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  1. That is based on the female robot from Metropolis.
  2. They could stand to install red and green indicator lights on the slides to help improve dispatch times. Hershey's Boardwalk slides use indicator lights. Also install sun shades on top of the towers to reduce lifeguard fatigue.
  3. I would start with management, most company problems are caused by poor management. Poorly ran companies often have a difficult time attracting and keeping employees due to having bad reputations.
  4. I was there back in 2003 and liked the park. However, it was a Sunday in Sept. The Arch is a must do too.
  5. Sounds pretty damned crowded for them to suspend day ticket sales. They really made HH FUBAR. I wound not be surprised if they make HH an add on for SP and members next year instead of being included.
  6. GADV has been having issues this Summer. Incidents and closures for the Flume, El Toro, Jersey Devil, Joker, and Nitro. Hopefully this rough patch isn't being caused by deferred maintenance.
  7. That would stink to be in line and not be able to ride after a couple of minutes past the time, you would think they would have a 5 minute leeway or something. I have a SP there so I get all day bands. Funny enough in their water parks I never seen them chase or refuse rides to anyone at the end of their morning special after 12:30 which even has an announcement. Sometimes Dorney did that with Aqua Blast at closing time, telling people still in line to walk back down the stairs and they don't even have timed ride tickets. Overall I think there is going to be a lot of businesses cutting a lot more corners post COVID. .
  8. I been to Moreys a couple of times and even through they post on their website the piers are open to midnight, both times I have been there they closed at or before 11:30. Also they are still doing that weird thing on Great White where they run both trains but only load one and let the second run empty. I don't even see the point of doing that as the empty train is still getting worn running empty all night.
  9. The SHIELD 1 plan sounds like a weird pipe dream / flim fram.
  10. Sad to see you go. At least down in FL you will have a much longer swimming season, not have to deal with snow, or worry about your car disintegrating from road salt.
  11. HH really needed those additional restrooms. Shame they could not make it look a bit more like the original restrooms. I was there back in May on the first Sunday HH was open and all the attractions were open then, even the river. HH's lazy river has always had staffing issues since the water park first open.
  12. Gum chewing seems to be less common now than it was years ago. It is a choking hazzard while riding rides, especially coasters.
  13. Hear about the crazy story of guest disembarking the Land pavilion boats to steal produce from the hydroponic gardens. What gets into some people.
  14. Anyone remember the old targets the park used to have for used gum? I mainly remember the one that used to be on the stairs up to Runaway Mine Train, they were pretty gross.
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