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  1. I got to stop in the park for a few hours on opening day. As happy as I was with the way the park looked, it's disappointing to see no celebration of the park's 40th anniversary, especially when you consider the way Kings Dominion is celebrating it. I like that Yum Yum Café was renamed that, but it would've been nice to at least see some banners. Here is what Kings Dominion is looking like this season for its 40th: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=67581
  2. I definitely agree that it would be great for Great Adventure to have its own signature food. If it weren't already Kings Islands's thing, I would say that we should have blueberry ice cream, since the blueberry is New Jersey's state fruit. Something with cranberries (another NJ thing) would be great.
  3. Honestly, it is worth a try. A petition kept The Whizzer, a similar family coaster over at SFGAM, from being removed in order to build Superman. It was also an online effort that saved Houdini's Great Escape.
  4. Rolling Thunder's removal is sad, yes, but I think it's for the best. Honestly, it was not a very popular ride, and it must've cost a lot to maintain it. The ride took forever to load, and the ride itself was very mediocre and painful. But I think people are confused about the reasoning behind the ride's removal. To be fair, the press release makes it sound like Rolling Thunder is just being replaced by the monkey exhibit. And while that may be true for this season, I don't think that'll be the case in the following seasons. We've all seen how big Rolling Thunder is, and that clears up a lot of space for future development. The monkey exhibit, part of which will be in Safari Discoveries, won't take up all of Rolling Thunder's footprint, and I'm sure an excellent roller coaster, whether it be family-friendly or more thrilling, will take its place sometime in the near future. Is Great Adventure a perfect place with plenty to do for families? No. But is it closer than it was 5 years ago? Yes, by far. I remember when I first got my season pass back when Bizarro was the park's new addition, everyone was complaining about the park's lack of flat rides. Since then, we've seen Houdini and Tango re-open, all of Adventure Alley's new and relocated attractions open, and we've even got added a stand-up coaster to our already-impressive coaster lineup. We've been without a drop tower for a long time, and now we're getting that. I think GADV is on its way to becoming an amazing, family-friendly park, and Rolling Thunder's removal is just a step along the way. Sure, we'll miss it, but I'm sure that it will clear the way for something else amazing.
  5. Well I mean, you can't knock in until you try it. At least in my mind, Flash Pass is more organized.
  6. That's hilarious. Now I have yet to ride Knoebel's bumper cars, but of all of the ones I've ridden, Great Adventure's are actually my favorite. They travel faster than most bumper cars, which of course allows for more dynamic and hilarious collisions. I agree that most bumper cars are watered down now.
  7. It would make sense if that large Jumbotron on Main Street said wait times. Actually, it would make sense if that Jumbotron were moved to Movietown, but that's neither here nor there.
  8. I voted good thing, because I've used it several times this past season and it's really helped. I don't think it makes that much of a difference in the time that people in the normal line wait, and hey, if you have extra money and not a lot of time, it can help you make the rounds more efficiently.
  9. Wow! Sounds kind of disappointing for Disney. Hopefully some Imagineers read this!
  10. If the park continues to have the attitude they have now, The Tower should be safe for the time being. We still have tons of other places in the park that we need to fill with rides before the tower's real estate becomes that valuable.
  11. While it was expensive, I don't think it was a waste of money. I agree that it bought the park international fame, and it was part of an effort by SFI to turn our park into a premiere amusement park destination. It think it's too bad that they didn't get to continue.
  12. Funny, at around 9:40 in the video they start playing the opening from the 1989 Batman. They also use that track on the haunted hayride in Glens Mils, PA (Bates Motel).
  13. Wild guess -- is it that stand in front of the Log Flume? I think it's Gold Rush Pretzels or something like that.
  14. Personally, I'm very excited for the official announcement about what exactly this new Safari attraction will be. Think about how much cooler this will make our park -- we'll be the only Six Flags park with a Safari ride included, and we'll be the only park around that has a safari ride. I mean, how cool is that? I'll definitely miss being able to drive through the safari (I get my license in 12 days, hopefully, and I plan to try and drive through before it closes), but when one door closes, another one opens, right? Personally, I hope they add a storyline to the safari, and have tour guides who tell corny jokes, like the Jungle Cruise. I also hope it's part of Golden Kingdom and not Frontier Adventures, because if it was part of the latter, that would mean we'd have three different park sections with safari-themed attractions.
  15. As far as I know, the Wok and Roll is still in the Jackson Outlets, but I haven't been since last year.
  16. I rode it today. My only complaints about it are when you use the lever, the elephant rises REALLY SLOWLY but falls REALLY QUICKLY, and since it was in a kiddie section, it stil has restraints that lock and require a ride operator's key to release you. I wish they'd get new restraints since it's technically no longer a kiddie ride.
  17. Now that the area is clear (except for the Fright Fest haunt), it would be perfect for a temple-themed interactive dark ride!
  18. It's also kind of interesting that "Adventure Alley" and "Adventure Seaport" are connected. I'm also glad that Tornado/Swashbuckler was moved to Lakefront, because that makes the line between what used to be Fantasy Forest and Lakefront a little more clear. Also, it makes more sense that the Skyway is now said to travel to Lakefront, because that's really where it drops you off, not in Old Fantasy Forest.
  19. It's not like they're just taking out the dolphin show. We're still going to have a sea lion show, which will probably be close to, if not just as fun. Besides, this wasn't just a decision the park made for no reason. One of the dolphins passed away. From what I've heard, the park is evaluating their options, and will likely have a new show later in the summer. I don't know if this means getting more dolphins or not. Overall, I'm really pleased with what management is doing to the park.
  20. Wow! This is really exciting! In the few short years I've spent as a season pass holder (since 2009), the park has come such a long way!! I'm so happy for GADV, and can't wait to see what's next.
  21. Wow! This is really exciting! Can't wait to check it out. Just out of curiosity, how long would you say it stays at the top?
  22. Oh man, I'm really excited to ride this. Can't wait for the photos! Did Deja Vu and Air Jumbo open as well?
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