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  1. I’d say Nitro and Bizzaro the most. I think Batman would look amazing if it were repainted to be a deep purple color or blue like SFMM.
  2. I agree. Especially if it ends up getting pushed back to 2022. 2 years with no new rides should give them a chance for something like this.
  3. I really think this will end up getting pushed back to 2022. They already saw that people still came to the park in 2020 without a new ride opening, so why not save money and delay the ride another year
  4. Yes PLEASE. The interior of this building is completely uninviting and does not make me want to sit inside.
  5. I do hope that they have something in the works for the harbor. It’s looking pretty rough these days and with the crowds it draws, it really isn’t enjoyable anymore on a summer day. Could really use an expansion in the future.
  6. Agreed, would probably have much better ridership in a kids area. Just needs a little retheme and it would be perfect and open that area in plaza del carnival for a new flat ride.
  7. This would definitely elevate that section of the park. It’s the only lakefront area in the park and I’d love to see it be more special and appreciated.
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