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  1. I personally would add to the theme. I always thought the name referred to the explosive. so why not have an indoor covered queue. Have an explosives ordinance building with warning signs leading up to it. A few theemd props inside of the building. maybe some larger props past that leading to the stair way.
  2. I'm glad to hear that Houdini will have a full season of operation. Hopefully I will make it out to the park this year.
  3. SFNE's tends to be too laud. was my biggest complaint about the rehab. aqua10auz - It still leaves to guess what they were really looking to get. Too bad though that the mouse ended up at SFNE ad not TGE.
  4. From what I have hear the Audio has been nothing but trouble. But a your B&M Floorless is smoother then our Intamin Hyper. So yes it seems like they are considering removing the sound. To be honest if it's gong to continue to cause labor why keep it. There are things that need the effort and money much more like getting Thunderbolt painted. acq10uaz - you were there. so I'd like you opinion on this one. was it just be but did he Seem to stumble over the question about the SFNE Euro fighter Rumor?
  5. The event started out with a welcome and a quick names with questions about New England parks. There was a very good turnout. The event was held in the employee training area which is upstairs from the employee brake room. The event hosted 4 sales areas. There were about a dozen first timers to a Nor Easter event. It was even the first time at Canobie for a couple visitors. Chris Nicoli welcomed us to the event. They started out with small park news. The only parks discussed is Storyland’s new Splash Battle named Pharaohs Reign. There are a hand full of other additions and improvements around the area but non were discussed. Jason Freeman – SFNE Jason talked about SFI, crowd control is going to be a focus. Mr 6 has been removed from the commercials; commercials will be more regional based with park rides. They will also be focused to the market in which they are advertising. No more wiggles it’s now Kidzopolis. A lot of further comments dealt with Bizaros Sound. And removing the head rests if the sound was removed. After Peg moved on to Quassy and presented a slide show of Wooden Warriors Construction. Mike Thompson spoke about ACE regional and national events. He talked about Quassy’s opening day April and the Wooden Warier media event ride event on May 24th. Possibly a Boolderdash event this year. A possible Canobie/Funtown weekend event in August 13 and 4th. Ace Convention will be Jun 18/19th in Dallas. There is also a ACE planed Tour of Texas with trips to Sclitterbahn, SFFT, Sea world, Kemah Boardwalk. There was a pause to do door prizes before having lunch. While we waited for it to be set up we were shows a few videos. Texas Giant was presented in a couple of them. A video previews Coaster con which is being held in Central Texas this year and a video for NJ parks. Jason presented Canobie with a Plaque of appreciation for hosting the 2011 Nor Easter event. The Ace New England appreciation award was given to Russel Danam. Jeff Cord presented for the Western NY Coaster Group. Their coaster fest will be going old school featuring 4 parks in 2 days. Derien lake/Sea Breeze with Chriss Nicoli – Canobie Lake Park First off they were presented with their plaque for hosting the event. The summer of Superstars returns for another season with Elvis, Michal, Tim, and Janet Jackson. Wildlife Encounters will return for another season. New food options: New Ribs will be added to the Dancing bear, Funnel cake sticks, and Roast beef by Untamed. Cannonball will get a new Wrap for the cars. Untamed is the new ride with a woods theme. Ryan talked about Untamed: There is a fiberglass Grizzly bear that will be part of the themeing. It should open around Memorial lad or Mid jun. Screemfest - Still a new attraction it’s doing well and will continue to grow, they will keep trying to expand, there will be 2 separate Haunt zone: one in castaway and the north end by untamed. Michael Coutermarsh - New Whalom Park The New Whalom Park Ownership Program talked about their efforts to develop a Whalom museum and small family attraction Nearby to the lost whalom park. The group has over the last year moved forward in the acquisition of artifacts for the museum. Before a storage building was removed from the original park property The Whalom Program saved 2 coaster