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  1. I found Country Bears much better then Haunted Mansion. I also enjoyed Tower of Terror better the both of them. Though should we counting any of the movies based on attractions that were planed at the same time. Bugs Life/Its tough to Be a Bug or Dinosaur for Dinosaur/ Count down to Extinction.
  2. Great trip report. I really enjoyed reading it. Next trip you should try thunder and Lightning. the ride is thrilling but no all that intense. i agree the ride selection is a little lacking they need a few more flats and yes another coaster. They have a Family spinner designed. I have seen teh blue prints. They are concentrating on getting the road moved so that the water parks can be expanded. They will then look at building the coaster. there is a rumor that the park is looking at another flat for 2011.
  3. It would also be a 3rd indoor coaster in the park. simply not needed.
  4. Yes this is the Park up in NH. The White Mountain has 3 Parks with coasters Santa's Village, Six Gun City , and Story Land. there is also Clark's Trading posts a road side attraction well worth your time. there is also a really nice water park call Whale's Tale that just added a pro slides rain-house this year.
  5. This trip was sort of last minute coming up just a day before. But I got up and wrapped up a few things so I could enjoy the day. I went with my parents and niece. They had return passes so I only needed a ticket for myself. Though not unexpected I found us leaving late and not arriving at the park till 1:15 that day. I got a ticket at a discount $23.99, a $2 dollar increase form last year. While not terribly expensive compared to some parks it was given the 4 hours and 45 minutes left to the operating day. We made our way in and while my parents brought my niece to the restroom I walked over to the Yum Yum Junction. The building is no longer a gift shop, Instead it has been converted to a candy, Ice cream and fudge shop. It was a nice change. The majority of souvenirs it offered can be found in other locations so it wasn’t a loss. The new food options were welcomed, but I was surprised that they now use the candy shop as a primary exit. They even promote it on the sign. After meeting up with my group I talked briefly with the park’s New GM. It was nice to hear that he is settle in comfortably. He strongly recommended the shows. With that we went on with our way. We mad our way over the hill to the Polar coaster. The ride was a blast as usual and it’s always a joy to ride a coaster that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. We road the Bamboo Chute, the parks flume ride, another custom design Hopkins ride. We checked out the online photo from the ride but didn’t buy after seeing the $12 dollar price. When the price was $8 we would buy on every year, on multiple rides, sometime more then once a year. Now we just move on without buying anything. I snapped a shot of the screen none the less. As we made our way to the front we came up to the Professor Bigglesteps lab. The park removed the large cannon on the off season and in its place is a building with 2 midway style games and a small gift shop. I wish they could have kept it. I had always seen the Cannon as an iconic aspect of the park so I found it strange to see it gone. Wish they could have kept it. The cannon was a set piece for the Journey to the Moon dark ride that operated in the dome. The games are Ring Ross with coke bottles offering $1 dollar 5 ring and $5 dollar bucket options. The second game is a Duck Race. winner ever time, attraction for $2 dollars. The Crab crawl water race game is now $2 dollars and I suspect but wasn’t able to confirm the roller ball race game in Mexico has also gone up. My niece for the first time wanted to use the Ball play/foam factory area. This attraction along with a show theater replaced the dark ride when it was removed. My niece had fun and some adults seemed to get into it but like most of the playgrounds the adults just watched. After leaving we made our way to the Ocean of Fun area and road the Turtle Twirl then made or way into the Farm area to get a ride on the tractor ride. For some reason my nice didn’t want to ride the Crazy Barn, which was a surprise, she did want to watch the farm fillies show but we kept missing the show times. We did however see the circus show. The Show is produced by the Royal Hannaford Circus. The acts are all new except for one, the quick change act. The new acts consisted of a Dog Trick act which my presents believe they saw on Americas Got Talent a couple season ago, a girl performing with hula hoops, and a family of acrobats using a teeter totter to do stunts. My niece was saying she was hungry so it was time to grab lunch/snack. Thing was the lighthouse snacks is no longer a snack shop. It’s now Lighthouse Pizza. The prices were a bit high ($3 slices, $6.99 2 slices and drink combo) and my niece was