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  1. Not sure if they should really be doing that TBH. Recently I have seen some weird things at the park. First they expanded the no car keys rule onto more coasters such as Nitro and Batman which is a major PITA. Saw regular people from the lake strolling and walking their dogs under Nitro's hammer head curve, clear sign that security needs improving. Flashpass users now get first dibs for the front row, it used to be front rows were precluded from Flashpass riders unless they waited in normal standby. At the front of the parking lot there was a NY cop car parked with the
  2. Shame it will only be 68 degrees both days this weekend. HH will likely close early due to low crowds.
  3. That is weird that Darien Lake serves Pepsi instead of Coke.
  4. It may be a real mess with Jersey Devil whrn it opens with it being lower capacity compared to the other major GADV coasters combined with much larger than usual crowds almost every operating day this season. The Is It Packed? website rated the last 3 Sundays as a lot more crowded than usual. Also looked up Hershey and that was also rated more crowded than normal.
  5. Anyone else think the park has been much more crowded than normal for Spring time? A couple of Sundays ago I went and it was so bad I came home after an hour. Looked at the Is it Packed? website and it shows the park is super crowded again. Plus the reduced hours so there is less time for crowd thinning and turning traditionally less busy times into upcharge events plastered all over their websites and Facebook are not helping matters. To top all that off are the horribly slow operations so far this year. Even Nitro is slower than a turtle with bad feet. I have lost desire to even go back to
  6. Thanks Yoshi. Hopefully it was just a fluke, it was the first nice weather Sunday in a while. It was on the news that very day that the Atco raceway was also so crowded that the cops closed it by 10:30 am! I did see a few modified cars in GADV's parking lot so perhaps one source for the crowds was overflow from Atco?
  7. The catch phase of the Comic Book Guy from the Simpson's describes my third trip to GADV in 2021. This trip was on Sunday, 04/19/21. Arrived at the park at 3 PM and saw the parking lot was pretty full, with preferred half full. Got in the park and all of the attractions had long lines like in the middle of Summer. I was at the park for two hours and only got on one ride, the drop tower which took half an hour wait in single riders with just 3 people in front of me. Even small rides like the Tea Cups had an hour wait, I made the tough call to leave early at 5 as I was having a misable time at t
  8. Its a shame they took out Rhino Rally, that was a great ride especially with the break a way raft bridge.
  9. Hopefully they can get things turned around for Clementon Park.
  10. Compounding the issue is that some manufacturers use wire insulation made from Soy which makes it quite tasty to rodents. Its real big problem with modern cars with their extensive computer controls that require complex wire harnesses.
  11. I have had retail LED lights only last a couple of weeks, not even a whole Christmas season before failing. A big problem wilth LED holiday light strings is that the LEDs use steel contacts instead of copper contacts which corrode faster.
  12. Thurs and Fri nights in the spring were pretty uncrowded anyway. Not too happy about them being turned into upcharge events like many complain about WDW doing.
  13. Superhero snacks looks like a junky food stand on the Wildwood Boardwalk. Which kind of fits in an area named the Boardwalk. Those Marijuana prohibition signs reminds me of the parks in CA. Glad SF is prohibiting its use in the park.
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