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  1. Hello, I worked in the Safari for a couple of summers in the early 1970's. This was before the lions were fenced in. Cars were allowed to drive through the area. In the plains area there was a dominant Sable Antelope we called Roosevelt. He was fearless. I sometimes worked the gate between the Plains area and the Lion area. To the right of the automobile loading zone there was just a chain link fence separating the two areas. I can remember times when a lion would get up against the fence roaring. Roosevelt didn't like that. He came charging the fence, ramming as hard as he could trying to get at the lion. Of course the lion was viciously flailing back at Roosevelt. That was quite a scene. The noise was incredible. I think the lion was fortunate Roosevelt didn't get through, he meant business. A Safari truck would come running to herd Roosevelt away from the fence. He then turned his attention to the truck, trying to ram it as it baited him. There were also times when Roosevelt would trap me in the guard stand. Prancing around the stand daring me to come out. I suspect he became too much of a PITA and they shipped him out to another zoo. Does anyone know of him? Also, is the Safari Director Butch Dring still in the area or did he retire and move away?
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