cars, a bouncer ride car, Ring toss Bottles, Glass Coke Bottles used for ring toss, and many small artifacts. The group is watching 4 regional properties with plans to build an attraction that consists of a Museum, Restaurant, Indoor amusement area (arcades, rides, and other year round entertainment), and an out door rides section. A focus on controlling noise possibly through an enclosed courtyard. There was also a mention on their designer Andrew Probert a Hollywood/TV production artiest, and ex Disney Imaginer who worked on projects like Back to the Future to Star Trek. The event went very well. Those in attendance seemed to enjoy themselves. The Event wrapped up with the traditional Auction. SFNE sent in the past Superman ROS Golden Ticket banners and Canobie offered separate Envelops of 4 tickets. The Auction pulled in 80-90 for the tickets. And the Banners went for 25-50 each. Canobie to end the event played for us their Employee video which showcased the parks history as well as many of the modern rides. I really enjoyed this year’s event and it was good to see Members from SFNEonline, the Whalom Forums, Mainly coasters, and other forums at the event I poster my trip report along with the Q&A for SFNE, New Whalom Park, and Canobie lake park at the Whalom forums: http://s6.zetaboards.com/New_Whalom_Park/topic/8724567/1/ Photos coming soon, but a small selection of photos form my camera phone can be found here - http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2956...mp;l=7b5d01e292
  6. Clink link to read full news report [big]New Hampshire[/big] [big]Parks[/big] Canobie Lake Park (Salem) - Untamed (Gurstlour Euro Fighter with vertical lift, 97 degree drop, and 3 inversion) Santa's Village - Suger and Spice Rehab (the Gingerbread decorating food area will get a complete rehab and expansion with more indoor seating) Note (Capital improvement are the focus after investing 1.3 million in 2010, HoHo H2O, New Jingle Jamboree, 2 new food stands, and new Guest services area) Story land - Pharohs Reign (This interactive water ride "Splash Battle" will have an Egyptian theme and be located in the Friends around the world section of the park.) Six Gun City - No addition announced at this time. [big]Water Parks[/big] Water Country - Rumor New water slide (Possibly a Proslides Tantrum) Whales Tale - No addition announced at this time. ( unlikely after adding The Shipwreck Island ProSlides Ridehouse) Liquid Planet - Zip Line (The new zip line will feature a tower close to 50ft tall and span the length of the park) Season passes (Season passes are now available) [big]Other Attractions[/big] Attitash Resort - Nor'Easter Mountain Coaster (Year round4,300 Ft long mountain side coaster) Cranmore Mountain Resort - Mountain Coaster ( 2,400 ft long Mountain coaster Opened Nov 20th, 2010) [big]Massachusetts[/big] [big]Parks[/big] Six Flags New England - Gotham City Gauntlet: Escape from Arkham Asylum (Wild Mouse Family coaster relocated from Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and located in the DC comics area) Edaville USA - Future Uncertain (Currently seeking new owners) [big]Connecticut[/big] [big]Parks[/big] Lake Compounce - Rev-O-Lution (50ft tall Spinning ride. Rotor ride is removed, fans picked the name between the options Rev-O-Lution and Spin-Cycle) Quassy - Wooden Worrier (Wood family coaster from gravity group) [big]Maine[/big] [big]Parks[/big] Funtown/Splashtown USA - Rehabbed slides (Splashtown water slides will be resealed a painted) Excalibur re-tracking (sections of the coaster will see work on the off season) Palace Playland - New Ferris Wheel (This new Wheel is replacing the Sun wheel and is manufactured by Chance Morgan rides. the new ride will feature LED lighting) York's Wild Kingdom - No attraction announcement at this time [big]Vermont[/big] [big]Parks[/big] Santa Land - No attraction announcement at this time [big]Water Parks[/big] Jay Peak Resort - Indoor Waterpark (33,000 Sqft indoor water park with the world first indoor Aqualoop) [big]Other Attractions[/big] Okemo Mountain (Ludlow, VT) - Mountain Coaster ( 3,100 Ft long Mountain coaster, Only coaster in VT) You can get more info and see even more Additions to smaller non park/mountain coaster addition at the Whalom forums: http://s6.zetaboards.com/New_Whalom_Park/t...x=0#post8004655
  7. I have to agree. the show is best for the ones that perform. I do know there is more of a show eliment to the Survivor show then in more reality show nock offs.
