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  1. I think this is a wonderful idea. Glad they are doing it. Hopefully the extra revenue generated will be work into the park. they really could use a major expansion.
  2. I am not disappointed this didn't work out. The concept was way too far out there. The park catered to teens and adults though they wanted to plan it into an area that draws droves of families. This park would have needed to be built closer to a major population and preferably a college town, Boston for example.
  3. Seems like the ride rotation program is back but they are not picking the best rides. So far confirmed: * SFMM will remove Deja Vu and move it to SFNE * SFGam will remove Iron Wolf and move it to SFAm Rumored * Tony hawk removal form SFDK and relocated to SFMx
  4. SFI has so many rumors floating round. It will be nice to have more news come Sept 1st. I have also been fallowing SFI in 2012, as well as all the major park chains on the Whalom forums. her is the SFI thread - http://s6.zetaboards.com/New_Whalom_Park/Six Flags 2012 Plans
  5. 29yrswithaGApass - The park has seen a number of new rides and attraction added in that time. hopefully you can find your way back soon. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. Railer - ya, I think it will take longer for anything to get destroyed. Most of the guests are respectful of the park but there is the scattered Gum and initials.
  6. THE photo gallery is finally built and ready to be viewed. as always you can click the thumbnails to see a bigger version of the image. photos.newwhalom.com/Untamed Opening Day
  7. The Time had come and the opening ceremonies for Canobie’s latest addition, the first coaster in 18 years, and the tallest coaster to debuted in New England in 9 years; Untamed was opening to the public. I left early to get a friend and arrived at the park at 10 or 10. I had to get signed in and get my tickets and passes for the VIP entrance. I was actually invited off of 2 lists to the media event one through ACE and the other Through NEAAPA. The rest of my group was stuck in traffic so I don’t get into the park till 10:30 by that time the opening ceremonies were just about over. But I was there for the ribbon cutting and the first 2 cars. The very first goal was to get my friend under cover one bonus of being a VIP was we were able to congregate under one of the catering tents. This worked out well for my friend since she was in a wheel chair and would not be riding Untamed. I then made my way, camera tucked under my rain coat, to the side of the coaster to watch the first 2 cars go through the circuit. After that the lines dropped and I was instructed to hop in line after an employee saw my badge. I ended up in the queue and standing in the rain as a few VIPs road and they did a few circuits to video the coaster. I was able to video tape one car being taken off the track. God call since this allowed them to remove the camera without drastically holding up the ride. Now that all was set I quickly moved forward to the station. The ride station in stunning, it is, in my mind, easily the best themed and looking station in New England and easily one of the best period. Some features include granite steps for the entrance queue, Wood railings, carved bears line the posts, Antler chandlers provide the station lights, and A bear bust hangs mounted on the wall, after a bit of checking I confirmed this was the bear that hung for years at the Policy long flume. The attention to detail doesn’t end there: Birch themed supports, Dark green track, Landscaping galore. The park is even rehabbing their old mall building to the Bear Lodge to fit the coasters theme Untamed is very good coaster. The vertical lift over positive g’s throughout the 72 ft hill. After cresting the top you are ejected from your seat and stay in the air until you glide back down as the Bear themed car swoops along the base of the drop. The ride is full of positive and negative G’s as you go through the 3 inversion and a number of twists and turns. The loop is large offering a great floating experience. The Immelmann Is a great maneuver though it’s more of a cut back (Ala Drachn Fire) then a traditional Half loop corkscrew/barrel roll Immelmann. The barrel roll which is taken high after a high banked turn is a great air time experience. The coaster ends with a downwards turn into an upwards helix up onto the brake run. After my first ride I made my way out the exit along the long ramp which crosses under the brake run. A new path guides you around the back of the coaster and to the newly renamed Bear lodge. As a first rider you were instructed to go to the booth were you got a VFRC(very First Riders Club) T-shirt, a certificate indicating your status as a VFR, a VFRC card and a Complimentary Ticket to Screeemfest the parks Halloween event. The lodge was crowded since it was one of the few dry locations in the park, and he closest to Untamed. I made my way back to the VIP tent and met up with my group. The park was