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  1. When I started getting passes they wouldnt know that you used your pass multipole times. The gate operators only checked the picture on your pass and let you in. Now that passes are barcoded and scanned they would know right away that you used your pass that day and that you used your bring a friend free also. Other than that, you can re-enter but you need to use the hand stamp. I think that was your question.
  2. Thats great, enjoy. I look forward to reading all about it.
  3. I was at the park with my daughters on 4/25 and we were able to squeeze in a bunch of rides in the last hour to an hour and a half. After the R5 concert we worked hard to squeeze in Bizzaro, Runaway Train, Ski Ride, Swashbuckler, Skull Mountain then the Scrambler (forgetting the new name). That was unusual I think. The longest wait was for the Runaway Train with a 4 train wait. The rest were one train waits or we walked right on. I haven’t been there at opening since the late 80’s early 90’s so I’m not sure how things are when the gates open. I know on the 25th the wait to get into the par
  4. I wonder if Great Adventure will have pass holder only days for Zumanjaro. If I remember correctly, Green Lantern was open to pass holders 2 or 3 days before opening to the public. I think it was Thursday and Friday, May 19th and 20th was pass holders ride only days when Lantern opened then on Saturday the coaster was open to anyone. Someone may remember better than me. I didn't get to take part in those special days. .
  5. Thats great. I love it. (wish it was true)
  6. I believe if you buy everything online including the parking pass you do not get charged at the gate. The printed pass will show you payed for season parking. Its been a while since I've done it this way since they let you renew at the end of the season.
  7. I just came back from the park with my wife and 2 daughters. We had our last ride on Rolling Thunder at 5:05. We all loved it and will miss it. I stood in line wondering if anyone from the forums was on line with us or maybe in our train. Looks like we missed you sfgalocal by about two hours.
  8. Thank you, looks like it will be a nice night for the park but I guess I can't plan a trip tomorrow.
  9. Good evening everyone, I was wondering if anyone could fill me in on what the special event is tomorrow 9/6. I would love to hear is a season pas holder night but I'm not counting on it. I would hate to miss something like that. Thank you in advance.
  10. I’m disappointed about losing Rolling Thunder. I guess it’s more selfish in that it was my first “adult” coaster and now that my youngest daughter is tall enough to go on it’s her first “adult” coaster and her favorite ride. We ride it multiple times each visit. That said, if her mom would allow her to go on El Toro, that would be her favorite and she would forget about Rolling Thunder. I'll miss it the way I miss Scream Machine. The fun with Scream Machine is I rode that one its first season and was able to ride it with my older daughter on its last season. I guess I can have a similar me
  11. I haven’t posted on the forums before but I have enjoyed reading your posts for quite some time. I didn’t know where a good place to post this would be but it seems to fit here and I don’t believe it violates any of the rules. I thought some of you might enjoy the video I saw today MSN MSN Video that lists Kingda Ka and El Toro. Here is the description and the link to the MSN Video. Extreme theme parks to try this summer! Make sure the safety bar is placed firmly against your lap and throw your hands in the air … we’re heading to the most extreme theme parks in America. http
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