  8. I agree it's nice to see some branding removed form the park. I don;t think I have ever had their pizza, so I don't know what to expect. I have seen in Trip reports form other parks that the pricing is the same which is a disappointment.
  9. Sounds like a good move. I really don't see the coaster getting a great fit for many of the CF properties. Were else would it go? Vally fair, Michigan's adventure. would it work better at either of these parks.
  10. Ya SFNE is getting it also. but I'm pretty sure that SFAm still has a theater to show it in that's of proper size.
  11. With all of the SFI brands being pulled form the park I highly doubt we will see the park get flagged.
  12. I have to agree. People are not spending how they used to and parks need to think more about their additions. Parks with high coaster counts can afford to loose or replace smaller older coasters and shift them to a park that will see it as a bigger deal. I think the coaster will do well at Dorney. Though some of the market may have already ridden it while SFAm had theirs operating.
  13. They really need bags to hold your stuff on the car. Disney has then on a few rides.
  14. This is surprising. I guess they felt the rides weren't needed with the new kiddie land coming in
  15. Looks cool. though the main pod is something that exists. not sure if the secondary movement platform would be practical.
  16. I was a very good event and the park is eager to have it grow. they are hoping to add more displays and possibly a new haunt next year. I can deal with the busiest rides shutting their lines cannonball for example often closes 15 minutes early. but the flats that would be over at or barely after closing should be open till the last minute. It is possible since the event went till 11 that the city had something to do with it.
  17. I'll believe that when I see it. often their idea of Awesome themeing falls flat.
  18. I completely agree. if it's a huge line fine. but a short of non existent line should have a open gate will closing is announced. especially if the ride would be over at or just after closing. Here are the photos from my trip: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2500...mp;l=e4545fd210
  19. Having only one ticket left I wanted till closing weekend to make my last trip to Canobie lake Park and check out its Halloween event Screeemfest. I got at the park at 3:30, though the park didn’t open till 4. They opened the gates about 15 minutes later and I made my way around the parks to get pics of the parks scattered sets. The park closed at 11 of I had 7 hours to take everything in. Rides were not a priority but over the course of the day I hit Cannonball, Davinci’s Dream, Tea cups, and Start blaster. I would have hit more but it seems every ride in the park closed down 10 minutes early. My last try was Whip out at 2 minutes of 11. They said the park was closed yet needless to say no announcement was made till 2 minutes later. Canobie was broken up into 2 sections Oktoberfest and Screeemfest. And I spend some time in both. They were also the focus of my trip. Oktoberfest It was Located in the center of the park, stretching form the International food pavilion to the edge of kiddie land. The park offered variety of German inspired Food as well as a wide selection of beers. The area was covered by a large tent and filled with picnic tables. There was even a German Oompah band. Though the main Show for the event was a Prince Tribute show. To introduce the show and also Screemfest an Ozy Osborn look alike. Both performers were top notch which is normal for the shows and performers brought in by Simon Will productions. There were some great songs covered but they seemed to be only about half the songs. They even covered Bat dance which is my favorite Prince song. This show could have been much bigger and seemed confined in the midway stage. It was well worth the time to watch it and I saw half of the first show and all of the second. I did not buy any Oktoberfest food or beer. I did however take a try at the Mug Slide. I had a ticket to try it free. I didn’t win. I did get a refill of soda which was $1 dollar. Screemfest Screeemfest consisted of 3 haunts, 2 shows, 2 themed games, and the Monster parade. The event took up nearly all the park outside of the October fest area. 2 sections of the park were closed for the season. The haunts were moved into the parks old Roller Rink building that has been used for storage for as long as I can remember. The shows were both located