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  1. The Aquarium The Office or Community?
  2. Harry if you guys could ever get into the park every day like that it would be absolutely epic!
  3. The article can be found on http://www.dailyrecord.com Just an article I found today I thought some of you might be interested in. I am posting this from my blackberry at the moment so it is a little tough to insert the direct link. When I get in this evening I will update the direct link up top for everyone.
  4. This event just looks like it was a lot of fun to put on and I am sure all the kid that were around for it had quite a good time. Makes me long for the days when Bugs Bunny and the gang were all still on tv regularly. To be honest this shows that when Great Adventure really wants to go the extra mile they really know how to put on a celebration!
  5. This is bittersweet for me really overall. I know you all have been talking about this for quite some time, I guess for me it signifies two distinct times in my life in terms of coasters. When I was younger and I first saw my father and cousin go on the Scream Machine, I was in amazement. The ride was a monster, it had loops, it was freakishly tall (remember this is in the eyes of a young kid at the time and how I remember it), fast as could be, and it absolutely terrified me. Nothing at that time in my life was getting me on that ride, but at the same time seeing so many people ride it made me wonder if I could ever get myself to do a ride like that. Could I really handle all those loops and moving so fast? What if I got sick on the ride or what if I got so scared that I had to get off in front of everyone before the ride started? Sure my family was on it, but then again it was my father riding who in my eye at that time in my life could probably have conquered a ride twice that size with ease. Facing some of these questions in my life and the curiosity it piqued led me to enjoying a plethora of coasters at parks a I would get older. To me the Scream Machine also represented the second half of coaster in my life. By the time I began regularly patronizing Six Flags Great Adventure again in my 20's I had ridden such a wide variety of coasters that the ride no longer seemed that special. Sure I had ridden it here and there through the years, but while at the park there was alway something bigger and better to ride. I remember many more rides on Nitro, Medusa, B&R, Superman, and even Viper! Sure I would still get on the GASM, but it would only be at the end of my day as inevitably it would leave me with a headache only a few advil and the ride home could cure. Other days I would see no line at all, and yet till decide that I could simply ride it any other day, but I really wanted to do something else. And yet here it is gone now, and as I think about it as someone who has not been to the park in well over a year for various reasons, I realize that the next time I visit Great Adventure the structure which ultimately led to my willingness to ride so many rides and experience so many make and models of coasters, has vanished. It i a bit depressing to think about it, and I know once I am back at the park enjoying all the things I have missed out on in the lat year, whatever sits in the GASM' footprint will be enjoyable at least in the short term. But I guess taking some time reflecting on it, nothing in the park will probably every hold that same meaning for me a far as a ride goes.
  6. Yum Yum Palace Paddle Boat or Row Boat?
  7. To be honest, in my experience with some people, I'm no longer sure that even being on a wagon with an employee would be a factor, though maybe it would be getting to the ride that is the issue. My last experience with a hayride at the park was the complete debacle that saw the queue for the ride winding through the Batman Arena which became complete chaos, worse than anything I have seen with the Terror Trails.
  8. I was working at an old job while still in school actually back in 2007. Everyone but me was out of the office for the day (one unlucky soul needed to be in to answer any incoming phone calls while everyone else was in NY for a training seminar). My girlfriend and I had been at Fright Fest that year and something had happened at the park, but right now I can't remember it. I did a Google search with appropriate terms, and came to a forum posting from GAH as one of the search results. Once I had found something related I was looking at, I began to browse more of the site in general, especially the 1974 season tour spotlight and some more items. I continued to visit the site following that point and once the Holidays rolled around and the 2007 Great ADVENTure Calendar for 2007 was posted I was hooked coming back to the day to see more and learn more daily. It was December of 2007 that I signed up and began posting here and have been following, Harry, Tom, and everyone else's escapades since then.
  9. Just took my first ever cruise this summer at the end of June with one of the smaller RC ships, but If i go again the Oasis just looks amazing. Did you happen to see they have webcams from the Oasis' website online to check out what' going on live?
  10. Very true, but one can always be hopeful about getting one and unrealistic about being in the park as it snows!
  11. Unfortunately in the last few years too many ride have become a tight squeeze for me. But seeing as so many young kids are usually on this I can at least pretend that I don't fit on it simply because it's not built for me!
  12. Oh how I have missed this game. Learned more through research in playing this than I could have thought!
  13. Shows & Flats for sure Laser shooting gallery or bb shooting gallery?
  14. You need to do the dual camera method Harry. Pack away the good camera, but keep the smaller more compact one in the carry-on. Has saved some great photos numerous times I have found
  15. To be honest I would actually prefer to be able to walk around the park on a snowy winters night. Though to be fair Christmas just brings out the best in me each year and it's the holiday I look most forward to. If the park were to host a Christmas or Winter event I would be all over that regardless of how cold or inclement it became
  16. I'll miss the theater and it's too bad my last memory of it will be FMTTM, but I suppose this is simply a sign of the times I suppose!
  17. I think I have just accepted that the parking lot is what it is and it won't be changing anytime in the near future. When Kristi and I go (it' been a little while now ) we have found a very quick and painless way to exit when it is time to leave. Whether that still there or not remains to be seen, however I think of all the parks issues, this one which unfortunately probably won't get much attention anytime soon.
  18. To be honest I really do like the idea of the cd, especially with the interactivity element. Not only does it allow for patrons of the Safari to hear what they might not be able to on the radio, or might not even know about in the first place, but it keeps the interest at home if they pop it into their computer to take a look at what else is on it!
  19. Sounds great. I hate to say I stumbled upon the book (that's how long I was away from here that I didn't know it was out) but when I cam across it in the Barnes and Noble by me I was elated and I really am happy for you guys to be able to get that out there. I can't wait to see what you guys will be able to bring out in either the near or distant future for the park
  20. Bugs Bunny Splash Down Ride or a Rapids Ride?
  21. I think I most miss the Stunt Show on the Lake. A much as I love rides, I can spend an entire day at a theme park just watching shows and walking around, and that was the type of show that I would definitely allot some time to. And no matter how many times I had seen it, I would continue to go back and watch it again.
  22. It took many years of going to the park before I actually ate in there, but that has become our staple place to sit down grab some good food, and relax. We especially like going out back and eating while watching the fish and turtles in the water swim around if it isn't too hot while we are there.
  23. I think Wiggles World might actually be truly the scariest part of riding Skull Mountain. I mean one minute you are riding the "spooky" mine train in the dark (depending on the day ) and then you walk out and bam, little kids and bright colors everywhere.
  24. I really have to say guys, you blew me away with the book. I ran across it around the holidays and bought it for myself as a Christmas Present for myself. I have actually read through it a few times now and and just amazed at how things came together for you. I hope you had just as much enjoyment out of being able to put it together and publish it a I know you do with this site as a whole.
  25. Good day to everyone here on GAH. While I am not particularly new to the site or to our beloved six flags great adventure, I have been missing in action to both for quite some time. So let me re-introduce myself here if I may. My name is Chris, I am born and raised here in good old New Jersey. I have visited a wide variety of Parks over the years, but when all is said and done none treats me better the Great Adventure. Up until this year I had been going to the park on a pretty regular basis, however due to different circumstances, this season marks the first time in 5 years that I have not made it at least once. I am hopeful that will change before the operating season is over, so we will see. To all the new members here you are certainly in for a treat a our gracious hosts have a plethora of information to share with you and are some of the most knowledgeable people I have met when it comes to Great Adventure. For those I have had the opportunity to converse with in the past I look forward to doing so again with you all, and for those new here I hope to get to know some of you as well Cheer to all! Chris
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