything regarding why rides are down other than it's closed and they don't know when it will open.
  17. Since they are already expanding Labor Day weekend, do you have any idea if they are going to add Halloween and the first weekend in November like SFNE just did? Or would they have to pushback Grape Adventure to do that?
  18. Think they will use Houdini like they do here at SFNE? Midnight Mansion is SFNE's most popular walkthrough so I can only imagine how popular it would be at Great Adventure.
  19. ^The same thing is happening at SFNE right now. Bonzai Pipelines was supposed to have a season pass preview today but it's closed and still "under construction."
  20. Go here. Everything should transfer automatically. http://content.sixflags.com/news/updateaccount.aspx
  21. It looks great! It was kind of jarring at first but I easily got used to it.
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