offering press kits with custom folders, magnets and pencils. There were a few snack items and soda available as well. While there I did get a small snack. Talked to a few of the managers, and talked among the Whalom Program members that were at the event. I talked with Carl Berni one of the parks owners who was standing next to a member of the Gerstlauer family. I was able to give my impression of the ride and expressed my desire to see a polyp, perhaps at Canobie. Carl and I also talked about Matterhorn style rides and their desire to possibly bring one back to the park. I took a second ride on untamed but this time I used the VIP entrance, which is basically an employee stair way. One this I liked about the operation all day was employees were taking loot items at the car. Not once did a guest walk through drop it off and get back on. This drastically sped up loading time. Each car had it’s own plastic bin and as you got off they said what number bin you were. It worked well. My second ride was in the front seat. Seeing everything is always a joy and if you can snag an outer seats you looking more to the ground since the track is pretty much under the middle 2 seats. When I fort checked the weather was expected to lighten up in the morning but it was just not happening, my friend, a coupe ACE members, Members of the New Whalom Park project and myself opted to go to Portofino’s and warm up. Those who wanted to eat ate and we had a quick meeting. From there it was time to despite the wet weather explore the park. See Andrew Probert, a Former Disney Imaginer and Hollywood artist is the designer for New Whalom Park. He had ever been to Canobie so this was a perfect opportunity to show him around. Read the full report here: http://s6.zetaboards.com/New_Whalom_Park/topic/8746949/1
  8. With a new coaster, a Special event laser light show, and a $30 Car load option it was the perfect opportunity to head to Quassy in CT. The deal was after 5 and it takes around 2.5 hours to get to Quassy from Southern NH. We meet up with a friend and shoehorned an extra person in our car to take advantage of the carload. It was a little after 5 by the time we got into the parking lot. The park takes the $30 dollars at the parking lot since parking is included. I took a quick walk to get a couple shots of Wooden Warrior before making my way to the parks ticket building. The new building added last year looks great by the way and is designed to look like a Trolley station. To the right of the building they have tables with 4 stations set up to get your all ride wrist bands. Samantha, who had had a small accident at LC the week before (Warning to all: the new Rev-O-Lution ride has a caused the park to reward the walkways, there is now a step at the adjacent path) opted to get a wheelchair so she could enjoy the park without aggravating her ankle. While she did that my brother and sister-in-law got there first rides (possibly rides) on Warrior. Anyways an hour later they are back. We had kids in out group and they were getting restless form the waiting so we rode the carousel and the train. The carousel is one of the first Chance carousels built after Chance bought the designs off of Allen Hershell. The train is one of the best attractions at Quassy. The layout is pretty good. Even better now that it crosses under warrior. What even better is the fast it goes around twice per Cycle and it really races through the long tunnel which is built off of the parks large picnic pavilion. From there my brother and his family headed to kiddie land and it was my turn to ride warrior. My first ride ever on Warrior was in the front seat. My second was the last ride of the day and in the back. This is the first wood coaster added to CT since Boulderdash and like Dash the coaster is worked into the parks Terrain. The coaster was also worked into the park highly restrictive Height limit of 35 ft. The Timberliner trains are extremely comfortable and the restraints are forgiving even with a slight stapling form the attendance. The coasters layout is phenomenal. The terrain is used well and there is a lot of coaster in a very small space. The ride’s small size and seemingly basic layout is extremely deceptive. The coaster packs a wicked punch. There is a lot of air time with strong pops. There is a good variety of lateral and positive G’s. The coaster even has a long tunnel along the back corner of the coaster. I was told the coaster is normally operating with the tunnel lights off but for some reason they were one that day. After Warrior we made our way to the drop tower. This was added to the park last year but would be my first ride. It’s built by SBF and features an LED lighting package. First we tried to put all 3 of us on one side. That just wasn’t going to happen. So we had to split up into 2 rides then on the second ride we had to split up sitting on opposite sides. Now the ride is 30 ft tall but the car only gets to about 27 or so ft. I had been on one other SBF tower and this one had a better looking seating design