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  1. The clown is Sara Moore. I would say this photo is either 1983 or 1985 - definitely NOT 1976.
  2. greg90

    Pacman Fever

    Pacman and Ms. Pacman were in the park through at least 1984.
  3. greg90

    Fritz91 104

    © I snuck out of the office and made a friend. 1991

  4. greg90


    I think Kathy was the Assistant Manager of Public Relations.
  5. greg90


    Anyone else have any photos from 1986? I only have 2, this being 1.
  6. greg90


    The incomparable Sara "Ding" Moore, 1985.
  7. I seem to remember it was an all-original produced show. One of the songs was "Shirt Tale Strut".
  8. greg90


    Mike hard at work!
  9. greg90


    Marc and Malena in the van on the way back from Baltimore, 1983 (note the Pimlico cap). Sleep tight!
  10. greg90


    Brand New Shirt Tales 1983. You can put this one in the Shirt Tales gallery also. The Shirt Tales arrived fairly early in the season, maybe late May or early June 1983, and existed side by side with the "old school" characters through mid July when they completely took over. Not only did the Shirt Tales lead to the demise of the "old school" GA characters, they also led to the necessary creation of uniformed escorts for costumed characters. Because the Shirt Tales were non-verbal, had limited visibility and limited maneuverability, they were unable to protect themselves the way the "old school" characters could.
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