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  1. That was a fun promotion. I didn't get to participate. I couldn't keep a snowball in the freezer. Someone, lets call her mom, wouldn't let me.
  2. scott

    St Louis

    I made it to the park and I did get pictures of Excalibur. I went back after reading your message to try for better shots but it was closed. I didn't go to the Arch but I can see it from my hotel. It is right a crossed the river from where I ma staying. I did get gipped on the view. My room daces the opposite direction from the arch. my room faces the blank wall of the casino I am working at. Had I been a crossed the hall i would have been able to look out my window and see it. I fly home today and right back out on a flight to Peoria on Monday. No Six Flags there. I will try to sort through the pictures I took and do some kind of a trip report soon.
  3. scott

    St Louis

    I am heading to St Louis for work and will be there from tomorrow to Friday. I plan to go over to that park from the airport. Especially since the park closes at 7 pm. That should give me 3 and half to 4 hours. Depending on how much I feel like braving hotter days after tomorrow, I may go back Wednesday or Thursday or both. I hope I get some good pictures to share with everyone. Wish me luck.
  4. Yes but I always thought it was the smell of the canvas used for the outer cover of the TP.
  5. I think of this just about every time walk passed it. The good ole days.
  6. I didn't remember but it feels like I should have. Shame on me.
  7. I remember that Buzzer. I have a Durango that sometimes makes a similar sound when accelerating and I think of FreeFall every time it does.
  8. I do remember them but I was getting season passes by then so I never actually saw or used one.
  9. I didn't take much money with me to the park back then if I took any. I remember those straws but I never got one at the park. as an adult, I have gotten them for my kids. They didn't last long. Like GAcoaster said, they never seemed to be clean.
  10. I remember the gum trees. I was a bit of a party pooper I think. I remember thinking "That's disgusting. Put your gum in the trash. Someone is going to have to clean that up."
  11. As a non smoker I wouldn't notice but I do understand that it can be an inconvenience to a smoker. As a joke to a smoking friend I would tell them to quit but I know it isn't that easy.
  12. I'm sorry Master. I feel your pain.
  13. Happy Birthday Great Adventurer!!!!
  14. Crazy but pretty spectacular. Between the size of the figures and the views from the ride, amazing
  15. So fast. We should try and challenge you to see if you can find pics of obscure GA things. I doubt we would be able to stump you though
  16. Nice video. I'll have to head over to your YouTube channel and check out more.
  17. I think the most I got was 3 or 4 inches one time. I think I live 20 miles south east of the park We are pretty lucky here closer to the ocean
  18. I was way behind in my Industry News reading. I'm glad I decided to get caught up, this debate was fun. I hope our site optimist and pessimist had fun debating each other. I will most likely not go to the park naked ever, to every ones relief, so I wont have to worry about those extremes. I have braved the hot days and would probably brave the cold days. I really enjoy the park and am so disappointed I didn't get to go at all in 2020. I hope I can make up for it in 2021
  19. I was in Vegas a couple of years ago and while I was on a work trip I spent the night in a hotel on the strip. I decided I was going to walk to this casino to ride this coaster. I took what ended up being a 3 mile walk, went up to the ticket booth and was told the ride was closed because of the windy conditions. I was so disappointed. such a sad 2 mile walk back to my hotel.
  20. Look at that. Before we had DC comic themes there was Marvel in the Kididie Kingdome
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