in the Dance hall theater which held the haunts last year. The 2 shows were Monster Bash a monster rock show and Circus of the Strange a magic and vaudeville style show. Both shows were very enjoyable but seemed small for the venue. I get the reasoning behind the show locations but feel they should have been reversed. The circus I watched all the way through and felt most trick were worth the time. The Rock show I watched the first half. Only. The performer Brandon is an amazing singer and an energetic showman. Though this is a Halloween show and pushing Superstitious as a seasonal song they were performing run of the mill songs, Some Body to Love for example. The joking and talk between songs seemed to draw out the shows main draw the fantastic performers. I did not see the monster parade this year. The haunts were the key attraction for this trip. The Haunts are included with your Admission so I had no hesitation to hit each of them twice. I did play the Autopsy game which is a life size operation game. I did try the Last ride. I had a ticket for this attraction wish is a simulated ride to the grave. It has audio, smells, and simulated movements and feels. It was a lot of fun. The Village This was the least impressive of the 3 haunts. The majority of the Ye old Canobie Village is closed to house this Haunt. Much of the courtyard as well as the flumes over flow queue was used to house the Ride queue which stayed at 30-40 minutes all night. The haunt consisted of corn cob lined fences as well as trestle fencing that was set up to create corridors. Unlike last year the entire haunt was outdoors which made it feel smaller. The lack of A large graveyard also took a lot away form the haunts themeing. The haunt was well staffed but the majority of performers were bunched into the back and end section. Rating - 2 out of 5 Merriment Incorporated Now housed in the Roller rink the attraction got a new evil clown entrance prop. The haunt was very well themed same as last year and a new room was added. This arcade used old Video games that were stored in the building and added a little extra. The Haunt was well staffed I counted 15 performers. Though the performance level was mixed, a few simply walked pardoned made no effort to frighten me. The haunt ends with a white strobed claustrophobic chamber. Thing it you then had to walk the stretch of the building to get out with little light and nothing to direct you except park security. Rating - 3.5 out of 5 Dead Shed This was also located in the Skating rink. The Entrance from last year was moved outside and corn cob lines fencing lead you to the haunts entrance. While this was the best themed of the 3 haunts it’s lighting was terrible so much of it was missed. It was the most frightening of the 3 but I attribute that to the many performers (18) that made a point to make you jump. The scenes with the best lighting were also the ones with the most props. These scenes also had smells such a s chicken feathers, rotted meat and well a cow droppings smell. The fully immersive haunt was fantastic except the darkness got me last I actually walked through an actors portal instead of going through the opening I should have. The parks best haunt in my mind. Rating - 4 out of 5 I ran into 2 members of Canobie fan justplainsteve and Garnder14. I also ran into 2 of the park owners Anthony and Carl Bernie. Carl confirmed that the USA mission will be removed for the new coasters entrance. I later in the day got a chance to talk worth him about the haunts. I spent most of the tie talking to Anthony. He gave me the coupons I used on the games and told me the USA mission ride might be relocated if they can find a spot for it. We talked about the Screeemfest event as well as the coaster. Seems the coaster was discovered not though many pleas on the Canobie forums but after visiting a park in Europe with family that had a euro fighter. They were most impressed by the lack of noise and new it was a perfect fit for the park. We also talked about Corkscrew as Future attractions. He even asked me what I would add if it was my choice. In all it was a very good day expect of the rides closing early. It’s always sad to make your last trip of the season but I have so much to look forward to in 2011.I said a few goodbyes on my way out wishing them a great of season and insuring I would see then next year.
  20. I doubt they will make an effort to change out the signs. I have seen SFI loose records in the past and take years to change signs to be requested.
