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  1. Maybe he can encounter the bumble. Bumbles bounce you know.
  2. The Master, you can always be counted on to bring me back down to reality when I get overly optimistic. Your pessimism is always appreciated.
  3. Happy Birthday ThemeParkRider and Great Adventurer!!!!!
  4. Happy Belated Harry. I hope you have kept the party going.
  5. It was a lot of fun to drive through the monkey/baboons in a pickup that didn't have a cap or cover. They would sit around on the bed rail as I made my way through their area. One actually tried to escape by laying down in the bed of my truck when we got close to the exit. The keeper came over and chased him out. I guess it was a regular occurrence.
  6. With only online gaming money coming into the casino I doubt they are investing any money into unneeded renovations.
  7. I wonder if one pass holder can list the number of people who will be arriving at the park together. I have 4 passes in my house and we normally have a member who comes with us. Will I be able to make 5 reservations or will we have to make 5 separate reservations?
  8. Oh, Oh, I rode it. Every time I went to the park. I may not be a true barometer since I rode everything except the kiddie rides when I went tot the park back then
  9. I was able to take my daughters for a ride on the Alpine Bobsled last August. It was the only ride we went on that had a line. We waited an hour just so they could get on a ride I went on when I was around their age. I attached a couple of pictures of Bobsled
  10. The bingo game did it for me. You have to be in your 50's to have been on a couple of those rides.
  11. scott


    As far back as I can remember the entrance is as it is now. Maybe utilized differently and it had those additional railings in the fort but you always entered in the same place.
  12. Seems like you had to be born before 1975 to fill in most of the card. I got 21. I missed the war on lines rides and anyone I went to the park with never wanted to ride the Ultra Twister. Had I know there would be a bingo one day I would have made sure to ride it. I like al of our different ways to check off boxes.
  13. OK, that is nuts, Hopping into the safari.
  14. Dang, I don't have Facebook and don't know what makes people nuts. But this could also be nutty. At least the people in Maryland are a little nutty http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-cops-final-warning-mail-no-pants-20200415-cg5eirmhqnhrjihazoood6yhgq-story.html
  15. IM not very observant. I've been riding the Big Wheel, Sky Ride, Parachute Perch since the 80's and never noticed.
  16. Well, if there is civil unrest and that has people out of their homes the virus will come back strong and make a large number of those people sick and the movement will be quashed.
  17. So sorry. Sounds like a drag. Lucky. I want to do that but I have so many other things that need attention first. Enjoy Good luck. The storm seems to have passed by now down here. Thunder has stopped and the rain is letting up. It was so windy this morning the tree limbs that landed on my roof sounded like bodies.
  18. I so want to quote Michael Scott of Dunder Mifflin here but for good teste I will keep if to myself.
  19. I wonder what NYS will see while peeking down the virus.
  20. Not sure who the losers are. I think its unwarranted.
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