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  1. ok for me this is easy Lighting Loops being up in that heat no protection back and forth and back and forth and no rest because the train comes back in what 30 seconds
  2. turn the tables what was the worst ride you had to either attend or operate
  3. I use to be a ride lead at the Music Express. Did it ever go backwards and forward? Dorney Park had one that went both directions. I know it could just like the trabant can go both directions, but have they ever done it? Also one last comment about the music, at Dorney the loud speaker overrode the music but not at Great Adventure.
  4. I have a funny map of the park back in I think 94. They had tons of cartoonish characters and just silly stuff on the map. Did they ever do it again, and why did they stop? scott
  5. was a lead in 1990 lil wheel lead, trainer,attendant and operator swiss bob trainer, attendant and operator scrambler trainer, attendant and operator music express trainer, attendant and operator looping starship trainer, attendant and operator free fall attendant lighting loops attendant roaring rapids attendant splashwater falls attendant i hated those trainer tests they were so hard still have my badge with 2 sides attendant and operator with eagle punches on the card in the middle oh the good old days the other lead on the little wheel did not load a color and the ride was off balance could not control it people wanting off but could not let them without the emergency call for help scott wife worked in bugs bunny land
  6. all the good new rides were junk shame to say cool but junk i blame the ride builder ( chance, intamin, huss ect) why buy a new ride and when its new the company should make the rides good even though its cheap to buy a new enterprise or scrambler why dont they the lines are silly the ones left are junk whats left carousel music express round up sky ride big wheel and a few water rides oh the teacups sorry they need to fix this the eruption and orbitor and other cool rides there are many
  7. The music from The Right Stuff was the absolute best. I miss it. BTW, the opening day I was there the sign for the moon landing had the wrong date. We contacted a supervisor and the next week it was changed- maybe others said something also. You would have thought they would get that one right- they either had i think June 21 or June 29. Whatever it was it was wrong for a few days and we went back in 1 week and it was fixed.
  8. he also had a cute tune about the coloring book but the cats in the cradle was the best
  9. i worked at the park in 1990 still have my operaters and attendents badge means a lot to me who sang a variety show in the theater near freefall in 1990 he sang a version of "cats in the cradle" with him acting out all the parts baby, kid, college kid and dad saw it dozens of times scott btw those african acrobats were incredible
  10. as a long time pass holder i myself dont smoke and i agree there should be no smoking in lines stores and restaurants but i dont agree that just walking thru the park smoking bothers anybody i know you non smokers are going beat me up for this but get a life it was silly enough to ban it in kiddieland but the park is not enclosed the smoke goes away in the air i am upset because i waited forever for a new wood coaster and stuff but my girlfriend wont go because she smokes not in lines and no i cant go by myself with the kids and no i cant find a new girlfriend either and about the flat rides the park has none anything good has left and so what if after 15 - 20 years a rides breaks down (enterprise)then buy a new one and replace it what good rides are there a few water rides fine big wheel, swings , pirate ship, round up whats left is really bad and yea i missed a few but only a few scott
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