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  1. Love that photo you have showing toward the back of the ride and there's nothing behind it. That photo had to have been taken in 1974 before they started to build Fun Fair. I always loved the lights attached to the structure, especially when they lit up at night.
  2. Was talking to a friend of mine the other day who believes he saw Kenny Loggins at GA in 1983? He definitely saw Loggins in NJ that year. Is there any film footage or video from the GA performance available?
  3. Think this is the first time I've seen this spotlight. This was one of my all-time favorite flat rides. Fun to ride late at night, but I was usually at the other end of the park at night. The ride would last about close to two minutes. IF there wasn't a long line, the operator would let you stay on for an extra spin. They don't make rides like this one anymore.
  4. In looking at the first two pictures on this spotlight, it appears as though the mother is putting her hand over her daughter's mouth to possibly not vomit. In the second photo, you can see the different colors of the cars on the Big Wheel.
  5. Loved the Wild Rider, aka Big Fury. By the way, in that picture above of the company truck, did somebody drive the truck in to that tree? I see the front headlight got smashed and there's a ton of fluid of some sort on the pavement.
  6. My second favorite season, just behind 1977. You actually found some Strawberry Fair photos. I knew you guys would find something. The 1975 season was the finishing touch to the park. I loved riding Jet Stream and Coal Cracker. Both great versions, but I think you could put the Hydro Flume in the same conversation.
  7. Completely forgot how big the fountain was in those days. This is a gem of a photo. Did you take it?
  8. I know exactly what you mean, Daved. Couldn't agree more. In 1977, for example, there were so many trees inside GA that you couldn't even see half of the rides. When you went around a bend on a pathway, all of a sudden you saw a ton of rides that you couldn't wait to jump on. Like you, I don't like these fast passes and you go straight to the front of the line. I understand it's all about making a profit anyway possible. That said, it's also about making the guests feel welcomed. It was better when everybody essentially had to wait the same amount of time to get on a ride. I was up by Magic Mountain (I live about 30 minutes away without traffic) the other day and all I could see were roller coasters while driving on the freeway. There's no variety anymore.
  9. When were these photos taken? Log Flume at GA still the best I've ever ridden. Busch Gardens in Tampa at No. 2, followed by the ones at Hershey Park and Magic Mountain.
  10. One of the best seasons in the history of Great Adventure. The park was on a major upswing in those days. Love the photos on here from that season. Hard to believe it was 40 years ago. Question: For those of you who attended the park in 1977 and in 2017, which version do you like better and why?
  11. Great photos!! Really love the shot of the Runaway Train coming in right in front of the Fort.
  12. Interesting theory and one I agree with you on. Here's why. If you look at all of the videos and still photos that you have imported to the site, most of them are from Dream Street and Rootin' Tootin' Rip Roarin'. (Best of the West). Even the parking lot. There were so many great rides tucked away in Fun Fair. If I went back there today, I could remember exactly where all of those once-great rides once stood.
  13. Are there any pictures out there from when they first began construction on the Little Wheel?
  14. You picked a great coaster for No. 200. It was my first real roller coaster I rode, way back in the summer of 1975. Rode it again in 1978 and 1980. When my family came here over 100 years ago from Europe, they settled in Brooklyn and would always go to Coney Island right up through the 1950s. They always had wonderful stories to tell about riding the Cyclone, Wonder Wheel, Parachute and the Steeplechase horses. Here's to you riding another 200 coasters in the future.
  15. Wagner Drink Bar. The memories. That's where they sold the grape, orange, etc., drinks. Glad you found a picture of it. Very impressed.
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