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  1. Screamscape suspects that Six Flags may be retiring its membership program.
  2. Screamscape reports that Shrek 4D is being replaced with an Minion attraction. Personally I am disappointed by the news as I am not a huge fan of Despicable Me and now there will be a pair of attractions based on that IP.
  3. Its odd the Starcruiser hotel wasn't mentioned during the Disney parks Christmas special. Supposedly many of the reservations for it have already been cancelled. It could very well end up as a boondoggle. In other news, Screamscape reported that the Lightning Lane prices rose 150% for rides in DCA during Christmas week. The Disney parks are not worth this new BS IMHO.
  4. Looks like only the Safari opens in March and the park itself doesn't opens until April.
  5. It would be nice to have the simulator return. GADV can really stand another indoor ride on that side of the park.
  6. I ridden the moving cars on the Sun Wheel, Mickey's Fun Wheel at DCA. How fast and hard the moving cars move really depends on how the wheel is being loaded.
  7. Perhaps a traffic light should be installed. Also had issues with northbound cars exiting the park not letting me over to the access road entrance.
  8. That has been a problem with SF for decades, especially GADV. I noticed other SF parks tend to perform better upkeep on theming than GADV does.
  9. Also seems a lot more like The 5th Element than Star Wars too, the whole battle onboard a space cruise ship with an female alien singer. Through to be a bit fair to Disney, the CIS in the prequels did use touch screens on their ships.
  10. The preview trailers Disney released for the Star Wars hotel are really getting roasted by fans. The reception was so poor for the first trailer with actor that plays Adam Goldberg that Disney pulled the video. People are probably so partly due to the high price. You can buy a nice used car for the price of that two night stay.
  11. Cable channels keep showing the same five Christmas movies. There is a lot more than that.
  12. That is the paradox theme parks have with guests bringing in electronic devices. On one hand they are another source of revenue, however, they also pose a great liability and hazzard. Personally I don't want to be burdened with carrying a device all around a park and risk losing or damaging it.
  13. Damn it I renewed my pass over a month ago.
  14. Extreme cold zaps the fun out of a park for me.
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