but it was uncomfortable. I did find the movement on this model better then the previous tower I road t was still a pretty pore ride experience. We made our way to Kiddie land and road the little dipper a classic Hershell Kiddie coaster. The park has 2 classic Herschel kiddie rides operating in the center of the coaster. Since we were in the area we used the parks Shooting gallery which was added last year. A few of the props weren’t working which I find normal for the old Bonanza galleries. It was a dollar for 25 shots which is OK. The guns are set up low though so I had to fire the gun in kneeling position. We then went into the parks arcade which is set up in the parks old ballroom. Read the full Trip report here: http://s6.zetaboards.com/New_Whalom_Park/topic/8746159/1
  9. You know spring has sprung when the parks start opening and my home park Canobie lake Park has finally opened for the season. I bought my ticket and a opening day sale ticket to use later in the season. 2 of the Canobie critters were out greeting guests. Gate also opened a little early. After entering we made our way to the north end of the park to get a look at Untamed. They were much further along than I thought. The track was installed for the station to the lift. The vertical lift was installed as well as most of the drop. They were installing the top section of drop track as we arrived. I saw one of the parks owners and checked in. Ray Captell spent some time talking with me about the coasters new area as well as area around it. He informed me that the Canobie mall will be reworked. The Gift shop that had been there for years have been removed and the entire corner will get reworked as a new gift shop. The mall will be renamed Big Bear Lodge and an accompanying theme will be installed. The building will not be finished this year but finished next year with the Jackpot casino being removed and will be relocated to the back of the Dance hall. There will be a greater focus on food in the building with a possible removal and rebuild of what is now the Gables grill I was also informed that the coaster would be topped off shortly. So we shook hands and he made his way back into the work site. As I was waiting I took not of the Untamed merchandise and sales cart. The cart was using the cart used previously by the photo sales and had been up for sale. There was also a new Food cart selling Roast beef. This will be used until a permanent building is added next year. It was time the park moved a section of tract that would soon be the section leading into the vertical loop. At the same time a crew added dirt to support the side of the antique car ride. The car ride was closed as they did that. I took video while my brother took photos. It was very exciting to see the coaster topped off. I have never seen it in person. 16 minutes later the coaster was toped and Untamed was well under way. Read the full report here: New_Whalom_Park/canobie opening 2011 View Images of Untamed's Construction, Canobie Critters, rides, and 2011 changes from this trip here: photos@newwhalom.com/Canobie Lake Park opening 2011
  10. Opening day was a great day at the park. staff was great, characters were out, The fun squad was all about, and most importantly Untamed was topped off. The coaster is moving along very quickly and They expect the pace to be kept up. Sunday the loop was expected to go up. I got on a far number of rides crowds were light weather was OK on a colder side with clods most of the day. I did notice as the day went on that the park made a few operational changes for closing that fit suggestions made by myself and other Nor Easter attendees which was good to see. A more complete Trip report and lots of photos of the park and especially untamed will be posted soon.
  11. Trip Photos Gauntlet Entrance The cars have custom wraps Heroes and Villains Kidzopolis Detheemd/removed Splash Island still has themeing Thunderbolt Retracking See these and more photo along with info on Gotham City Gauntlet: Escape From Arkham Asylum here: http://photos.newwhalom.com/Trip%20Reports/SFNE_GCG_MD/GCG%20Media%20Day.html
  12. The operation was a bit all over the place. but I think some of the cars and timing still need to be fixed. the ride never really got a line during media day so it;s hard to tell what sort of wait time to expect. The seat belts are a bit short and can cause some slow down. it's a movign tation which can help keep the pasing but they are quick to auto stop it. there is not much time to get ready.
  13. By the look of it that is pretty much what i figured.
  14. The cars are actually wrapped. The images are printed on a filiment and then placed on the car like wall paper. I ahve not seen it at night but I was told by others that the bat signal lights up. the walkways have lights with metal industrial style covers. The theming towards the end ads to the ride. the signs along the top do little to keep it form being just another mouse. already started editing the other photos I took. will have them posted soon.
