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  1. Great report as always. I'm missing the park but at least I will be able to live through you guys until I find a way to get a pass again lol. After a discussion with the wife, we didn't get passes this year. I will be appreciating your reports and reports form everyone just a little bit more now.
  2. With all f those names someone should remember. LOL.
  3. I always refer to it as Great Adventure but I do find at times I have to say Six Flags after I've already said Great Adventure for people who don't think of the park that way.
  4. Thank goodness. I thought it was me. I have a lot of catching up to do.
  5. I did terrible. I blame my old eyes. I mean, at first I thought the All was a corndog.
  6. The membership is a good deal. and $49.99 is great for a pass in 2021. I'm spoiled with the incentive to use it in any park. I'm just a bitter old man who is resistant to change
  7. This is disappointing to me for the same reason 123 mentioned. I'm not sure what I will be doing. I seem to be the only one in my family who still wants to go to the park and when I travel for work I always hope to find a SF park I can visit. We haven't been able to make it to Great Adventure yet this year. I expected we would go a couple of times to Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park a couple of times each. I guess we wont get to do that in our current season pass situation. For that I don't know if its fair to complain. Our passes were extended this year but it is getting to the time that we would renew our passes. Now it seems that it wont help us this fall or winter. Maybe to not feel like I'm making a monthly payment I can set up an account with a prepaid visa card that can be charged for the monthly fee. Just my ramblings. Thank you for listening.
  8. Always fantastic. I wonder what is happening with the Buccaneers at the parks. I haven't seen anything about people getting hurt. It doesn't get the lines it did in the 80s but it would be sad to see it go.
  9. I may have shared this before but what the heck. I was on a date with who turned out to be my wife. We were in my pick up truck and a few of the monkeys wanted a ride so they sat around the rails of my truck bed. We thought that was great. As we approached the end of the section, they all jumped off and went about their day. Well all but one, he decided to try and make a break for it by laying down in the bed of the truck. We reached the keeper near the gate and he came over to my truck and chased the stowaway out so we could move on. We thought we might have a new pet that day.
  10. But, it was never my coins LOL. Sorry GA night shift. The Star Ship was one of my favorites when it was in the park.
  11. That was a fun promotion. I didn't get to participate. I couldn't keep a snowball in the freezer. Someone, lets call her mom, wouldn't let me.
  12. scott

    St Louis

    I made it to the park and I did get pictures of Excalibur. I went back after reading your message to try for better shots but it was closed. I didn't go to the Arch but I can see it from my hotel. It is right a crossed the river from where I ma staying. I did get gipped on the view. My room daces the opposite direction from the arch. my room faces the blank wall of the casino I am working at. Had I been a crossed the hall i would have been able to look out my window and see it. I fly home today and right back out on a flight to Peoria on Monday. No Six Flags there. I will try to sort through the pictures I took and do some kind of a trip report soon.
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