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  1. The pictures of Penn were from 1975. The black and white pictures posted in October 2014 were also from 1975. We were all crammed into one trailer!
  2. Csogi

    Emerald Lancers Snare Line

    Playing with the Emerald Lancers (Old Bridge) snare line. Bill Hamilton leading the way.
  3. Csogi

    1978 28A

    Two clowns from Show Ops
  4. We had an employee party while the Fun Olympics were set up in the Arena. One of the other clowns and I were responsible for getting some of the outfits washed for the next day. Nothing like going to a Laundromat at 2:30 in the morning in Browns Mills. Good times!
  5. I see where part of the Raggedy Andy costume ended up.
  6. One year closer to retiring and going back to GA...
  7. The pictures are really nice. I'm glad that I was at work that day.
  8. It could have been Mom's Peppermill restaurant in Hightstown.
  9. Nice addition, many faces that I have not thought about in years. Who remembered that people wore overalls in the 70's!
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