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  1. You're not wrong at all, I think people will feel that way. That will be very interesting when the time comes since the whole point of the attraction was to represent children of the world and bringing people together to accept our differences. That's a very positive message. I would have a hard time imagining how that message would survive in the attraction, or if it would at all, if we have to change the way we represent different cultures. What would that new way look like? Would it still make for an attraction that children can understand? I would be interested in seeing what Imagineers would come up with if it was deemed necessary, but at face value I'm not sure I think it's a good idea. But I could be wrong and invite opposing opinions.
  2. This is a difficult topic for forums since it's inherently political. I'll just say I am also unhappy about the decision. Seems like Tokyo Disneyland will remain unchanged, at least for now.
  3. Very exciting. The ticket booths must be in some rough shape by this point, they'll have to do some cleaning. That whole Exploration Station area has fallen into disrepair and been reclaimed by nature as it's been used to store and maintain the trucks.
  4. This is the first time I read a trip report and said "Okay, now I feel old." lol
  5. Very interesting, I wonder if there were multiple points to enter/exit at one point in time. Underneath the station back where the door is in that photo, there is an area about 15 feet back that looks like it may have been an alternate pathway into the fort at one point in time, but it has since been covered up. Kind of like the walkways that are above the station, but with boarding covering it from the outside. Is it possible that is was once open to guests, or maybe was considered as an entrance but closed off before opening? If it was ever used as an entrance or exit, it would have lead to the garden area underneath the Mine Train, adjacent to the current exit stairway.
  6. Any guesses for who the next narrator could be? A long shot but I'm hoping for Benedict Cumberbatch... Julie Andrews would be a natural pick, of course.
  7. SFGA was always short on staff when I worked there and the outbreak wont' change that - they will still need people and give you plenty of hours if you need them. Good luck and have fun!
  8. Even when I visited Disneyland a little less than three years ago, our visit was plagued with attraction downtimes. On just the first two days, these are the rides that were delayed or closed for significant amounts of time: Matterhorn Bobsleds Peter Pan's Flight Haunted Mansion Snow White's Scary Adventures Space Mountain (x2, 2nd time we were evacuated) Pirates of the Caribbean Indiana Jones Adventure (x4) Splash Mountain (x2, 2nd time we were evacuated) California Screamin' I know this was a few years ago, but having gone to WDW so frequently it didn't feel like a coincidence. Probably a cut to the preventative maintenance budget that had visible consequences. I would be curious if anyone has been to DL since then or frequents enough to know if this is normal?
  9. An update to this ride could probably be done fairly inexpensively, and if they gave it a complete overhaul it would still be marketable.
  10. He could be famous just for his earring alone, never mind his work with AK.
  11. Thanks you! His whole career is really one awesome project to the next that encompasses some of Disney's most influential attractions - at least in hindsight. I'm glad most of the attractions he worked on are still currently operating too. Thanks for watching!
  12. Hi everyone! For my Disney fans, I recently completed work on a 25 minute mini-documentary about the legendary Imagineer Tony Baxter. Many of you probably already know who he is, but just in case he's the Imagineer behind some of Disney's greatest attractions like Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, and the creation of Disneyland Paris - among many other things! When I started work on it as part of a senior project, I was shocked there wasn't really anything already made about him. He's definitely been a very influential figure in my life, and it was an absolute pleasure spending the past few months learning so much about him. If you're interested, I'd really appreciate it if you guys gave the video a watch. Hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35_OC6m8cPo&t=9s
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