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  1. ^ I'm currently the Head Supervisor at "Xtreme Skyflyer" our Skycoaster attraction. 3 2 1 Flyyyyy (Thus why I ask so many questions about sfgads Skycoaster) I was on the Beast crew 2010 and 2011, my absolute favorite ride to work. Lots of memories made there. Funny you mentioned that security position, I almost applied for that last off season.
  2. Great report! Friday was miserable because of the temps. Most of the rides went down due to temp at 10pm Bat Droptower Xtreme Skyflyer (My ride ) Slingshot Racer Beast ended up being the only rides open all night Intrested to hear about your Sunday experience, the weather was great.
  3. (mayor al) - Thats so cool! I currently work at Kings Island and was on the Beast crew 2010 & 2011 and have worked the ride every season since. I'd love to see any Beast memorabilia you may still have. Working that ride is unlike none other. And to bgr861509 enjoy KI! Make sure you ride Beast on a non wheel seat (Car 6 middle row is my favorite) And if you want to ride Xtreme Skyflyer the tickets are only $5.00 for the first few hours of operation and tickets can be used at any time throughout the day.
  4. Does anyone have photos of what "Voodoo" looks like under the flume? Just curious.
  5. So they will close the Log Flume, but keep Congo Rapids open? Explain that....
  6. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Batman-The-Ride-Roller-Coaster-1997-Authentic-Amusement-Park-Sign-/331127848659?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4d18c1fed3 Kinda neat
  7. Kings Island really could use a new slide complex like this. Our last water park additions were 2012- Wave Pool2 2004- Bowl & Mat Racer 1997- Surf Machine & Wave Pool1 1989- Rest of the slides
  8. Explored Chippewa Lake (Ohio) earlier this year.
  9. Tested out my new GoPro on the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster yesterday.
  10. http://www.3dvip.com/Portfolio/Portfolio.htm Some cool animations of park attractions.
  11. I designed these Racer Crew shirts this summer. ha
  12. Thats actually from my iPhone 4s wow. p.s. finals week blows
  13. Do you think they will keep the station or demo it along with the ride structure.
  14. This is the place I work at. Note: The skyride currently works and has far more detail.
  15. Yeah was on the crew this summer, ha. Something neat about the skycoaster brand is, if your trained fully at a skycoaster you are considered a "site controller" (there must be a site controller at all skycoasters at all hours of operation.) With this certification you are allowed unlimited rides on ALL skycoaster attractions throughout the country. I made it to SFGAm, Indiana Beach, Kennywood, Cedar Point and rode there skycoasters with no cost. Curious how expensive is the great adventure skycoaster? KI's starts off every morning at $5.00 per person and typically raises to $10.00 per person around 2pm (if it's even busy) but never getting above $20.00 per person (which is rare as we only hit $20 probably 8 times this season)
  16. Saw this when I entered Six Flags Great America, made me laugh.... oh six flags
  17. Did you have permission to "grab" these pieces.... seems sketch...
  18. I just wanted to chime in here and say that you guys do an amazing job with the site it's been a joy to read over the past 5 years. Especially coming from an amusement park (Kings Island) where I am in charge of the video archives at the park, your dedication is great. Can't wait to hear more of the "Great Adventure Story"
  19. 2000-Current is what those racks hold. Not to take over your topic but its not a "floor mat" its a ceramic I made in High School
  20. I could hook you up with Kings Island maps lol, I only have 2009 SFGA'd maps
  21. Obviously not from Great Adventure, but from Kings Island. These sketches/prints are my favorite theme park item I own.
  22. How is Dare Devil Dive priced typically? At Kings Island we have our own Skycoaster called "Xtreme Skyflyer" And it's typically $10 a person but can reach $20 a person on busy days. And it's commonly $5 a person on slower days or in the morning.
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