  15. I was lucky enough to be invited through ACE New England to take park in the media event for Gotham City Gauntlet: Escape from Archam Asylum. This was my 4th media day for SFNE and 5th for a Six Flags park. We arrived at start time 10 am and I noticed after parking that the parks hasn't done anything to detheme Mr six’s Splash Island While the 2 flats rides were removed from Thomas town. The track is still installed and I could even hear the fountain for the water feature operating. We checked in and headed down to the DC area we were detoured a bit since Thunderbolt is getting retracked. This brought up by the former wiggles world area now called Kidsopolis. The rides red void of their former themeing and outside of a couple attractions getting new paint jobs it’s the same attraction with no themeing. I made my way back to the coaster helping a few people get photos on the way. The event was reasonably well attended but lighter then previous events. Weather for it was better than any of the other media event I have attended. Like all event there was some morning ERT which was them fallowed by the speeches and the official opening. Lunch was after the speeches but I grabbed a quick ride while there was practically no line. In fact the line for lunch was the longest of the day. IT was an impressive spread. Johnny Rockets had their hamburgers and Chicken fingers, added to that were Mac and Cheese, Baked Ziti, backed Brisket, and plenty of sides. There was also a cake, cup cakes, and candy apples for dessert. I filed up and never even made it to any dessert. I drank soda at lunch but grabbed a milk shake before they closed up shop. The rest of the day was spent riding Gauntlet and Since my brother and sister in law brought my nieces and nephew, I watched them while they rode. In all I got 6 rides in on the new coaster. I also spend time getting photos and videos of the new ride. Catwoman's Whip was also open and I took one ride on that attraction. Gotham City Gauntlet: Escape from Archam Asylum is a An interesting addition to the park. The intensity of the ride is similar to the mouse like Pandemonium spinning coaster they added in 05. I guess if you're not comfortable with the spinning this will be a good option. In all I was glad to get on it but I would not wait more than 30 minutes to ride it. There is some interesting themeing around the ride. I do like the mist filled tunnel and the piping leading to the top of the hill that offers another shot of mist. In all the day was good there was only one big aggravation. The park has raised the height limit on Catwoman's Whip. The park now requires a minimum of 42 in if accompanied by an adult. This is 10 in higher then Rudy's Rapid Transit at Santa's Village which also operates a Zierer Double figure 8. This proved to be upsetting to my nieces who have ridden Rudy and didn't understand why they couldn't ride the one at SFNE. More photos and possibly some video coming soon.
  16. Good to know the area won;t sit empty. Though the selection is a bit less appealing to me the the tigers. Still sounds like a nice addition. Now if we can just see them set up the safari as a park attraction instead of a separate gate.
  17. Trailers look great. I do think the CG is fantastic. Just hope people aren't sick of comic book movies with Thor and X men coming out before it. Pirates 4 also come out 2 or 3 weeks before ti and Transformers 3 2 weeks after. will be a very competitive summer.
  18. I'm just amazed that a big chain that markets their Halloween event so strongly would have one that is so week and they charge you for it. Hell My home park Canobie lake has 3 haunts included in admission which is 5 dollars cheaper then the main season admission. in 2011 they are adding 2 new fright zones in area that were previously blocked off this time a year.
  19. While stretching it quite a bit advertising as 3 parks is a bit creative. I'm just hoping the inverted Boomerang is a quick addition to show a new attraction while they work for a larger addition. Something that can come in a couple years not directly competing with Hershey and SFGAdv.
  20. Interesting. Though for mee fright fest is not really free unless everything is included.
  21. It wasn;t and I was not a big fan of it when they did add them. I did get the pull of the characters over a generic theme. Now that that they had then and lost them I feel a bit ripped off.
  22. Like you pointed out Dorney's Haunted attraction is fairly new. Dorney's also around a hour away catering to a different market. an all everything will depends on costs. I would be willing to pay 5 dollars extra if the attraction merited the cost. but as the price goes up it takes more to justify the expense. Since you can ride all teh rides and coaster earlier in the season the haunted attraction is all that would matter come fright fest. at least for me.
  23. This is a stereotypical Bomb storage entrance.
  24. So it seems they have approached many of the parks about this separate admission fright fest. Not a fan of the idea myself. Not sure what Halloween competition is near SFGAdv but in New England they would be shooting themselves in the foot.
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