  21. Here are the pics from my trip http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2481...mp;l=948e247c90
  22. This is only the second year the park has hosted a Halloween event. Last year they did a one-day trial and nature didn’t cooperate. But there was such positive feedback they opted to have it return and expand it to 3 days. Originally called Ghosts of Christmas past the name was changed this year to a much more genetic “Silly Spooky Halloween Extravaganza.” Not sure it has the same impact. I arrived at noon with my parents and Niece. I was expecting alight crowed but was surprised to find the entire main lot filled and the lot across the street half filled. I also noticed they did some land clearing in the back of the lot. Guess they needed more parking after this years additions. Before going in we took a second to talk with Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, which was dressed as a farmer. Seemed like a nice tough at this not so scary Halloween event. The park also had Halloween themed music playing throughout the park. Other displays were coffins lined with green and orange lights. Many plastic pumpkins topped fence posts and served as themed lights. All the buildings had Red Orange and green lights on them, Small grave stone set ups, the Whale fountain was colored red and has a pair of legs + a head floating in a life ring, and more. The big set up was a low scare lever haunted barn set up in the parks reindeer barn. It was a lot of fun and used a variety of prop styles. There were a few live actors that would simply move add some life to the haunt without scaring the kids. One employee did make a point to scare me, which I respect. My niece was far enough up that she did not jump. While nearly every ride saw a change of name to reflect the season only 3 rides were given Halloween makeover. Humbug adventure had a few added props to spook it up. The car ride had a few themed displays and an escaped prisoner out side of the police station. The Himalaya (Screamalaya) had the most impressive makeover with A closed in building, Fog, Orange lights and a strobe light. The operator made a point to switch the lights on and off along with a slowing and speeding up the ride. In all we hit a fair number of rides and one show. Rides: ( Halloween names) Himalaya (Screamalaya) Skyway Sleigh (Scarecrow monorail) X2 Bumpercars (Pile of Bones Junkyard) X2 Train (Pumpkin Express) Humbug Adventure (Scrooge’s Haunted House) X3 Peppermint Twist (Shipwreck Island) X5 Reindeer Carousel (Mardi Gras Carousel) – The reindeer has Mardi Gras masks on Car ride (Mum’s Taxi) Drummer Boy (Clawnin’ Around) – Soldiers had Clown costumes on. Rockn’ Round the Christmas Tree (swinging Spoo-ville) – Operated wore a Grinch costume Rudy’s Rapid transit (Rocket to the Galaxies) – Star wars theme X2 The train was the last ride of the night. Show – We saw the rehabbed version of Jingle Jamboree. It was nice to see the show back. The new animatronics had similar movements but a much fresher look form the old show and the Santa Animatronic looked great and the Rudy one was ok. The soundtrack sounded like a rehabbed version of the old show rather then a new recording. The new theater was well constructed and now features a Snack stand. There was Trick-or-Treating around the park though I expected there to be more locations there are many buildings that would have been good treat spots. Though Santa’s house was the location of the Silly Nilly Witch who handed out candy. 2 other major projects that went on for this yea is a new customer services area it’s much larger and houses more nursing and changing rooms then before. The New Polo Expreso Food location took over the old customer service area and looks great with a nice selection of snack and drinks. Overall it was a really good day. The park looked good and it will be nice to see how they expand the displays and event in the future. We left at 6:30 just before the park was open to 7 but it was getting very cold. The temp was in the low 40’s all day and dropped at night. I will be back though for the Christmas event. The parking lot was very empty when we left. Though as we drove by Six Gun City their parking lots were packed. I wonder if people went forward with my first idea to hit both parks in one day. Six gun was open later into the day.
  23. The Drawings of the station and Theming diagram were done by one of the park owners. He also designed the parks Flue. I'm sure you would like the park it has a lot to offer. NH in general has a lot to offer.
  24. From what I have heard the coaster is more comfortable for taller guest then it is for shorter ones. Not sure what the Maximum Height allowance is.
  25. Canobie Lake Park has Officially announced a new Coaster for the 2011 season. The park has also released the name of the new coaster Untamed Get more information and photos at the link above ^^
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