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  1. People smoking outside the smoking areas in GADV. Last Thrusday night there was a woman smoking on the narrow exit steps for Kingda Ka. Everyond had to walk right past her and the cloud of smoke. I told security and they didn't do anything.
  2. I was hoping they would be open on weekends past Labor Day like last year but with the mega crowds causing issues.
  3. Not sure if I am remembering right but one I think was monsters and another may have been a magician scene. Some booths were broken down more often than others.
  4. I wish the swimming season up here was that long.
  5. Used to play with them a lot as a kid. One booth was a alien rock band, I remember the witch booth but can't remember the others.
  6. The morning dash to KK was horrible a few years ago. People getting in fights, everyone shoving and pushing each other, some people even trying to trip others over to get ahead, running over tables and walls, etc. One lone poor security guard trying to control the raging stamppede.
  7. According to Screamscape, GADV is reinstituting reservations for FF. They must have decided to go with that rather than reetrict SPs. I ended up renewing my SP, while I don't like not being able to go to other SF parks I have not been to other SF parks for a few years. As long as I can get to GADV more than once in the Fall and early Winter I am ok. Agreed that some of the people in those amusement fan organizations are odd to put it nicely.
  8. Hopefully that is the case.
  9. Both are kind of far from GADV. Closet next waterpark to HH NJ is probably Breakwater Beach in Seaside Heights.
  10. So with the 2022 season passes, you can only go once each to FF and HITP? That is how I understand Medusa42's post but can't find more info about it on Six Flag's website. Frankly, FF isn't worth being an upcharge event, even Dorney has far better mazes that aren't upcharges than GADV. Still I would not like being blacked out most of the fall from GADV.
  11. Just when I think SF can't go any lower they find a way to do so. This is an attempt to force SP stragglers to switch to memberships. Between this and Disney, the era of season passes is ending. The disturbing part is that it meshes with big economic push away from private ownership towards renting everything instead which is part of the Great Reset.
  12. The park also needs additional restrooms and a larger shade structure at the front gate.
  13. I used to get up at 5:00 am to be at the park gate before 7:00 at Disney which sucked. All these new upcharges ard terrible, they are pretty much adopting modern video game marketing strategies where it is pay to play. Its pretty much a return to the old ride ticket system, they are just dressing it up and PR spinning it. As Rick Deckard would say, "I was quit when I first came in here, I am twice as quit now." which sums up how I feel towards Disney parks.
  14. Depends, the hotel is sequel trilogy themed which isn't popular with many old guard fans who would likely have the money for it. Disney likely expected the ST to have been more popular than it ended up being. There will likely be some Disney park shills who would be willing to spend the money.
  15. A bit late posting this but $6,000 a night for the new Star Wars hotel is crazy. I see it going the way of the old Disney Institute.
  16. I suppose the boom sound effect was to be played during launches. I remember the old exterior humming that sometimes worked. The outside queue also used to have generator machines that had lightning tubes which broke.
  17. WDW is resuming the facemask requirement for all indoor spaces this Friday. I would not be surprised if other parks follow suit.
  18. That is based on the female robot from Metropolis.
  19. They could stand to install red and green indicator lights on the slides to help improve dispatch times. Hershey's Boardwalk slides use indicator lights. Also install sun shades on top of the towers to reduce lifeguard fatigue.
  20. I would start with management, most company problems are caused by poor management. Poorly ran companies often have a difficult time attracting and keeping employees due to having bad reputations.
  21. I was there back in 2003 and liked the park. However, it was a Sunday in Sept. The Arch is a must do too.
  22. Sounds pretty damned crowded for them to suspend day ticket sales. They really made HH FUBAR. I wound not be surprised if they make HH an add on for SP and members next year instead of being included.
  23. GADV has been having issues this Summer. Incidents and closures for the Flume, El Toro, Jersey Devil, Joker, and Nitro. Hopefully this rough patch isn't being caused by deferred maintenance.
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