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  1. That was a fun promotion. I didn't get to participate. I couldn't keep a snowball in the freezer. Someone, lets call her mom, wouldn't let me.
  2. scott

    St Louis

    I made it to the park and I did get pictures of Excalibur. I went back after reading your message to try for better shots but it was closed. I didn't go to the Arch but I can see it from my hotel. It is right a crossed the river from where I ma staying. I did get gipped on the view. My room daces the opposite direction from the arch. my room faces the blank wall of the casino I am working at. Had I been a crossed the hall i would have been able to look out my window and see it. I fly home today and right back out on a flight to Peoria on Monday. No Six Flags there. I will try to sort through the pictures I took and do some kind of a trip report soon.
  3. scott

    St Louis

    I am heading to St Louis for work and will be there from tomorrow to Friday. I plan to go over to that park from the airport. Especially since the park closes at 7 pm. That should give me 3 and half to 4 hours. Depending on how much I feel like braving hotter days after tomorrow, I may go back Wednesday or Thursday or both. I hope I get some good pictures to share with everyone. Wish me luck.
  4. Yes but I always thought it was the smell of the canvas used for the outer cover of the TP.
  5. I think of this just about every time walk passed it. The good ole days.
  6. I didn't remember but it feels like I should have. Shame on me.
  7. I remember that Buzzer. I have a Durango that sometimes makes a similar sound when accelerating and I think of FreeFall every time it does.
  8. I do remember them but I was getting season passes by then so I never actually saw or used one.
  9. I didn't take much money with me to the park back then if I took any. I remember those straws but I never got one at the park. as an adult, I have gotten them for my kids. They didn't last long. Like GAcoaster said, they never seemed to be clean.
  10. I remember the gum trees. I was a bit of a party pooper I think. I remember thinking "That's disgusting. Put your gum in the trash. Someone is going to have to clean that up."
  11. As a non smoker I wouldn't notice but I do understand that it can be an inconvenience to a smoker. As a joke to a smoking friend I would tell them to quit but I know it isn't that easy.
  12. I'm sorry Master. I feel your pain.
  13. Happy Birthday Great Adventurer!!!!
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