asking for her traditional hot dog so we went else ware We headed down to the food fair to get a quick bite. All the food stands got new signs. The park switched this year from Pepsi to Coke. Prices are up from a couple years ago. We bought 2 hot dog combos (dog and small fries) 4.99 each, a single hot dog 2.99, a large drink 2.99, and I got a refill on my souvenir cup .99 cents. Total 16.95 + 9% meal tax. After our meal we hit the Circus show I talked about earlier. The day was for my nice so we hit rides she asked to ride. He hit the Balloon Ferris wheel before making our way to the Carousel. My niece used the Pirate playground before walking up the Cinderella’s Castle. From there we made out way through the story book animal area on our way to the Bah-Bah Black sheep school house and finally to the Ball play in the Little Dreamers play area. The parks operating day was coming to an end and we made our way around to the Cuckooclockinspiel tea cup ride and wrapped up the day with 3 rides on the Polar coaster. With the park closed my parents took my niece to the Tree House playground in the front of the park. I stayed behind to get a few final photos around the park and to take the last Train run around the park. In all it was a wonderful day. I think some of the new pricing might be a bit high, at least for my taste. I would have liked to get there earlier then we did and would like to see the park consider opening till 6:30 or 7 at night. Some of the changes I found annoying, but do they really matter. At a family park the opinion that is truly important is the child you are accompanying, and my niece had a blast.
  6. Sounds like a great trip. I really need to get out to this park.
  7. Why dose the fact that there are other Superman Coaster make a difference. there are what 3other sin the US and 1or 2 others in the world. and the closest on is what GA. unlike say batman, which is a great coaster that is all over the place and closest is La ronda.
  8. I didn't find it that bad either. It was mildly frightening has a similar feel to teh Twilight zone episodes. There was some level of Comedy. it was done on a lower budget since it was a Wonderful world of Disney movie instead of a theatrical release.
  9. Knowing deltoro it will likely be more suspense and less traditional horror.
  10. While I Don;t see it happening, if it was my call I would flag TGE and LA ronda. The company is fresh out of bankruptcy. looks like there moving forward if that add 2 Six flags parks to the family. The spin on marketing is priceless towards improving their failing namesake.
  11. I figured that might be how they were looking at it. thanks for the info. it dose seem like the event has been getting cut back but I have heard about that at SFNE as well. TGE hasn't expanded but is not charging for the one Haunted house that was free for years. but at least you guys got Dead Mans Party. I really miss that show.
  12. Anything has to be better then the Original. what was worse is the chears Special was more frightening then the theatrical movie. Heck the low budget wonderful world of disney TV movie of Tower of Terror was better. But with disney movies not making the grade will this prove different.
  13. Glad you liked them here is the photo page with more shots. http://photos.newwhalom.com/Trip%20Reports...R%20photos.html
  14. Perhaps. that doesn't sound like the largest. you mentioned Dorney which I have heard great things about. Canobie Lake Park's Screeemfest is 3 haunts(included in admission) one of which takes up the entire back section of the park. no haunt zones bu the park is themed and there are scare actors walking around the entire park. LC has 2 haunts included with admission along with the parks decked out for the haunt. There is then the Haunted graveyard which is 6 haunts and outdoor haunts to connect them. Nightmare New England is a stand along Haunted attraction with 7 Large Haunted houses and a Monster Midway. How big is Madison Scare Gardens? Sounds like they should step up their game get back that crown they still want to boast.
  15. Teh theater was the bigger loss. GASM was dated and rough when I road it in 2001. The Theater was a family attraction well worth your time. I don't get the comments about Fly me to the moon. It's a movie that is not required in the theater. If you don't like it you put in one of the hundred of so movies that can be played in the Motion theater format.
  16. All I can say is I hope SFGAdv Fright Fest is better then SFNE's. Though I'm confused for the term "Northeast's Largest Halloween Party". How many Haunted houses are there, fright zones, shows?
  17. This is really disappointing news. The event was right up TGE alley. with a Hotel across the street and skying in the area it seemed right. I don;t see it coming to SFGAdv. the Safari has a ride through they took out and the park relies heavily on people traveling in. not a great set up for a Holiday winter event.
  18. That time frame sounds like a major project. like GAcaoster mentioned. The character changeover woudl be a mater of a week of so. the character addition are in place of preexisting puppets. they are simply adding a Small world style puppet that looks like a disney character.
  19. Canobie Lake Park PTR July 17th It was ACE day at Canobie and I was eager to visit the park. I have not signed up for the event do to the price(40 with picnic) but figured I'd use one of my holiday tickets to visit the park and hang out with my fellow ACErs. ACE had a good turn out 34 is you include myself. I got to the park at 10:20 and I met up with the ACE group. I basically became the photographer for the ERT event. The day included morning ERT on Corkscrew and Min of Lost Souls, the parks dark ride. The park took over most of the Gift shops this year and in turn they got rehabs. The latest one to open is the store in the Canobie mall. Now the Pink Lady it's a gift show geared towards the female guests. The shop is not open air and the wall to the outside has been removed. The group had a picnic set up for noon so for the first hour of the day I hung out with a few of them and hit the rides on that side of the park. When the group went off to their picnic I took in the Jackpot Casino and its AC. There I ran into A long time employee Anna, She has been working at the park as a casher, and long time information booth employee. She now handles the redemption counter at the jackpot. We talked about park employee past and present as well as talked about the owners of the park. It was pleasure to talk to an employee with such love for the park. I had expected to get a phone call so I walked over to the picnic ground and looked to see if the ACE group was still there. The employee at the entrance was nice enough to let me in so I could check in. I spent some time there talking to the other ACE members that were in attendance and took the opportunity to get a nice shot of cannonballs fist drop on an angle you can't get inside the park. After some time chatting it was back to rides. We kept this up until it was time to see the park headliner show, Michal Jackson. Before the show started there was sort of a commercial/preview video that talked about the other shows, the parks Halloween event Screeemfest, and the recently amounted October fest running form Sept 18th through October. The show is fantastic. The performer has been doing Jackson for 18 years and has portrayed him in performances around the word as well as playing him in Scary Movie 3 and 4. The show covered some of his biggest hits with thriller having the best reaction from the packed ball room. While I didn't plan on it I accompanied other to Portofino's for dinner. Most of then got Spaghetti and meatballs and salads along with soda to drink. One group for one meal, salad, and 2 drinks was around $21 with tax. There was an extra charge for a second package of dressing. After dinner it was off to hit rides and fill the rest of the night. After riding cannonball I split up for a while to get some video of the park rehabbed Ferris wheel. It Know sports LEDs and an amazing light show. The rehab was a great move it was an attraction of its own with many standing around watching it. I hit the Fireworks Hit star blaster and headed back to cannonball. The park was staying open an extra hour so the park didn't close till 11. The Carousel was the last ride of the night. I was happy to see the band organ back up and running. I also noticed the carousel main arms for the Jumpers were either majorly rehabbed or replaced. Glad to see the parks oldest ride getting some love. Now if they can just remove the rug form the platform. Most of the ACErs that started the day meet up at the end of the day at the entrance plaza before leaving. In all it was a great day with heavy but manageable crowds. I had expected it to be much worse. All rides were open and employees were great. Ride count Skater 1, Davinci's Dream 2, Caterpillar 1, PhycoDrome 1, Flume 1, Antique cars 1, Blue Heron Lake Crouse 1, Turkish twist 1, Sky ride 1, Train 1, Star blaster 1, Cannonball 3, Carousel 1.
  20. There was another possible name being polled. I just can't remember right now what it was or wear I read it. Personally I despise the trend at the park of throwing Villains and heroes on rides all over the park. it's tacky! The park was opened at as a theme park. lets bring it back to that.
  21. So the promises to see a rehab never came about? too bad, the ride really needs work.
  22. I think a show woudl be a good move. Given the movie theme a stunt should should have never left. maybe dump the Superhero theme and go with more of a Lights, Motor, action style were the stunts lead up to a final product.
  23. Strange how what was one a record breaking coaster is now out of touch with today. Hate to see it go. Noticed on this site there isn't talk of it moving. everyone seems to understand it's off to the scrap yard for this coaster.
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